Rants end

I have rants up the wazoo, plenty up my sleeve for a long time to come, actually.  But I am thinking this one may be my last (or near to last) to go public.  Only a fool paints his butt red and wiggles it at a bull.

When Bill C-51 is passed and Canada’s secret police have even MORE powers (which, by the way, should be read as Canadians having FEWER personal powers, rights and freedoms as citizens), then expressing myself freely will no longer be legal.  I am sure I will be able to express myself in some way but I’ll have to get a permit first and be vetted by security. They’ll screen me.  I’ll have a ‘file’. They may haul me in and hold me in jail for whimsical reasons – because they won’t need any real reasons.  They may even taser me for resisting arrest and striking an officer – which will not be true (not the first time, anyway) – but they will say it and that seems to be good enough for what will soon be our justice system. The government bully is just getting even more belligerent.

But you already know that.  C-51 is in the news and you know it is wrong.  Don’t you?

So, here is the rant-cum conspiracy theory: We have had no terrorist attacks in Canada since the Squamish Five blew up a shack in the wilds of BC.  We’ve had nut-bars going on shooting sprees or buying pressure cookers but, of course, we have had those almost as long as the US has.  Marc Lepine was the closest we came to a terrorist but he doesn’t count as a terrorist because his war was with women rather than the government.

Admittedly, the odd nut-bar has identified with some political terrorists and dressed up in funny garb to affect the ‘look’ but none of our home grown nutters were affiliated in any way with any organization whatsoever.  And the government knows this.

But they want more powers anyway.  As soon as C-51 passes they will get them.  They do not want us to resist that bill.  And so they skew the news reports.  Maybe even make them up?  And the media is complicit.  And they pump the propaganda.  And we are manipulated and truth and honesty and facts are lost while fear and prejudice is fomented. It is blatant.  It is planned. It is evil.  And we are falling for it.

Today I read that some remarkably fit-looking fellow wearing a face-covering dressed in an exceptionally clean and neat camo jacket spoke on an alleged terrorist video representing the al Shabaab terrorist campaign in Somalia (probably the only well-fed, clean Somalian in the country).  Our video’d terrorist referred to an attack on the West Edmonton Mall (WEM).

Right.  A Somalian terrorist threatens the WEM at precisely the time our nation is contemplating imposing a police state by way of new legislation?  Could the timing be any better?  Or could the timing be so good as to be implausible?  I think the latter.  Canada is NOT above black flag operations and this sure smells like one to me.

Again – don’t get me wrong.  There are such things as terrorists.  They do horrific things like beheadings and stuff.  They shoot people.   They are bad.  Mind you, we shoot people, too.  And our allies do beheadings (Saudi Arabia) and we all do horrific things when we want to or need to but I get it; we do bad things because we are the good guys and they do bad things because they are the crazy bad guys.  Simple really.  We are good.  They are bad. Let’s kill ’em.  Not only are we doing good work, we get their oil.

So, where is the doubt coming from, Dave?

I have no doubt.  I know how it works.  Us against them.  Harper is just telling us the truth. They lie.  So we kill ’em. What’s not to like?

The problem for me is that we are actually and obviously lied to by our own government in so many ways. All the time.  They feel the need to lie to us, manipulate us, control us, take our rights, freedoms and sense of well-being.  They fear-monger us.  They push propaganda on us. They tax us and restrict us and watch us and even arrest and taser us and, for the life of me, I don’t understand that because we are clearly NOT the enemy, the enemy is an obviously nasty but well-dressed Somalian or an ISIL member.

Now, to be fair, and if I am being honest…..I, personally, have never suffered at the hands of a Somalian.  Or ISIL member.  Or any terrorist in Canada.  I know, I know, the terrorists are evil and they behead people but, well, I haven’t seen it.  Not up close. But I have seen our police taser and kill innocent people.  I have heard Harper’s outright lies and blatant propaganda. And I see our armed forces bombing them.  That has to make one think….no?

But do I have doubts about our government and it’s intentions?  Of course not; we are the good guys and they are the bad guys and they need to be killed and we need to be lied to for our own good.  Get used to Harper taking care of you that way, it is only going to get worse.

7 thoughts on “Rants end

  1. Its been interesting watching how govts all over the world have been losing credibility with their own populace.
    The “Weapons of Mass Destruction” fiasco of the post 9-11 destruction has disenfranchised an entire generation of Americans and British citizens towards fighting ANOTHER “war against terror”.
    Luckily Cretien had Canada sit most that one out.
    Dropping missles from drones flying at 39,000 ft into remote villages is about as effective as sending me a photo radar traffic ticket 3 months after I’ve broken the speed limit. Unseen policing that accomplishes nothing but foster hatred for the person inflicting the punishment.
    C-51 is another step in the erosion of due process.
    Of course the police and security agencies love the extra “authorization ” to snoop, question and ultimately, arrest people.
    And if it was used with the best of intentions……maybe I wouldnt be so bothered by it. Unfortunately someone in authority with power over another person will eventually missuse that power to either justify their own misguided agenda or to arrest under false pretenses.
    The Abbottsford Police are currently investigating 17 officers! For lying to judges about evidence to obtain warrants………. The RCMP currently proceeding with perjury charges against the majority of officers in the Airport Tasering death…… and on and on and on. Lying to cover up THEIR crimes doesnt foster a lot of trust with the public.

    Time for ALL police forces to re-evaluate their hiring practices because squeeky clean jocks that like to crack skulls……are legal morons.


    • Power corrupts and more power will result in more corruption. But let us limit our dissent to this blog or else the jackboots will soon be at our doors. Me? I am applying for gender modification surgery with lots of botox. Then I’ll apply for a grow-op, move downtown and sell soft drugs on the streets. I’ll make tons of money and share it with the government in power. As I understand it, there is NOTHING wrong with any of that. Free speech..? Fuggedabout it.


      • Speaking of “soft drugs” a friend of mine was in Colorado last week and he mentioned that the legalization of pot has has an interesting side effect. University enrollments are UP in the States that have legalized pot.
        A brilliant mind is a hazy thing to get wasted….


  2. Yup you got it right. This is not news to you but the Conservatives do not trust Canadians. Most Canadians know that Conservatives are the party of no. Look at the number of battles that the Conservatives have lost at the Supreme Court and it becomes clear why Harper wants an unaccountable police state rule from the Prime Ministers Office.


  3. Very depressing to see the U.S. police state becoming the North American police state, Dave. We have this illusion of Canada being sort of a sanctuary for distressed resistors down here – think ‘Nam era refugees, leaving a trail of burned draft cards. Sanctuary, even. It’s clear that as Leviathan continues to expand its reach, powered by cybertech and police tech overreach (cameras everywhere with face recognition and integration with the giant computer systems), there is simply nowhere to escape to.

    Might as well dig in wherever one finds oneself, and prepare for what’s coming. The ironic thing is all this cyber technology SHOULD represent the keys to our centuries-old slavery, but that does not seem to be what is shaping up for us. Just one bigger plantation, worldwide, with lots of smaller fenced in areas, all interlinked with constant monitoring for p u b l i c s a f e t y. All for own good, Dave.


    • It is depressing, isn’t it? I guess that is why I continue to rant even after promising to stop. But ranting is so futile. What do I want to achieve? I guess I want people all over to say ‘enough of this nonsense!’ and then vote the bastards out. THEN I want them to vote decent, honest, good, truthful, unselfish people in. Talk about a fantasy! Instead I find that the only thing that prompts the people to speak out at all is a tax or a levy. Attack our freedoms and we roll over, attack our wallet and we go nuts. Seriously, John, the enemy is us.


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