Moose! Can’t live with ’em………..

In Canada, more people are killed by moose (car accidents) than are killed by terrorists (in 2014 alone, 450 people were injured and five people killed just in BC).

In fact, no one in Canada has been killed by a terrorist.  Admittedly, a few disaffected, disillusioned and isolated nut-bars have inflicted a few casualties on random citizens but bona fide, card-carrying terrorists?


The current media focus and parliamentary debates would suggest that we are over-run by Islamic fundamentalists.  Why is that?  Why is our attention being focused on something non-existent or slight at the very worst?  Why is our (and our parliamentarian’s) attention not focused on basic infrastructure, hospitals, schools and constructive issues?

Why do we tolerate the murder, mayhem and general lawlessness in some parts of the country (like, Surrey) and instead focus on people wearing scarves on their heads?

Seven out of ten Canadians recently polled were dead set against that single Muslim woman wanting to wear a niqab during the citizenship swearing in ceremony.  Why?  That woman was required to show her face for all the official documenting.  She had to be officially revealed to the officials time and time again during the real citizenship vetting process. All she wanted to do was be culturally correct (for her) in the swearing-in CEREMONY.  Why do we seem to care so much about that one Muslim woman and NOT about the thousands of homeless people?

I recently received an e-mail from a friend.  A nice person.  It was a forwarded e-mail rant from some bigot that she agreed with.  It was all about Islam and Muslims and Nazis and Jews and how we have to watch out for all that kind of thing.  But there was no mention of Bill C-51 that gives the Feds unlimited surveillance and arrest powers.  There was no warning for us of ever-encroaching Orwellian-type politics in OUR government.  She is afraid of Muslim women in niqabs but not CSIS and the RCMP who seem to shoot, assault and taser people rather willy nilly in my view.  Why is that?  She’s not stupid as a rule……why is she fearing non-threats and NOT fearing real ones?

Let me be blunt: if you are going to be afraid, be afraid of real threats, not the bogey-men of the media, not the monsters-under-the-bed as described by our government. You want a threat?  Try climate change.  Try Bill C-51.  Watch out for U.S. Homeland Security coming to a front door near you some time soon.  You want a real threat?  Go to a hospital and have an operation without getting C-difficile (the mini-epidemic in our hospitals).  Try NOT paying your taxes!

“Isn’t there a real threat from ISIL?”

I guess.  I don’t really know.  I do know that I do not trust the government or the media to tell me the truth.  But let’s assume for a minute that ISIL is a real threat.  And we have to spend millions of dollars bombing Syria so as to protect ourselves.  OK, fine.  But is a niqab the uniform of an ISIL fighter?  I don’t think so.  Does CSIS and the RCMP need more controls over 35 million Canadians so as to catch a single mad-man running around with a checkered scarf and pressure cookers?  I don’t think so.  How have these thousands of armed and uniformed guardians of our country fared with the dumber-than-dirt drug-selling goofballs in Surrey?  The answer: NOT so good.

I do not rely on the RCMP for my own personal safety.  They might ask questions of witnesses later, after the fact, but how are they going to protect me from a nut-case before he or she blows a gasket?  It’s not possible.

Bottom line: we are being misled.  I have no idea why.  Maybe fear-mongering is good for business.  Maybe it is good for politics.  I don’t know.  But one thing is for sure: we are being misled. We are being lied to.  We are being made afraid of bogey-men when there are more important things to worry about.

Like those damn moose, for instance!

8 thoughts on “Moose! Can’t live with ’em………..

  1. A few few decades ago hippies were the objects virulent attacks. Very strong emotions were stirred regarding these supposed non-comformists. Look around for people identifying as hippies and today and one finds long hair on deeply conservative folks. The other day I saw a four year old sporting a mohawk. Remember the threat of punk rock. Currently a nun wearing a head covering is acceptable but some one in a niqab is a threat. The appeal to illogical beliefs starts with dog whistle sound bites appealing to some state that no longer exists but some one want a return to that time. BC has a long history of head taxes and other prejudical acts like the Komagata Maru or the banning of the potlatch.


    • I agree. But you knew that. What I don’t understand is why it is just you and me saying this? Well, you, me and three others? AND: Good point! Nuns used to dress much the same way………..


      • I think it’s the climate of fear engendered by the politics of division. Conservatives want Canadians to be fearful so they can claim to be the protectors of Canadians. Xenophobia is a core value but the Charter of Rights is ironically is see as an obstacle to true Canadian values.


  2. I read a dreadful potboiler fictional novel a few years back written by Michael Crichton called State of Fear (definitely NOT his best work).
    Without boring you with the over the top plot and details.
    His premise was , the govt, the media, the capitalist system wants you scared.
    Scared of the changing environment, scared of terrorism, scared of genetically modified food, scared of global pandemics, scared of oil shortages, fresh water, food………
    Scared voters reelect unpopular leaders, scared viewers stay glued to their tv’s for the next disaster story, scared consumers hoard food and toilet paper.
    An endless “State of Fear”.
    Hows it working for the leaders, media and corporations so far?


      • Well, I suppose a constant state of fear justifies the government’s existence. But more and more we are just becoming afraid of the government and it’s goons. Did you see the pic of the cop shooting a young female protester in the face from point blank range with a tear-gas grenade in Quebec? I am sure the guy is NOT as stupid as he looks but really, ‘in-the-face’ with a grenade? AT A PROTEST? They just get stupider and stupider and we are supposed to trust them more and more (Bill C-51).

        Yeah, I read that stupid book…..he made the environmentalists the bad guys…….but I have no problem with debate. I have no problem with disagreement. Your philosophy, my philosophy…wadda we know? But there is NO denying the facts. NO terrorist activities in Canada. Hundreds shot and tasered every year by OUR OWN police! Doesn’t the friendly-fire victim count alone strike the average Canadian as INSANE? Why do we suffer MORE TERRORISM from our own police than we do actual, balaclava-wearing, bona fide terrorists? Isn’t that a fair question?

        And shouldn’t we answer that question with the truth? You have more to fear from the police than you do from a guy called Akbar selling you a donair.

        OK, I admit it. I like donairs. So, maybe I am biased.


  3. Why Indeed? could it be that to keep us fearful, stops us from seeing the truth and opting for more Dancing with the Stars! I believe voices like yours, are resonating with people and the days of following blindly what the government says are hitting some resistance. The fear I believe is that of the power brokers who are realizing that their lies and deceptions are becoming common knowledge. They’re trying everything they can to keep us distracted. The tempo of the sensationalism seems to be reaching a fever pitch and even if not all people are awakening some are and to reach a critical mass does not require a majority. Even if they don’t admit , I think people are starting to sense the emperor has no clothes and does not have the answers to our problems but in fact is the cause of most. In recent years I have started to critically think about the information I get from the Media and I’m realizing it’s not a news business at all but a message business that keeps are eyes off the ball.
    Keep up the good work David!


    • Well, I will likely keep up the ranting and writing but how good it is, is questionable. Read Laila Yule when she is writing. Read the Tyee.
      I just heard an Israeli reporter on the news and he was saying much the same thing – politics by fear-mongering is rampant in the Netanyhu government. It seems the neo-cons sell fear and they seem to be good at it. I just have no idea why anyone would buy it?


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