Sprechen sie Deutsche?

Nien.  Me, neither.  Interesting language, tho.  NOT for the faint-of-heart, that’s for sure. Each conversation feels like a battle is just beginning, don’t you think?  An argument at the very least.  Sounds like growling and coughing, kinda.  I like it.  But, I’d prefer to speak it in the company of smaller people, ya know?  Big ugly guys speaking German is scary.  I dunno…..call me crazy. But big, ugly French guys sound like they are whining or explaining or something. No threat there.  And big, ugly Jamaicans speaking their patois make me want to sing and dance, ya know?  Could be just me.

Anyway, I mention it because our book has reached another step in the Germanic publishing industry.  Some Swiss people are looking at it for the purposes of translation and distribution in the Deutsche-speaking world.

That could be fun.

We didn’t write the book to make money (which is really, really good since, so far, we are still subsidizing it) but an author gets invitations.  Book clubs, book stores, radio interviews, that kind of thing.  We didn’t write it for that reason, either, but a little chat now and then with people asking questions can be fun.  Now and then.  Infrequently.  Twice or three times maybe.

UNLESS it is in Germany!  Now THAT could be fun.  We have friends there.  Close friends.  Doing a book tour there could be pretty neat.  And Germans love the wilderness. They can’t get enough.  I can tell them all sorts of crazy nonesense…they won’t know.

“Oh yeah, we kill bears alla time.  Mostly for the skin, eh?  But we eat ’em, too!”  

Germans own the most land in BC after Canadians and they are not far behind us measuring by the acreage.  They seem to buy vast tracts of wilderness for some reason. I dunno what intrigues them so much but they do like the wilderness and, by association, wilderness authors.  So, if our book gets published in German and the publisher wants us to do a dog and pony or bear and wolf show, we’ll don some mukluks and go to Octoberfest to talk forest and trees to them.  That could be fun.

I’ll keep you posted.


6 thoughts on “Sprechen sie Deutsche?

  1. I saw some great outfits for you. Check out Bravarian men’s clothing. Oh the lederhosen at 159 euros, not to mention the country style hat with a feather. All you will need is a stein.


    • Silly, they’re supposed to be OTG Canucks with bearskins, mukluks and the like. The GERMANS wear beersteins and lederhosen. I guess after a few schoenplatte, lager and wurst they may interchange?


      • Oh, THAT’S just great! Now you have me swapping undies with drunks in Bad, baden Morebad. Tsk, tsk. Glad you two are not my publicists.


  2. A polar bear sleeps in his little bear skin. He sleeps very well I am told.
    Last night I slept in my little bare skin and I got a terrible cold.


  3. A quote from a ‘Spike Jones’ lyric? Sheesh.

    Sitting here in my cape dress, with a flannel button in. With a ‘cloc’ (cloak)(think Austrian hunters cape, no sleeves, arm slits on the front sides.). A bit nippy today. For me.

    As you might imagine, we get a lot of inquiry from the Germanics (to include the UK, which we think of as Germanic, all that ‘saxon’ influence…). The irony is that, in reality, they have no ‘wilderness’. Everything has been used, think of the wars, and reclaimed. Very little left that is ‘virgin’. I suspect that is what drives them to your lands. Look at our history. How did Will Rogers say it? “Buy land—they’re not making any more of it” Plus, I suspect what they are looking for, in the case of your book, for ‘mindset’.

    If you do go, and knowing a bit of your mindset, check out ‘Munster’. That is where the Catholics (pre Roman and Roman) squashed the Anabaptist state formation. The ‘political’ interplay is really fascinating to me.


    • That’s my German-gened friend, Sid quoting Spike. You want an obscure quote from a Zappa record or Crazy Al and Sid will have it at his fingertips.
      Yes, if we get there, a trip to Munster is now on the to-do list. And I know what you mean – I have been there and lived near the Black Forest for awhile. Stanley Park in Vancouver was more wild. But I also have made a few EAST German friends (Wff’ers) and they claim the east is better. I’ll have to go there, too.


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