Slaking your desperate curiosity

Writing the book OUR LIFE OFF THE GRID was a job, of course but, for us writing newbies, it was mostly a labour of love.  I didn’t work at it.  Not really.  I just had fun with it. Sal, on the other hand, worked somewhat harder and it was likely less fun but, knowing her, the end result was compensating enough and she is pleased that she can now edit and publish books.  It was an education.  She has, once again, added to her considerable resume.  She’s good with that.

But such an indulgence in personal growth, vanity, narcissism, self-promotion and education is not free.  To get that puppy launched cost us (not counting our labour and such) approximately $1500.   Fifteen hundred dollars is not a large sum these days even for non-earners living in the bush. We could do it.  So, we did.  We were pretty much obliged to hard-print our own short (100 copies), custom, ‘first run’ edition at about $9.00 each for a cost of $1000.00 (with taxes) and, because we gave most of them away to friends, another half-batch later.  By the time we sold our first copy, we were in the red by $1500.00.

And, of course, we kept giving away copies.

Talking it up isn’t hard, it’s fun.  And talking it up is the larger part of selling.  But it is extremely difficult for us to do transactions.  Feels petty.  Our share from the book is around $3.00 if it goes through a store.  If we sell direct, it is $5.00.  Am I gonna carry change, do VISA transactions, issue receipts, wrap it in paper, lay on the hard-sell pressure for $5.00?  I don’t think so.  It is not my style to do that.  Nor Sal’s.  Not ever. So, we are NOT good sales people.  We suck.

But we do like to talk it up…and that means….I guess……we have to give it away…..

Despite that bizarre and dysfunctional view of how to conduct small business, book sales reports indicate that we have now reached break-even.  We are in the black. From now on, it is easy-street.  Just sit back and collect the moolah…about $100-$200 a month depending on market whim and appetite.  Oh yeahhhhh……….mint juleps and bon bons next!

So, that is good news.

We may have bon bons some day.

More news from the publishing world: hard copy sales have plateaued.  But e-book sales grow every month.  I have no idea what that says about the reading public but we’re happy.  I suppose it all comes down to distribution, really – so much easier to buy, distribute and receive an electronic version and the reading public has embraced that. That’s fine.  I don’t have to sign the e-version.  That’s a plus.

“Dave, is this blog gonna give me a book-sales update on your stupid book every so often?”

Yeah.  I think so.  Unless the sales drop off, in which case, I’l shut up about it.  But, if they continue to sell, I’ll continue to tell. And, anyway….it was a slow weekend for politics.

9 thoughts on “Slaking your desperate curiosity

  1. Congratulations you two! Sales will grow through word of mouth and having an e-book will appeal to the paperless crowd.


      • Never say never.
        I had a neighbour about 10 years back who, when he was still an English Prof. , wrote a book on English composition.
        It’s sales languished for about 10 years then BOOM!
        It became the “must have” for the Ontario Teachers Association.
        He would gleefully wave his royalty cheque at us peasants living next door and then have us over for beers.
        He moved away to the Gulf Islands a few years back as well.
        You published author types are in some sort of secret Island society arent you…………


        • Yes. Yes we are. It’s secret, of course. But, yes, we are in a secret island society that no one is supposed to know about. But I can wrote about it because, well, most people just don’t get it anyway. It’s called: ‘hiding in plain sight’.


  2. Ahhhhh, my signed 1st edition.
    In 100 years ……..It will be like a signed Mark Twain 1st edition……..sought after and cherished………on Mars.
    The ultimate OTG.


  3. Is it too late to get a signed realbook? I don’t have kindle, e-book or that kind of inconvenience out here. Much prefer the old paper model.
    Please let me know how to get funds and my address to you.


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