A friend of mine….

….lives and mostly hides out these days in Surrey.  She is just being cautious.  But she has to be.  She is  not alone.  Her neighbours are being cautious, too.  There have been a lot of shootings in Surrey and the last ones were on her street.  She doesn’t feel as if she can go for a stroll in her neighbourhood anymore without thinking twice.  Maybe three times.  She doesn’t even think about it in the evening.  Nobody does. She has to be really careful – even parting the curtains to look out the window.   Her kid can’t go out to play.

No one lets little kids go out to play in the streets and parks alone anymore anywhere it seems but her new level of security is a step up.  In fact, it is a form of ‘lockdown’ for her and her child.

Harper and the gang of idiots have concentrated on fear mongering to sell their C-51 legislation but it is ironic if not negligent to concentrate on fears of Muslims, immigrants and terrorists (apologies for the joint reference) when the real danger to Canadians is ordinary money-seeking, low-life, criminals.

I need to reiterate: no one in Canada has ever been attacked by a terrorist. That John Nuttal and Michael Zihaf-Bibeau are trotted out as so-called terrorists is asinine. They were born and bred Canadian nut-bars through and through.

But – you already know all that.  I am just re-stating the obvious.  But what is NOT obvious is what normal everyday negligence on the part of government is actually doing to the people. Aside from having to hide out (somewhat) in her own home, she is also powerless to move. No one will buy houses in that part of the lower mainland despite record high prices even in Vancouver’s Skid Row.  Surrey is deemed by the dollar-voters to be a worse environment than even the Dowtown Eastside.  Skid Row. That’s quite a statement.

An intelligent, law-abiding, major contributor to her community (and the province) with a young child has to hide out in her own home because of narco-criminals running pell mell and creating all hell around her.  Does C-51 do anything about that?  No.

The RCMP are supposed to curb that sort of thing………..but………..well………..maybe they are ………or not…not yet, anyway……………or……………maybe….who knows?

On the assumption that the RCMP is on the up-and-up (an assumption I make generously), why are they so impotent?  Why can they taser a teen almost to death or shoot an innocent senior, jump on the backs of traffic violators and occasionally get caught with their fingers in all the wrong places but they don’t seem to be able to catch the criminals who are obvious-by-their-colours, tattoos, cars and street-strutted gangsta behaviours?

I know you NEED proof but you need proof for a conviction, not an arrest.  Tasering Robt. Dziekanski to death proves they needed no evidence – just a well founded fear for their well-being even tho – in his case – they were armed and in the majority by 4 to 1.  In other words; why not hassle the bad guys instead of the hapless citizens?

Put bluntly: my friend is being hassled by the thugs.  Terrorized.  Trapped like a rat.  Her kid is being stifled in her growth.  My friend is losing money (that usually seems to matter) and the police and the government is failing her completely.  No Muslims involved.  No flag-carrying terrorists. Just the subtle influence of evil and insanity, greed and poverty, isolation and well, just punks-being-ugly, mostly.  Young, poor, ignorant and unemployed idiots with nowhere to put their misguided energy.

Some of the crooks are immigrants but just as many are Canadian citizens.  This government (Feds and Province) is failing her and them completely.  Being an unemployed, ignorant youth-out-of-culture is a recipe for this sort of thing.  The government knows that.  It is total dereliction of duty and responsibility.  Total absence of accountable, constructive presence for her and her neigbours.  AND the punks.  They are just NOT doing their job.  NOT in the least.

How can Harper harp about ISIL and Ukraine and other bloody distant nonsense when the kids next door can’t even play in the park?  That guy has to go and he should take Christy Clark with him.


10 thoughts on “A friend of mine….

  1. It reflects the priorities of the government. The RCMP have a fixed budget and it appears the powers that be are more interest in profiling individuals at airports based on the type of religious clothing worn. Drive-bys in Surrey are not a priority for policing.


    • I am not sure I buy that completely…it makes it sound as if the powers-that-be are just misguided or stupid. It HAS to be more than that. I think it has to do with two factors: the local cops just don’t need the hassle of real tough, armed and drugged gangsta guys. “That’s for the Gangs unit.” “That’s for the SE Asian team.” “Leave that for CLU. We’d need back-up anyway, and that’s so much paperwork. Let’s go to Timmies instead.” They really do not want to get out of their car. I think that and the pointless bureaucracy screws with the cop’s head at the low level. There is just nothing to be gained by the lone patrol hassling the local thugs. The high level is: a memo stating: We prioritize, seek and find the highest-value target for political or corporate reasons. The more International, the better. Think: Osama, that kind of thing. Millions to be spent on them. Fuggedabout the Crips and the Angels.


      • Recently more duties have been assigned but the funding has not been likewise increased. This Surrey issue will be tackled by the RCMP from the current pot of funding. The Surrey RCMP have been told to make this gang issue a priority. (Reported in the press) It follows that earlier it was not high on the list of issues for police attention. Not exactly off the radar but…!


        • As far as I am concerned, putting ‘shooters’ out of business is the #1 top priority at all times. That shouldn’t ever be in doubt. Why otherwise to have armed and uniformed quasi-bullies in new cars with gobs and gobs of support? They can use ‘grannies’ for everything else!


          • Gangland stuff is viewed bad guy on bad guy by the police. An example of natural justice taking care of the problem. These activities should be a cause of concern and do deserve the attention of police. But it seems that little or no action on the problem suggests that they would be okay with logical consequences solving the issue. Real politik .


          • I kind of think a bit that way myself. We all make choices. We all have to live with ’em. DON’T hang with armed gangstas or you may get shot. Duh! Still, in a perfect world, ignorant and immigrant youth would not be flushed down the nearest expedient drain.


  2. The Canadian criminal justice sytem is a complete and utter failure.
    On the 6pm Global news the other night a man was eventually arrested for crimes commited in Vancouver and it was found he had 51 outstanding warrants in Ontario for similar crimes! 51 outsanding arrest warrants!
    And what happened?
    He posted bail in BC.

    A friend of mine who is 61 years old, heart condition, taking Warfrin( blood thinner) was assaulted the other day in an elevator on a worksite. He was arguing with some trades that were holding his crew up due to their lack of experience. One of them “sucker punched him and when he went to the floor the 2 men began kicking him in the head, ribs, etc. They then threw him out of the elevator on the ground floor in front of at least 5 people. He called the police. The 911 operator told him since he didnt need an ambulance it wasnt an “emergency”. Call the non emergency line. He called, waited on hold for almost an hour and made a statement. Then he went to the hospital. 5 broken ribs, concussion, lacerations to his face, hands etc. The police came to his house at 10pm that night for his statement and then said, “Well, if there isnt a camera in the elevator its your word against theirs…..There’s not much we can do….”
    WTF? Can you imagine if that was Christy Clark in an elevator by herself and that happened!
    Anywho. He contacted WCB because he couldnt work for a few days. He filed a claim. WCB went apeshit and now the cops are suddenly interested.
    The police have since spoken with the assailants( they were still working on the job site!).
    The criminal justice system in this country needs an enema.


    • I agree. 100%. It is a fat and bloated, biased and ignorant, prejudiced and corrupt institution run by bullies and elitists. And that doesn’t even count the uniformed and robed real psychopaths and criminals! Or CSIS …..who KNOWS what they do!?


  3. One hundred new officers promise to Surrey but only twenty deployed. “Last month, the federal government announced 100 officers would be heading to Surrey to help deal with the recent increase gang-related violence but it has given no indication when the other 80 will arrive.”(NEWS 1130 radio report).


    • On the assumption 100 new officers would make any kind of a difference at all, why is it that Harper announces BILLIONs for smart-track development in Toronto and yet 80% of the needed ‘army’ of domestic soldiers remains undeployed? Are they saying the Saskatchewan Academy can’t graduate enough?


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