If one is good, two is better….

….especially when talking about cisterns for water storage during a drought.

“I’m buying another cistern.”

“When you do, please order one for me”.

“Tow my tin boat down to the other island bay Saturday morning and we’ll load them both into it when I come over for this weekend.”

And so we did.  Took us awhile to get the big ol’ tin boat down to the loading dock.  Can’t plane.  So we just ‘skewed’ our way down.  Took an hour and a half.  The tanks were there waiting on the dock.  Sal and I pushed them around a bit to get a sense of how to handle them while we waited for my neighbour to arrive.

“I’ll go get gas for the boat. Maybe some milk. Want some ice cream to go with that berry pie?”

Off she went.  I waited.  Neighbour arrived.  “OK, let’s do this!”  We pushed the tanks over the edge of the dock and they fell nicely into the tin boat.  He then got his own boat started and Sal returned.  We headed out.  Weather was good.  Seas a smidge choppy.  The occasional NW gust to 15.


We were towing the tin boat for a bit but, when he caught up, we passed him the tow rope. His boat is bigger.  “See ya at home!”  And off we went.


Got home.  Had a bite to eat.  Waited.  Watched.  Used the walkie-talkie to no response. Waited some more.  “Sheesh, they should have been here by now.  And the wind’s up a bit.  Let’s get back in the boat and go look for ’em.”  And so we did.

We traveled almost 2/3 of the way back to the loading dock.  There they were.  Crawling along.  Two cisterns and a tin boat in tow.  Three separate tows.

“Wha’ happend?”

“Wind blew ’em out of the boat.  Then the wind took ’em and they were skimming off heading back to the dock where we loaded them.  We were running around for awhile gathering tanks and boats and corralling it all up again.”

We took a tank in tow and the two boats meandered home together.

I dunno….sometimes shopping gets pretty monotonous, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “If one is good, two is better….

    • ‘Parently we started a trend. Another neighbour is getting one tomorrow. This may portend the coming Zombie Apocalypse. You heard it here first!
      This is not a Pulitzer blog post but it is kinda normal, don’t you think?. Not like many of the others. This one was just an ordinary day. A portrait, as it were. Today I tried hauling that tank up the back slope on the highline but that first required fixing the winch and all that that entailed. Just another day messin’ about in the forest. Btw, the tank is half-way up. Sal was at bookclub and, at that point, I needed four arms and four legs.


  1. Awesome.
    The long range is talking major drought…….
    And if it starts to rain and you have too much water?
    Corn mash and a still!
    Bust out the banjo, and git ready fer visitors


    • We already have an appliance on the front porch…..why not pick up a couple of banjos, eh? The hard part is the corn. We don’t get much corn in these here parts.


    • The local guy on the next island delivered to the dock. Worth it. Plus he was the same price as the big guy in town who does not deliver.


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