So much news…none of it good

There will be some good news on the mini-local front next blog.  I am progressing with my funicular cart.

But, for today………………:

According to an open letter from the Haida Nation to Northern Gateway (Enbridge) the oil guys are now playing a little more dirty than before.  Frankly, I am shocked to hear that is even possible? The Haida Nation alleges that Northern Gateway representatives have been going door-to-door offering the older hereditary chiefs monetary incentives to submit written support letters intended for public distribution that would contradict the Haida’s official position of opposition to Northern Gateway. The band is, to say the least, not happy about this back-door approach to getting approval for an oil pipeline.  It DOES appear (from here) as if Enbridge is attempting to drive a wedge in the community.  I could be wrong. They may just being generous and kind to those who are in need but who coincidentally live in the place Enbridge wants to be.  Or not.  Regardless, it smells.

I am sure it is legal.  People getting money from corporations to sell out the local environment is not news.  Not anywhere.  And no one ever seems to go to jail.  So, it must be legal. Right?  Don’t our own politicians do that all the time?

The BC government recently allocated timber rights in Haida Gwaii as well.  Seems Weyerhauser is allowed to cut down a great chunk of forest.  A lot of first growth Cedar from what I understand.   Maybe a few guys will get some jobs, eh?  Oooh, oooh, oooh!

The Haida said no.  It’s before the courts.

And lumber prices are low.  So, who could benefit from that?  Well, government gets stumpage fees.  Weyerhauser sells to China.  I dunno…is that 1%?

Interesting, don’t you think?  Canada has just surpassed Brazil as the #1 deforesting violator-nation in the battle against climate change in the world.  We are well into the criminal rape and raze of Mother Nature now.  And then we give Weyerhauser a blank cheque on one of the most pristine environments in the world!?

Whose your premier?

Speaking of business, get this?  There is so much demand at this writing that BC Ferries is putting on extra runs.  But BC Ferries spokesperson, Deborah Marshall says, “There is a good chance the extra sailings will not break even.”  Think about that….they can’t make money when there are too few customers and they can’t make money when they have so many that they put on extra sailings. There may be something wrong with your business model when management can’t do well in either of those scenarios.  When people are lined up out the door, it is usually a sign that the popular business is doing well.  NOT so with BC Ferries.

Maybe they aren’t paying Mike Corrigan enough. What about a bonus to motivate him?

Business….the economy….what…..?  Greece?  Canada…?  Here’s the bottom line: The bank of Canada interest rate is at .75%.  They dropped it from 1% last January.  They don’t have much room to play with…3/4’s of one percent (and they tend to move the rate in 1/4 jumps).  The economy is not going anywhere.  It is stalled.  It may dip into recession. We are simply NOT doing much despite record low interest rates.  And Greece just may be the first of a few more dominoes.  Economic growth is so low, it feels like recession.

What will another recession feel like?

Record numbers of Canadian seniors are declaring bankruptcy and there has not yet been a recession since 2008/2009.  BC has Canada’s worst child poverty rates.  Food banks already proliferate.  Thousands are homeless.  No one but rich immigrants an afford to buy a home in Vancouver.  And this in one of the best ranked economies in the world!

China’s stock market lost more ‘value’ in one day than the entire Spanish stock market is worth in total.

Is the world economy and, more to the point, the local and national economy trying to whisper something in your ear?  Could we be teetering once again?

You ready for the next one?

In a stunning statement of optimism, Just-inTrudeau expressed a desire to tax carbon.  In effect, another tax regardless of the perceived moral value of it (and I don’t see how taxing carbon does anything except make the government a willing accomplice to pollution.  Isn’t it like any ‘sin’ tax?  Doesn’t the price of ‘sinning’ simply go up?).

Is everyone stupid or am I seeing writing on the wall that is NOT there?  


4 thoughts on “So much news…none of it good

  1. It is palpable more Canadians are having a gut check moment. Living in Canada is not cheap and unless we get over the notion that we are best served by a Darwinian ethos civility is challenged. The other day I saw a rail car with Canadian Wheat Board on the side ironic ain’t it. We no longer have a long gun registry. How many police have been shot by long guns in the last ten years? We have election ads featuring the ISIS recruiting song. Until I saw this con ad I had no idea that ISIS had a song. It seems that things as you suggest are going to hell in a hand basket. There is a remedy. But it will require a change in priorities.


    • It is always hard to predict but, on the other hand, the writing has been on the wall for the Greeks for several years and some of their people are still surprised they have to line up to get $60.00 from their now-limited ATM’s. Many Greeks just didn’t see it coming. How could they not?
      Weeks before the Jews were marched into concentration camps, there were thousands thinking it would not happen. The USSR didn’t see it coming either.
      As a species we are reluctant to change and even more reluctant to see it when it actually happens. We have a tendency towards denial for some reason. I don’t get that. Can we not see trends? Are we inherently blind to what is right in front of us?
      Admittedly, timing is part of it. Like investors getting in on a ‘bubble’ they know it can’t last but they want to play for a little bit and ‘score’ before it blows. Brinksmanship at play. But the key word there is ‘brink’. In some areas we are clearly ON THE EDGE. And that means some dominoes fall. Duh!


  2. Corporations are not investing but they are buying back stock and accumulating cash. What does it take to attract re-investment? Billions of dollars to corporations in the form of incentives but where is the investment? If one gets the milk for free why buy the cow? Plus our economy is going into recession.


  3. On carbon pricing the orthodoxy says that creating a market to trading carbon will spur innovation. Recently a large ranch sold in BC to an investment firm in the USA because the ranch had carbon credits to sell. Somewhere a large carbon emitter will buy these credits and will be incentivized to work to reduce its carbon foot print to reduce costs.


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