Sweating the big stuff

Bank of Canada rate down.   Turns out I was right about the ‘invisible’ recession. But, with that rate, it is now quite visible to even those who don’t look. Bad sign. Things will go up in price.

Including gasoline.

Is it just me or is the price of fuel even more outrageous than ever? When the basic barrel of crude was $140 + or -, we paid as much as $1.40 a liter at the pump. Now the barrel of crude is under $60.00 and we still pay almost $1.40 a liter.  Bear in mind that almost all the fuel in Canada is pumped from Canada (Alberta) and they are crying the blues about oil price drops.  Poor babies.  So….where is the HUGE discrepancy in price going?

I don’t have to tell you.  You know.

Do I care?  Not really.  I have cut back.  Way back.  Old people do that.  We cut back, stay back and give back.  Old people don’t ‘play’ much anymore.  You know, gardens, scotch, rocking chairs, prunes…that sort of thing….?  But, as I said in my last post, the next generation is NOT stepping up to feed the consumer machine.  Not like we did.  They share.  They minimalize.  They ride bikes and live in their parents basements.  This is NOT the generation to drive the economy and, to be fair, they don’t have the jobs or income to even try.  Things are changing.  Long term.  You can see it.

I mention all this because Christy Clark has made yet another major error. So, it can get worse and she is the gal to do it.  Petronas LNG is bad.  Bad, bad, bad.  Write anyone who will listen and try to kill the LNG deal.  Too long a story to recite but it’s all bad.  Just say NO.  Say no to the NDP, too.  Just in case they don’t know (likely).  Say NO federally, too, because they need FED approval for Petronas to proceed.

So, anyway (off politics for a bit)………..we went and did some ‘logs’ yesterday.  Will do a few more today.  And we re-launched the old SURF.  Plus I am going up to get lumber from a local miller for the greenhouse I have started by putting in foundations.  Gonna use the tides to ease the burden this time.  Take the boat up.  Leave it to rest at high tide. Load it tomorrow.  Wait for high tide to float it and then bring it home. Less carrying that way.

We are doing some improvements on the old ‘company’ cabin (communal) that we all own together (but built and maintained by Roger from 30 years ago).  It is time.  I will address the bridge that crosses the creek.  Pre-fab at home and then reassemble on site.  Piece of cake.  Need to rent a mule, tho. Everything is uphill.  Both ways.

Watched a bunch of whale watchers yesterday.  Four or five boats with about 12-15 ‘ whale-watchers packed in like sardines watching the Orcas as they swam past our front deck.  Weird, don’t you think?  Watching the watchers?    Mind you, it WAS a good show. Orcas breaching, making big splashes.  Kinda fun.  But, still……there were at least 50 paying watchers or about ten to 15 thousand dollars worth of watching going on in front of our house.  So I watched them as much as the whales.  How often do you get to see 50 or 60 people sweating buckets in bright red survival gear in the blistering late afternoon July sun right in front of you and paying exorbitantly for the experience?

Hard to make this stuff up.

6 thoughts on “Sweating the big stuff

  1. Actually, she compared the work of the Conservatives to the work of Jesus. All for the good.

    So, she is either a true believer in the Con way or else she is dumber than Micheal Zehaf-Bibeau. What a fool (either way).

    Steve divided the whole of the Federal government into 3800 media managers jurisdictions. No one can say anything to any kind of media unless they first apply to the PMO through a media manager first and submitting a MEP (media experience plan or something) for Steve’s approval. One conservation officer in Banff wanted to talk about black bears mating and was denied. So, that role is pretty God-like, I’ll give him that.


    • Some one slipped up in doing God’s works and spreading his Air Canada message. Ironically it does address this entitlement issue. Anointed minions in full and God given certainty doing the sacred works per the tablets. God must love deficit budgets. This will make eleven in a row by year end.


      • Interesting, too, that she is a Con MP and she is preaching politics in a not-for-profit organization that she attends regularly. WAY, WAY against the new not-for-profit guidelines. I wonder is CRA will audit THEM or take away their tax-free status for violating the new rules?


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