Nothin’, really……maybe next time

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’ and the cotton grows high. Oh, your daddy’s rich and your ma’s good-lookin’, so hush little baby, don’t you cry.”

Good advice.  Gonna take it, make myself happy and maybe go fishin’, my wife is delightful and her cookin’ s great, you don’t know what your missin’, it’s sum-sum-summertime and there is no point in complainin’, we got it made in the shade….

Having just sung all that, we really are good.  We are happy, healthy and things are going along just fine, thank you. Projects.  Socializing.  Garden.  Cheap B flicks and  trying NOT to think about the political bent I committed to until October 19th.  So,  once again, to hell with it.  The election will come soon enough.  Inevitable.  Harper again.  Or NOT.  I am gonna give it a bit of a rest.  For a bit.

Let’s go with some observations, shall we?  Methinks the libraries, they are a-changin’.  E-books are catching on.  The printing, publishing, book-store worId is in upheaval.  I don’t know exactly what is going on in the library world but they are part of it and one can feel their collective shift.  Things are being re-orged in book-world.  Quietly.  But I think it is HUGE.

There is more and more talk of sharing and cooperation as new forces to be reckoned with in the economics of the future.  Think Uber.  That all seems to be a direct result of the Googles and the social media making money in indirect ways and the old ways seemingly being so destructive.  That kind of revolutionary economics is going to require different politics.  I don’t think the current generation are up to the task.  Apparently neither does Anonymous. And, when Anonymous speaks, everybody now listens.  Our basic, all-the-parties-driven system is undergoing change, you can feel it.  And Anonymous is pushing them into an ethical place they are unfamiliar with.

Is it just me or is Donald Trump not just a grotesque political joke of immense, almost apocalyptic proportions?  I mean, Trump?  As a potential leader of the so-called free world?  Seriously?  A guy who pretends he has hair?  What the hell…?  I mean, really…isn’t this one celebrity moment so bloody weird as to make one question whether American sanity has completely left the building?

What does that say about American politics?

Well, as I said…………let’s not say anything about politics.  American, Greek or Canadian. They are all nuts.  I’ll go back to the madness later.  I have to go now anyway. I hafta make some mint juleps or something. Sun, yardarm, ya know….time for wine and giving thanks for everything  all over again.  See ya soon…………..

Next up: maybe a little sump’n on greenhouses……..?




1 thought on “Nothin’, really……maybe next time

  1. Libraries cost money and school libraries are on the chopping block. The cutting includes staffing and resources. The goal is to have a computer driven projector in every classroom and a computing device in the hands of all students. Instruction provided by on line streaming and the teacher will direct learning but direct face-to-face instruction will be fazed out as students decide what to learn and how to learn it. “Oh brave new world that has such people in it!”

    This will mean that parents must have the cash to to buy the devices. The goal is to say that students are self directed learners. Reasonable people recognized such thinking as hypocritical. The public school system in British Columbia is in slow decline. School libraries are on life support.


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