65 years is a long time….

…I am 67.  I should KNOW how long 65 is.

Sally’s parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this past weekend and we went down to Victoria be there.  But, to be honest, I don’t really KNOW how long 65 really is when it comes to being married.  How could I?  I am still in honeymoon mode.  Sal and I are virtual beginners at almost 45 years. We feel like freshmen compared to them. Mind you, they have an edge…both are hard of hearing…so a lot of stuff said goes unheard. THAT could be their secret.  One can tolerate a lot if you don’t know about it because you didn’t hear it….jus’ sayin’.

Seriously, we should all be so lucky as they are to have such good partners.  I know I am. The jury is still out for Sal but she is still here anyway.  Still trying to decide, I guess.  If I don’t kill myself in one of my numerous misadventures, we will likely make 65, too.

Anyway, that is why the blog has been left unattended to for a bit.  Family.  Traveling. Shopping.  You know how it is.

But you also know – by this entry – that we are back!  OMG it feels good to be back!  The air, the scenery, the lack of traffic………..this is heaven.

On to things OTG:  we bought some more tanks.  Big white plastic ones.  Four feet by four feet by almost four feet.  Almost cubes.  250 gallons.  They weigh about 75 pounds empty but they are much more awkward than it sounds.  We bought two.  And some plumbing pieces with which to join them.  The purpose: to make a separate fire-pump tank.  500 gallons.  Right near the house.  The real purpose is to make sure we are prepared and equipped because, as everyone knows, the fire never comes if you are ready for it.

Ya gotta do this kind of thing living OTG….especially this summer.  I gotta have water in my two other big cisterns in case the stream dries up, too.  So, I’ll store some now for when it does go dry.  And it is close to being dry right now. This has been a hot, dry summer.  Not good.  Global warming is coming to a theater near us!

Speaking of warming…the Kelowna firefighters were hot!  Seems they were ‘assembled’ after a 12 hour shift fighting a local fire to pose for Harper and Clark so that the politicians could look like they were on the front line supporting the troops. http://enviroshare.info/index.php/2015/07/26/canadian-firefighters-refuse-to-sing/

Hard to imagine the gall.

We were in a couple of big box stores getting disappointed before arriving home.  That’s par for the course.  I am lucky to get six of ten items on my list at any one time.  But this last one sent me over the top!  Canadian tire sells, amongst the BBQs, camping equipment, paint and kitchenwares, tires.  T-I-R-E-S.  And of course, they sell wheelbarrows.  The wheelbarrows have tires.  Almost every wheel barrow ever made uses the same 8″ tire.  The same inner tube.  Canadian Tire does NOT have the tires!?  “Uh, folks, this store is NOT Canadian BBQ or Canadian paint and plumbing.  This is Canadian TIRE.”

“I am sorry, sir, have you tried camping supplies?”

Man, it is good to be home.  





6 thoughts on “65 years is a long time….

  1. Some friends of mine attended their parents 70th wedding anniversary a few weeks back. “Mom” still lives at home….”Dad” was more than happy to move to a “retirement” home. They’re both very happy.

    As for the water “fire” reservoir. I had a plumber friend who loaned me a tiny “screw” type pump a few years back when an underground parking lot flooded. It could push water up 50ft at 50 gallons a minute.
    Worst case scenario, you could use salt water to save your hacienda.


  2. Ironically this afternoon I ran into R&P at a fine art exhibit. Wonderful to see them looking so well. I shared my heartfelt congratulations on their milestone anniversary and they shared the party was lovely. Next time you guys are in my neighborhood give me a shout pweeze!!!
    PS: what are the two saddest words in the world……….WHAT PARTY?????! 😉
    Cheers, s


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