Stephen Marche, writing in the NY TIMES, had this to say about Canada, Harper and the upcoming election.  I couldn’t agree more.

And…it makes me think…………hmmmmmmmmmm………….

The way Marche writes, he implies that Harper is a bit ‘mental’.  And, of course, I agree with that, too.  But, if that is true, how did a nut-case get to be PM and keep the job for so long?   Doesn’t that mean that either Harper is NOT mental and I (and Marche et al) am wrong?  Or, maybe Harper became mentally ill AFTER the fact and maybe BECAUSE of the job?

Or could it possibly be that the job REQUIRES a person be a nut?  Certainly we believe that most politicians are narcissists and that is considered a bit crazy depending on the severity.  We also believe politicians are controlling (indeed, that is why we have the government in the first place) and ‘controlling’ can be dysfunctional depending on the severity, too.  And, so it goes.  We seek people (and they seek us) for essentially a dysfunctional relationship.  How whacked is that?

“So, Dave, what is your stupid point this time?”

I guess I am asking the question: Do we really need politicians at all?

We need administrators.  We need accountants.  And we need bureaucratic managers, to be sure.  Maybe we even need a good-looking spokes-model now and again….(there has to be a use for pretty young people who can talk silliness while smiling widely and grinning intensely besides ventriliquism and general good humour).   But do we need politicians who, for the most part, just bring partisanship to the equation? They basically bring only bias.  They bring ‘personal’ and ‘party’ agendas to what is otherwise just a big institution that manages and redistributes our taxes in accordance with the constitution.  Couldn’t anyone with a 3-digit IQ and a high standard of ethics do that?

Couldn’t the philosophical input that changing conditions require be submitted by social media?  I mean – do we need MPs at all when we can vote directly on issues within minutes?

For example: SHELL has just been given permission to drill for oil off the coast of Nova Scotia.  Why not?  Doesn’t every coast deserve an oily sheen and black-slick marine life? That is all bad enough but Shell managed to write into their contract that – should a drilled oil well go awry – they will not have any obligation to ‘cap’ the runaway well for 21 days. That’s right – they have to get it capped but they have 21 days for it to spew poison first.

So, I signed a petition to influence the ‘deal-makers’ to rescind that provision and make them act quicker. In real life, they will likely do as they please – they always do – and our sole remedy will be a fine that they pay by charging us more at the pump.   But my point is: aren’t I and all the other 50,000 signers expressing our democratic rights directly in that instance?  Couldn’t I do that on every issue?  Aren’t I doing that better than any MP?

My MP is John Duncan.  He is an idiot and a waster of taxpayer’s dollars.  He retains a limo driver to such an extent that the driver racked up in overtime (last year) the equivalent of the average Canadian wage.  IN OVERTIME!  The limo driver was required to wait in the car while John dined and partied and did what he did best (which was nothing). The guy made his govt. salary as a limo driver to the elite of this country (I am guessing at least $60K) and then made almost the same amount again in overtime!

Do you think John Duncan read that Shell contract?  Do you think John Duncan reads anything?  John Duncan is the ‘mouthpiece’ for Harper when Harper is away.  John does what Steve tells him.  He does nothing more.  He does nothing less.  He is a mannequin. He doesn’t stand up for his constituency.  He does not stand up for the fishing industry, the coast guard, the health system, education, veterans or any other issue that our area voters may hold dear. He keeps to the script and he eats in restaurants while his limo driver makes out like a banker.

Isn’t a web-based, social media, petition directly speaking my opinions of more use to me than John Duncan? Is it not quicker?  Is it not more effective if 50,000 others sign with me than John eating lobster with some oil baron even if he went to so far as to do that?

Canada is wondering if we need the senate at all.  Many are calling for the abolition of the upper house.  And, I agree.  But I may go a step further…. why not get rid of them all? Replace them with SUM of US or LEADNOW or the whole roster of petition drafters.  Let the people speak directly to the issues and let us cut out the middle-meddle-muddle-fuddle men!

I admit that the above is a radical thought and not likely to gain any immediate traction but, really, isn’t it heading that way?  Eventually?

9 thoughts on “Musing

  1. The ends justify the means type arguments are regularly trotted out to spin the news cycle. Recently a lawyer commenting on the bushel of half truths, evasions, equivocations, misstatements, selective evidence and lies characterized these utterances as political and thus justifiable. Tragic! Are not Canadians entitled to the truth when the government discusses the state of the environment, the economy, our military involvement, national security or the deficit. Must we be content with the Calandra talking points.


    • I agree but these comments might pertain to the previous blog more….?

      Still, half-truths are never acceptable ESPECIALLY in politics. Maybe in romance (especially late at night with wine and all) and it seems OK in used car selling but GEEZ, politics? People elected and paid to represent me….never! And, if ever there was license to SHOUT OUT the truth it would be for those who were sent there for that very reason. And yet…it never seems to happen. NEVER!


      • I appreciate the irony. The ‘full Caandra’ never strays from the spurious talking points ends which are to never shed light but only to stay on message regardless. According to the conventional wisdom of Bill 54 the world is a dark dangerous place where only a select few have the map and that is all that Canadians need to know.


        • It is the map-bearers who are the darkest. The rest of us live in sweetness and light.
          OK, there are more than a few dastardly bastards out there but I think that this (government) is an example of the cure being worse than the disease.


          • “Recently a lawyer commenting on the bushel of half truths, evasions, equivocations, misstatements, selective evidence and lies characterized these utterances as political and thus justifiable. ”

            Oh the irony of a lawyer commenting on the evasions of politicians.
            Considering that it seems a vast proportion of politicians are lawyers.


  2. I couldnt agree more.
    All I want is a balanced budget and some common sense.
    The Canadian Senate is being proven in Court as a morralyy and financially corrupt waste of time and money. Rubberstamping what ever is shoved into the upperchamber with barely a debate.
    Whats the point. If a Law is determined to be unfair, or unjust…. let the Supreme Court figure it out or rescind it. Thats what its there for, repealing bad laws with jursiprudence.
    As for the rest of the lying, self serving, lazy, narcissitic scum infesting Parliament hill………..replace them( with an unpaid leave of absence) with forensic accountants for 5 years.
    That should wake up the population.
    Sheila Fraser for Supreme leader.,d.cGU


    • Dude! You are such a free radical……but, of course, I agree.

      I even agree with your choice for top bureaucrat. Let Sheila count the beans. Even if she was out by a zero or two it would be cheaper and better than rascals at the cash register.

      Hmmmm….let us start a society. We’ll call it the Dead Politicians’ Society (Dips for short) and we’ll apply for a grant…………no…wait…I retract that last part…..


      • “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!”

        OR a politician that cares about the rampant waste of taxpayers dollars on frivolous, self promotion to get re-elected.
        The entire system has been prostituted( my apology to prostitutes everywhere) into an endless game of “whats in it for me”….Be it the politician striving to be re-elected or the narrow sighted , greedy voter wanting something in return for their vote.
        Voting for the “greater good” is an anachronism. A waste of time. Something to be ridiculed by the jaundiced, cynical “elite” that seem to be perfectly happy to ruin this provice, country and planet. Just so long as they are the last ones left alive with clean water to drink and canned food to eat they “win”.
        We’re doomed if that way of thinking continues and I dont hold out much hope for mankinds sudden reversal of the status quo….


        • Oddly (since I agree with you) I have a more optimistic outlook. I really think some people are rebelling. Quietly, subtly, surreptitiously and, in half-measures – but they are rebelling. The underground economy (rooted in greed) is also starving the beast. So does barter and paying cash. For us, living OTG deprives the great evil vacuum from ‘sorting our lives into a Matrix’ to some extent. The 100 mile diet. More car-sharing. More environmental awareness, more social media, more Wiki-leaks/Snowden. Community building efforts, alternative energy…..the list goes on. We may not kill the beast. In the end, the beast may win and take us all t hell. But, in the meantime, we are back to living like real people should and enjoying it. So, I am happy. Go figure?


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