Interesting sign

I am not a news junky anymore like I used to be but I still know what’s going on in our neighbourhood.  But I didn’t know that Stephen Harper came to Campbell River to ‘appear and speak and help’ the local Con and the other one in the district south.  That other one is John Duncan, his deputy PM, and the one that actually makes Harper look like a good person by comparison.  Serious stink on that guy.

But my point is: the Prime Minister of our country came to ‘speak and politic’ on behalf of his fellow cons and no one is informed.  Why is that?  Virtually NO coverage.  Why is that?  Some people did know so I guess it was not a secret and those who knew were on the streets protesting so maybe the Cons knew that public appearances out here weren’t going to go well.  Those he spoke to reportedly numbered only a dozen or so. Appearance time? Negligible.  Quotes?  None.

I think Harper has given up on the west coast and that is actually smart – for him, anyway. He is reviled here.  He may as well politic in Alberta or wherever because there is little in the way of support for the Cons here on the west coast.   I really think John Duncan blew his own feet off but no one likes Harper either so they are like lepers here.

A bunch of angry BC veterans started a group called ANYBODY BUT CONSERVATIVE. ABC for short.  They are mad.  The head of the group wanted to meet with the minister or the PM.  “No!”  was their response.  Makes it seem like Harper is simply dodging or avoiding any place that is hostile and most places seem to be.

Looking forward to October.

Seems dozens of whales are dying out here.  50% more than usual.  Scientists think it might be related to the red algae bloom that is virtually covering the entire Pacific Ocean. ‘Course, they really need to do autopsies on the whales first but, of course, there is no money for that.  So, I guess we won’t do ’em.  No money.  No money.  Too bad.  We’ll do nothing without money upfront, eh?  Let ’em die!

Hottest July in recorded history of the world read one headline the other day.   Another said it was not an applicable statement for the whole world but mostly it was true.  El Nino this year is being referred to as the Godzilla of el Nino’s.  Baby Godzilla.   A heat engine just pumpin’ heat like mad all over the Pacific and much of the world.  Oil falling in value. China stocks falling.  Pollution levels in China beyond belief.  Millions of Africans and Central Americans heading north.  Even Obama is on the climate change train.

Things are changing.  Things are really changing.  I think they are changing fast.  Faster than I thought, anyway.  Canada is changing, too.  But Harper is not.  ‘We are good’.

Cons have their heads up their butts.  Good place for them, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Interesting sign

  1. Andrew Coyne of the National Post wrote column about ‘imagine if everyone you trusted lied to you.’ Coyne made the pity call for an individual who has run one thousand negative ads against a campaign rival over the last twenty-eight months. Andrew is correct that is pitiful.


  2. Geez….sorry. You are right, of course. But I don’t think I have posted even 100 anti-Harper blogs and, in my defense, I did commit to campaigning against Harper until the election so that no one had to read if they didn’t want. But, you are still right. I should relent. That he is evil incarnate is known, I guess. That the Cons are Luddites is also well known, I guess. Does anyone reading this blog need to hear that from me? Prb’ly not.
    But did you know about the whales? What bothers me the most about that story is that there are dead whales all over the place and a little dissection is no big deal. A bit of lab time. A boat. A knife. But are our ‘institutions’ that we pay for with our tax dollars doing that? No. Budget cuts. Budget cuts. Not enough budget for the director of DFO to get off his/her butt and slice up a bit o’ whale?


    • Love your ironic mask. Keep writing I was near needed to go into rehab for blog addiction. Keep writing I need the fix. It snowed in the Rockies yesterday and people said, “What the f…” “Where is the warming?” The real deal is first it gets warmer then it gets colder all the ice cores show that. As for the whales they need to eat something as their emaciated bodies show. Remember all the minerals they dumped into the ocean to grow plankton… Might not have worked.


  3. Gee, Harper came to town and no one knew…..Q’elle surprise.
    Perhaps Mr Harpers own obsessive control of the media and his hatred of publicity will work most of the time but … an election?
    How in hell is he supposed to get his “message” out if he doesnt meet and greet the great unwashed?
    I’m sure with all the money they have in their election “war chest” they know that Mr Harper is universally loathed by all and sundry across this great land.
    No-one has really moved in the polls.
    This first few weeks in the election campaign has been a snooze fest extrodinaire.
    Perhaps the Cons are hoping the other parties will run out of money?


    • The local Con was flown in from Ontario a few weeks ago. No one knows her. She’s the sacrifice so as to be able to show the colours. She’ll burn. We’re talking ‘cinders’. I wonder why she’d do that? For future political favours, perhaps? A senator in the making to replace Duff?


      • Absolutely.
        The local “sacrificial candidate” that will run just to “show the colors” in a “no win” riding.
        If Harper is re-elected she’ll get some ridiculously over salaried plum appointment where she can suck the taxpayers teat for 5 years.
        My personal fave is the parole board. No shortage of unskilled, dubiously unqualified political hacks infest most parole boards from coast to coast. Think of that the next time a released murderer or rapist commits another crime after their release.
        Time to make the parole board financially liable for crimes committed by released criminals? Might make political appointees a tad more aware of the consequenses of their $90,000.00 a year jobs.


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