Ambivalent? Me?

I am feeling a bit reluctant these days to continuing my writing campaign against Harper.  It is not that my feelings about him and his party have changed one iota –  the guy is a total dickhead – but simply because the others have now spoken and, sadly, none of the contenders are inspiring me at all.  Not a bit.  Once again, I feel as most Canadians usually feel at election time, helpless, disappointed and somehow defeated-in-advance of the outcome.

They are all dickheads!

To be fair, Mulcair sees himself as the one to beat and he doesn’t want to defeat himself so he is saying as little as possible.  (A tactic Christy Clark is following: hiding until called upon for a photo op).  Trudeau is stretching a bit but he is still coming across as a little boy in his father’s clothing.  And all of them are keeping their topics and their content to the mundane, picayune and stupid.  I.e. Harper pledging $7 million to fish research (the price of an old house in West Vancouver) after having eviscerated science and DFO over the last decade.  Trudeau going for legalization of Marijuana (while Vancouver opens storefronts every ten blocks) and Mulcair touting childcare once again.  Oh MY GOD! How is any of that leadership?  Where is the vision? Where is the inspiration?

Hell, where is the motivation to even vote?

It’s worse than a beauty contest without the bathing suit competition.  It’s like race-walking or synchronized swimming.  Not even as good as rhythmic gymnastics.  I’m sorry.  Dull. NO interest.  None.

If only Elizabeth May would start drinking heavily.

Is it too much to ask for some ‘real talk’, some real vision, some real leadership?  Do they all have to speak baby-talk to us?  Do none of these people have new ideas?  Are they all bereft of any semblance of courage?  Harper also lacks heart. Trudeau lacks brains and Mulcair looks like an ad for Cialis before taking the pill.  Only E. May says much of anything but, given her chances, she would look silly saying too much. She won’t be able to do any of it so what’s the point of making promises?  But even she could shout some bold philosophies, some creative solutions, some new ideas.

Again – to be fair – campaigning is a sham, a farce, and an insult to the voting public.  That which passes for politics never sees the light of election day or even gets revealed on the campaign trail.  Campaigning is waving the flag, showing the colours and looking good while trying to make sound-bites.  And most people know this.  We are really supposed to get our political opinions as the government performs over the years.

But, of course, how does the opposition get any exposure in that kind of forum?  Who listens to the opposition for four years?  We listen to the incumbent, agree or disagree and then, if we disagree, and as a last resort, look around at the opposition to see if we agree with them.  Truly, the opposition gets ‘left-overs’ and then has to make a more palatable dish at election time while the incumbents get to BUY fresh and present fancy.

Hard to dislodge the incumbents that way.  The government pretty much has to blow their own feet off.  The opposition can’t seem to do it.

The good news: Like always, the Conservatives have blown their feet off.  The bad news: the opposition can’t seem to get walking either.  No one is really running and isn’t that what campaigning is supposed to be all about?

8 thoughts on “Ambivalent? Me?

  1. I have to agree with you.
    NONE of the “leaders” inspire much of anything but insomnia.
    Harper is like Punxsutawny Phil ( or Schubenacadie Sam), raising his rodent-like hair doo out of the dirt once in a while to declare “Stormy weather ahead”.
    Trudeau bleats out what ever is on the sheet handed out him. Robotic, prepared politically correct pablum in the Liberal mantra. It inspires no one.
    Mulcair carefully tip toeing through the minefield of electoral survey results. Changing direction ever so slightly to maintain his miniscule lead. ( note to Mulcair, The BC NDP already tried that tactic. It failed miserably at the 11th hour).
    Elizabeth May, all but nonexistant in this race due to lack of funds and running mates. Perhaps a good thing. It keeps her from making paranoid “jetlag and vino” utterances that usually require apologies within 24hrs….

    Nope. Nary a one has inspired me enough to earn my vote. Gone are the good old days of the Rhino Party or Harmonic Yogic Party.

    I almost envy the US voters and the braying bombastic billionaire boob Trump. So rich he needs no lobbyist money telling him how to speak, how to behave… Spewing forth non pc racist diatribe and lies with abandon. Appealing to “Joe Sixpack” even though he wouldnt sully his own upscale neighborhood with anyone not posessing a Black American Express Card.
    Democracy. A beautiful thing.
    Bought and paid for by a lobbyist near you.


    • See….? We’re cynics. But we really should NOT be. We should be positive optimists. How else will it change? Cynicism breeds cynicism. We have to change, you and I. We have to stop seeing the glass empty. Even if there is a drop in there, shouldn’t we see it?.
      But what if there is NO drop in there? Then what? Shouldn’t the truth be told?
      So, what is it gonna be…..truth or optimism? ‘Cause I truthfully do NOT see much of anything in the glass. Looks empty to me.


      • Thats why I’m gonna vote for any party other than Harper’s. I’ll hold my nose and vote just to get that prick out.
        He’s like BO in an elevator. Everyone is repulsed by it but nobody will say anything( too busy holding their breath).
        I look at it as a vote AGAINST 5 more years of Harper.( and considering I voted for that arrogant prick in the last 3 elections says something)
        If I have to suffer through 4-5 years of the Libs or the NDP….so be it.
        The price to pay to rid Canada of a leader who’s “due date” expired 5 years ago.


        • We agree again. Of course. Wanna form a new party? Seriously, I am forced again to vote someone OUT rather vote someone IN. Which means ‘strategic’ voting. I hate that. I want to vote my ‘beliefs’. I would dearly love to feel faith, trust and hope with a party rather than revulsion for the incumbents. Is it really too much to ask for a little hope?


          • Sure!
            We could call our party B.E.R.A.T.E.D
            Bilious Elderly Rejects Annoying The Entire Demographic.
            I would say we would garner at least 2 votes……..


  2. Thanks for the political blog. Canada is at the mid-point of this electoral marathon and some things can be parsed out through the obsfication. Compared to Trump’s ability to learn on the fly some of our hopefuls are dullards. Occasionally somethings come into focus such as our mission Is averaging one bombing flight per month over Syria. It is costing 600 million dollars per year. Some policies need re-evaluation not doubling down. Governing is as everyone knows complex. Governments have highly experienced civil servants to do the administration but parliament sets the policies if they are consulted but often they are not. R. B. Bennett Prime Minister in the early 1930s would not let his government perform any function that he thought could be part of the private sector. The private sector was stalled and not investing and the Great Depression deepened. Across the border the ‘New Deal’ was getting under way while Bennett waited it out. His policy beliefs were paralyzing him into inaction. Policies in the USA have them growing at over 3% per year.


    • You are right. I am reminded of the ‘truth’ I learned late in life: all good action adds up in the plus column. Even failures yield lessons. It is inaction that results in the negative column. Do-nothings are the problem. Do something. Do anything. But, if you come from the ‘do the right thing’ and at least DO SOMETHING, your results will be positive.


      • You are correct circumstances change, the flow of information waxes and wanes, it is important to have a plan B if needed. On a personal basis I’m fairly sure that most of the folks running for office are well meaning, decent individuals. Inaction as you point out is a problem but if it involves changing direction we hear the term flip flop. Must political parties be afraid to do the right thing lest they be charged with being inconsistent.


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