Harper is NOT on the ropes, we are

Almost every political news story that condemns Harper is simply too feather-light to be effective.  They score as points-against but they are not doing any real damage. Especially to the committed Con who doesn’t listen to or read the mainstream media anyway.  No knockout punches are being thrown.  No foundations being rocked. So what if one of his candidates pees in a cup?  Or that he is damned with faint praise for an announcement of a paltry sum.  Duffy walks past a camera into court is barely a reminder of Harper’s other incompetencies.  He blathers on about the economy but no one else seems to have a good rejoinder.  Big whoop!

Harper may NOT be winning but he is definitely NOT losing.

Like the blog of last week, this is one to note the blandness, the ineffectual sparring, the boring photo-op poses and the utter lack of real fight in the political ring.  At a time when our very identity as a nation, a society, a quasi-culture is being redefined by that dickhead, the baby-effort to defeat him is impotent and weak.  Where is the resistance?  The revolution? Where is the new champion?  Who is the new hero? Which dickhead are we to follow next?

Woe is me.

The economy is the issue that concerns most people.  I personally think that is the wrong priority (it’s the environment and our society’s values that are most important to me) but let us admit the facts: “It’s the economy, stupid!” So, fine.

To be fair, Trudeau promised major infrastructure funding and that is a pretty good idea, actually. Urbanites need that.  But the power in that statement is in the examples, the vision, the nuts and bolts of the plan.  There was none of that.  So, what does he mean? More pipes for poop? More bridges for trucks and cars?  Or does he have a vision of the future? Bullet trains, maybe?  Electric cars, perhaps?  What!?  Without the vision, that economic plan just lays there like the empty words it is.

Mulcair is going to give you day-care or some other social nicety/necessity but, really, what will he do to strongly revitalize Canada in a global marketplace?  What vision does Mulcair have?  How can any of these people lead us into the the 21st century when we are already 15 years late and they were present during the lethargy?

As I have said before: these people don’t understand the economy, they have no vision, they have no courage and none of them could lead a group of addicts to a coke party. That is very disheartening.  I find it difficult to even follow their pathetic campaign trails.  It’s like watching paint dry or worse, the Canucks play hockey.

One thing you should KNOW.  There ain’t gonna be a revolution.  Not this time.  Maybe never.  Every revolution in history required one thing that we don’t seem to have and may never have: the police have to change sides.  Right now, they seem to be mostly George Wallace-type right-wingers.  Bully boys.  Taser ’em types.  You could have 30 million poor people demonstrating on the lawn of the parliament everyday and the strong arm of the law, if still committed to the leaders of the day, will continue the status quo.  It is only when the police will NOT shoot on the protesters, NOT jail them, NOT beat them, NOT taser them that the revolution stands a chance.  And, for that to happen, good people have to convince the police and the army that the leaders are no longer good.

Therefore I implore you to think.  That’s right…YOU!  Think up good ideas and pass them on.  Share them.  Tell your MP. Tell your MLA.  Even tell a cop (we can hope, can’t we?). Tell anyone who will listen.  We need to get new ideas out there.

My rationale is simple: there is a dearth of good ideas out there and our leaders sure as hell don’t have any and do not lead anyway, they follow.  So, give ’em all something to work with.  If you don’t, they won’t and we’ll have more of the same ol, same ‘ol.

This is NOT a new idea.  LeadNow, SumOfUs, Change.org and other ‘petition’ movements do this kind of thing all the time by way of their social media campaigns.  And it seems to be working somewhat.

Maybe the revolution starts with us?

6 thoughts on “Harper is NOT on the ropes, we are

  1. At the core of this election is a competition about the roll of government. Some three million under-employed young people are waiting to grasp the golden ring that never comes within reach. The apathy for voting in this youth demographic is a challenge to Canadian democracy. Many groups in Canada are getting the not now message from some politicians. Young people are hearing, “It’s not your turn.” All over the world one sees disaffected youth and the issues of disaffection. The ministry of education is working towards the elimination of letter grades, why? Is this what we have to offer youth? That and educational debt. More of the same is offering little hope to youth.


  2. I agree that the education system in every way is a crime on our youth. Firstly, education should be vastly overhauled and improved (my way of course) and second, it should be free. It really has to be free or else we privilege those who can afford it over those who can’t pay even with loans. We handicap them with more debt. That’s a crime. Like fraud. So, education is an issue and no one is talking about it. If they do, it is about sex ed and more money or less. Talking points. Depressing.


  3. If you’re still not interested in running I think you should consider ‘political adviser’. I think its a shame to see all that talent and energy go to waste. If I were ten years and had a gal like Sal I’d consider giving it a shot. Well, maybe not.


  4. I just recieved a letter in the mailbox from the Conservative candidate. ( Oh the irony, the very same door to door mail that is being cancelled by the conservatives)
    The candidate is asking for money and my vote. A 20 something neighbor was looking at the very same letter in his mailbox.
    “I wonder how much THIS cost the conservatives?”, I asked.
    The maximum personal contribution amount is $1500.00
    A self addressed envelope was included.
    I wont be mailing a cheque


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