I dunno….you judge

Another in the Anti-Harper chronicles.  Can October 19th come fast enough?  Still, so much work to do.  This blog topic, however, causes even me to blink.  The following is a link to the very credible and also hard researching journalist, Andrew Nikiforuk.   He has written about Harper a lot and several times about Harper’s religion.  Here is the link to his latest and I confess it is a bit disturbing.

Read: http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2015/09/14/Covert-Evangelism-Stephen-Harper/utm_source=nationalweekly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=140915.

Bottom line: Harper is a closet fundamentalist.

Normally, I would keep my comments on the state separate from that of the church.  That is the modern political protocol, anyway.  All democracies claim to separate church and state and, even though I have wondered how one type of indoctrination can be completely ignored while undertaking a high profile, high responsibility public service job, I have always just accepted that the politicians try their best to do just that.  After reading Nikiforuk, I don’t think Harper does.

In fact, after reading about Harper’s church, so many petty, nasty aspects of Harper made sense.  That women with the niqab, for instance.  Harper’s insistence on it and the government appealing the court’s decision – for what?  They have SEEN her face in another part of the process!  What does violating her religious beliefs have to do with anything?  Unless, of course, you hate Muslims because your church urges you to.

Harper, it seems, is a TheoCon in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.  He is a type of fundamentalist Christian who believes in dominating the earth (because God gave it to us to do just that with) and thus explaining his climate change denial stance and his pro-tar sands agenda.

It also explains his extremely strong pro-Israeli position because of the belief that the Second Coming and the End of Days requires Israel to exist for that to happen.  Christ can’t return if Israel is not there to receive him.

And so it goes.  Belief.  Very specific fundamental beliefs that are, in my opinion anyway, quite anti-Christianity despite the holy rhetoric surrounding it all.  His church condemns rather than forgives.  His church encourages disparity and creates poverty rather than shares and helps.  His church aligns with BIG OIL and BIG Business which would be quite contrary to the teachings of Christ, I should think.  And his church, supported in spirit by Sarah Palin, GW Bush and the weirded-out Right conspire in secrecy to ‘run the world’ in a mind-set fitting of a Robert Ludlum conspiracy theory.

If Andrew hadn’t written it, I wouldn’t have believed it.  In fact, I still have some difficulty with the idea that a Canadian Prime Minister would act on the principles of his freakin’ church before acting on the principles of our constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And, where they might conflict, the church he attends in secret, prevails!!?? Does that even sound sane?  Is that not a plot for a cheap B spy movie or maybe an early James Bond?

Could we really be ruled by such an extreme character and seriously consider letting it happen again?



6 thoughts on “I dunno….you judge

  1. These views of Harper have been expressed in the main stream media for several years. Ironically the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that the Conservatives challenge regularly in the Supreme Court (latest is the Niqab ) protect Harper’s religious views. When discussing the need to protect religious minorities Harper is talking about himself and his religious views. Harper knows that any critique of ones religious views are the third rail of political discourse. But with Armageddon just around the corner why not despoil Canada and be raptured up to Heaven?


  2. Harper’s Christian “agenda” doesnt surprise me one bit.
    Just glad it’s economically, militarily tiny , insignificant Canada he runs and not the US…
    Lest we forget Nancy Regan and her medium having seances to determine the best times for Ronnie to have meetings, summits, etc.
    A medium and Nancy determining foreign policy and White House agendas….
    Biz- arre.


    • I know….? Hard to make this stuff up! It all brings me back to my original question: how do these loons get this far?
      But, let’s make it clear: Harper’s church agenda is NOT the Christian agenda. At least I do not think so. It may be the agenda of those who are born again, handle snakes and speak in tongues but that just makes them part of the lunatic fringe NOT Christian. I think a Christian can be a sane moral person who has a faith and it doesn’t have to go any further than that. I hope so, anyway.


      • True.
        But the “visual” of a black garbed Harper sans politics preaching to a flock of freshly scrubbed young converts in some remote Alberta farming community.
        All while holding a well thumbed bible in one hand and an angry (NDP?) rattlesnake in the other staring skyward…..

        Gets me kinda teary eyed. Tears of happiness because he’ll finally be gone from the political scene.


      • It is a given that Chritianity has many faces. Harper’s view of the world is not inclusive and his political philosophy harkens back to the Depression Prime Minister R. B. Bennett. Harper’s views are Darwinian in his thinking about ‘winners and losers in the economy. What has happened for Joe Lunch kit? Those that caught on during the boom in Alberta faired well but elsewhere Canadians were waiting for the investment promised by tax cuts to kick in. What corporations did was to able to pay bigger dividends, buy back stocks, and create a bigger
        of dead money.


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