Going black…..

Windows 10 took me out.  Computer bleeding out.  Went to town for triage.  Comp in intensive care.  Prognosis not good.  Might be the end of me blog for awhile.  This message brought to you by way of Kobo.  Happy Thanksgiving, at least.  Hope to (gasp) see you (cough, cough) again……..Rosebud….

7 thoughts on “Going black…..

  1. The computer nerd that sold me my desk top said “Don’t do it!” (Download Windows 10). So I didn’t and I’ve been happy ever since!


  2. He and you were right. I was wrong. Rare. But it happens. Sadly with increasing frequency as I age. I may have to sit in the garden and eat worms….wait! No garden! No worms! Another error….:-D


  3. Spent many years of my career working with Apple Computers, Macs, IMacs and I’ve found them virtually immune to viruses. Get an IMac Bro, you’ll pay more but you may have less trouble.


  4. Went Apple-Mac three years ago, and never going back to PC hell.

    Hell, moved to PEI this summer, and never going back to DC hell, for that matter…


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