And the days dwindle down to a precious few….

Wow!  Last blog: Only ONE comment.  A new low.  OK, TIED with many others at the old low but not registered so low in a long while.  You guys busy? Got the flu?  Sheesh.

The key to making a blog worth reading is for it to be true.  100%.  ‘Course, it goes without saying that there are gazillion ways to make a blog NOT worth reading.  Philosophizing with Hot and Sour soup is clearly one of those ways.   Lesson learned.

The thing is, I am ‘dry’.  I am NOT progressing much on the empire.  It is cold out here. I will, of course, continue the greenhouse when I get some cedar siding (waiting on that) but I don’t have any yet.  My overall, general work-about-the-house has slowed even tho I didn’t think I could go slower, but I have actually dropped the rpms to nearly dead.

Just writing that last sentence has prompted thoughts of a nap.

The good news is that the VFD has arrived – a Hitachi motor controller (model: NES1 – 002SB*) – so that I can now make the lower funicular functional. The ‘bad news’ is that it is an electrical component of some sophistication and I still get confused by even simple DC connections.  Single phase to three phase, multiple switches, contactors and weird diagrams with even weirder symbols – some of which are in Japanese! – do not bode well for a speedy installation.  I am seriously considering flying my nephew (electrician) out from back east just to wire it up.

The wire going in is simple enough.  The main wires going out are likely decipherable.  Eventually.  But the stop-switches and control buttons are, so far at least, beyond my rapidly eroding, Netflix-corrupted IQ and then making the remote controls work after that (the ones from the nasty Korean, Mr. Kang in Langley, without any instructions whatsoever) make it seem impossible.

It is impossible.  I will call Flight Cente and send for James.

All of which is my way of saying that I am starting to refocus on book 2.  May suspend blog ops.  And I have no idea about what it is yet.  Sal wants all the ‘old stories’ (from girlfriends throwing themselves naked out of my parents second floor bedroom when they came home early from a long weekend to war stories from the Downtown Eastside, politics, motorcycle crashes and assorted manifestations of Chaos theory I have explored in my life).  She can’t listen to them anymore but wants to share the pain with others.

Misery loves company.

I dunno….I am disinclined……

So, there you have it………nothing, really.  Just the everyday battery maintenance, genset oil-change, help-thy-neighbour activities of an older off the grid couple living from day to day, chore to chore and trying to stay dry and warm all at the same time.

Maybe it is time for another change…………?

I have always wanted to visit Northern Japan in the winter, for example.  By rented motor-home, no less.  Maybe I could visit the Hitachi factory.  Look up Kang’s relatives in South Korea…?

What EXACTLY are the symptoms of cabin fever…..

19 thoughts on “And the days dwindle down to a precious few….

  1. A few blogs ago you did a shout out for a little help from my friends and thirty-two replies appeared including the ones from you. There is a whole lot of stuff hitting the fan let’s hear some comments on it. It’s Understandable that some of these topics are like the third rail of blog topics but I like them. I’m endlessly attracted to examples of hubris such as claiming a surplus when it actually is at least a three billion deficit or more for 2015. The press is a prime topic conflicted as they are around being an entertainment source conflicting with their claim to be be a source of news. Recently the press was all
    a flutter about an untimely selfie. There is plenty of grist.


    • No question: politics can be the topic. But anyone can do that and many, many much more qualified than me. I do not equate Muslims and terrorists any more than I equate Hell’s Angels with Western society (there is a thread of connection to both, tho, I admit) and so I see no reason to condemn thousands of ‘real people’ just because their small portion of crazies are so destructive. I see the corruption of Justice manifest now in the Family Law Act that restricts mediators to being lawyers (perhaps the least well-suited of the professions) and that sort of thing. I could do reams of stuff based on anger, umbrage and outrage. The provincial Liberals make me apoplectic on just about everything, for instance.
      But, really? Who doesn’t feel like that? Who isn’t angry at the proliferation of madness in all it’s current forms?
      I really should focus on alternative living, activities off-the-grid, seniors rebellion and self destruction of the DIY kind. My kind of personal tragedies and comedies. It is just that I am relatively intact these days. No major scarring. I have healed from most wounds and not doing enough to re-inflict pain and suffering or even cause much havoc around me these days.
      Truth is: I am currently boring. I hope it is just a phase.


      • Most get the nail in the forehead stuff for me it’s the claims to superiority that seldom get challenged and are largely unexamined but if they were examined would prove to be false. You know the type of claim that only we can do thus and so and the other guys can not. The big lie. Bought chapter and verse. I’d like to hear a nuanced discussion.


  2. Hell no! You’re not boring.
    Its just all us other poor schleps still living “on the grid” that have to work.
    I’m slaving away tomorrow with a coworker to get a job finished up before another big one starts on Monday.
    Ive been ignoring your post because my Economist magazines are starting to pile up! 100 pages cover to cover every week. Just lemme know if you want me to send you a gift subscription. You’ll never be bored again.
    My Friday night consists of laundry and then tv.


    • Oh, pshaw! I know when I am dull. Truth, dawg! Word! And I can be interesting again. Someday, Allah willing. Inshallah. Really. Please believe me………….
      But I know what it takes. I have to do something. If I do at least three things, one is bound to go awry and a blog is born! It’s a simple formula: try, try and try again and then write about all that wasted effort. The trouble is, my mojo is down. Pep-less. Jus’ don’ wanna do anything right now…….too cold……too dark…….maybe some popcorn with Netflix might be OK…?


  3. I have been working on my book about off the grid living for over ten years. It took me thirteen years to finish my dissertation, so maybe there’s still hope. At least you have a book one. So far, mine is book none. But there are lots of stories to tell. I just don’t know if they are interesting enough to anyone out there. I get comments on my blog, but your are more substantial. People are sharing thoughts and feelings, not just “that’s beautiful” or “very informative.” Even so, I love to get those anyway. – Margy


    • Thanks, Margy, coming from a bibliophile, that means something. But I am very fortunate, I have ‘guys’. Most of them go by the same name as the Hacker-group but I have a few John’s, DC’s and others nom de plume. I know some women read the blog but it is usually the ‘guys’ who do the commenting. That’s why I try to keep the blog entries short, simple and about DIY gone wrong. John wants more sex but, who doesn’t? If my numbers go really down, I do one with guns, booze, trucks and naked women. The numbers jump.
      As for the book, I could fill it with interesting stories but guys like ‘stupid’ and not all the stories lend themselves to laughter. Some of them are just ‘hard-cheese’. So, I wrestle, ya know…?


      • Are you sure it’s only guys reading your book? I found you through Chris and we are both women. I believe there are lots of other women out there who either live off the grid or wish they could. Don’t count us out as readers either of your blog or books. – Margy


        • Oh, no. Women read the book (it’s been edited, don’t you know). I know that. I gave it to the bookclub – they pretty much HAD to read it (Sal is a member)… but most BLOG readers are men and almost ALL the comments are predominantly XY rated. You and ‘friend’ Sue are the only commentators I know of the XX persuasion. And Sue usually writes to ‘correct’ me.


  4. I believe I am due to send a comment, JDC, as I have been keeping up with all your blogs. Enjoy every one of them, sometimes checking for a new one before its out!
    I always laugh out loud reading them, and often shake my head ( with admiration! ) on how you get those Sal one-liners in there. And the hungover hippo analogy was supprizingly vivid, as well as the Hot and Sour soup special at a restaurant had caught my eye. Political rants and current affairs often keep me in a ‘loop’ with the coastal life, as real news. This blog also has the benifit of being able to live a little vicariously through, somehow touches an intangible piece of my day. And those geriatric adjectives sound a lot like wisdom to me!
    Hope to arrive for my signed copy of book 1 sometime real soon…..

    PS – if you are still taking ideas for books, write about Sal !


    • I read that to Sal. “Oh! God!”. She tends to dance away from the spotlight. She’s, by nature, unassuming and modest. But I see her as a great partner, a fearless person and ready to take on whatever comes her way. She’s great fodder for a book, too. But she already edited out much of what I’d written about her. Travels With Sal was a topic I considered but kiboshed by my editor. Sex and Septuagenarians was similarly regarded. I am NOT entirely my own man, ya know.
      Looking forward to your visit.


  5. Kwitcher bellyaching! You had 32, 6,12, then only 1, then 9 here. That’s an average of 12!
    Hey! Is that ‘me’ about more sex? Got good news! I’m hitting on my cleaning lady and hope to be able to report I have my own Sal (not her real name) soon. Otherwise, I’m much like you – disinclined. Maybe its cabin fever, or lack of sunshine.
    Anyway, house cleaning is scheduled for next week and that’s something to look forward to. How much detail do you want?


  6. I guess I should have asked if I were the John you referenced in the sex comment. And if I am and you think it may get too raunchy I could always start my own blog, but that would result in two fewer comments.
    Think it over!


  7. How about an OTG Christmas Tree ?
    Methinks even if you decorated a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree out in the willie wags you’d still stop traffic……even if its only boat traffic…..
    Photos are required as proof of your exuberant festivus spirit.



    • Hippo’ing about , as I do, curmudgeon-like, I tend towards the humbug at Xmas. With a frown altho, admittedly, out here there is so less to frown about, I reduce that to a mild scowl now. Still, I am disinclined to festivity at the best of times and being festive on a schedule is impossible for me. My exuberance is usually short, brutish and spontaneous and prompted by the unexpected, never the expected.
      What would do it….? Hmmm…..maybe….I am driving a big motorhome from Florida to home when I come across a broken down car with a bevy (7) of escaped female convicts desperately needing a ride. Some needing some additional clothing (they escaped with hardly anything on). All were in jail for petty crimes (like baking pies without a health certificate or practicing massage without a licence). I pick them up. They are very grateful. It’s my birthday. I have a case of champagne. It’s hundreds of miles from the nearest town. One of them was a professional truck driver and wants to drive. Now THAT might call for some festivities!
      And, yes, there’s a heart-start defibrillator on board. Of course, JA is with me!


        • Sal is quilting, of course. Marathon Bee Month. 30 days of straight quilting. The local women are giddy at the prospect. “Gee, sweetie, why don’t you gather all your friends called John and go somewhere? You have often talked about cruising the highways around women’s prisons in a motorhome, sweetie. Why not give that a go? Might be fun.” Then she’d burst into hysterical laughter and remind me to take the defibrillator and buy extra insurance.
          I call that supportive but somehow discouraging.


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