Is there an end-game and what else have we learned?

A friend just asked, “Is there an end-game and what else have we learned?”

YIKES!  I must admit that we have been so immersed in this experiment for so long and still feel that we are not so very far into it that contemplating an end-game has not really crossed our minds.  So, good question…..

‘End Game’ to me means still being alive but not living here.  If I die here, then there was no difference to the game and the end just came.  Ergo, no official end-game.  But, if I move and die elsewhere, then that move would be the so-called end-game.  And do I have a plan for one?

Short answer: NO.  This will likely do, thank you.  We are good here.  OTG will see me out, as the Brits say.  When that happens, Sal plans to go cruising but even she will return to here.  We may go on holiday and kick the bucket dying in a hail of cartel gunfire on a Mexican beach or get run over by a tuktuk driven by a mad monk in Thailand.  But those are not end games, those are accidents.

Almost 90% of people live out their lives at home (except for a miserable and usually short interim time in hospital).  Only 10 or so percent go to ‘rest homes’.  We fully intend to be amongst the majority of homebodies and going out in a hail of gunfire is much more likely than a retirement home for us.  Preferable, too.

As for lessons learned…other than the ones we have already shared…..?  Another good question. The simplest answer is that we have learned that we have options.  Urban life is NOT the only way.  Neither is OTG the only other way.  There are dozens of ways to live the last 25 years of your life and, tho OTG is our current focus, neither of us would rule out a dip in another pool.  I think we are good here but that doesn’t exclude trips at the very least.  We can and will likely still travel some.

But the question was deeper than that, I think.  Is there anything profound?  Spiritual, maybe?

I don’t think so.  Many, many little profound, even spiritual lessons have been learned to be sure but none of them particularly earth-shattering.  A much, much greater appreciation for nature, having personal time, enjoying the quiet, living in great partnership, these have all been experienced; greater satisfaction working on things tangible, the lunacy of much of what passes for modern life.  The absence of so much ugly.  But all those are things you have heard before and likely feel yourself.  They are as much the result of aging as they are the result of living OTG.  I think living OTG enhances and magnifies those feelings but they are not new or surprising lessons.  Thoreau wrote about them.

If there is anything new – completely new – that we seem to have learned, it would be about ourselves.  We are much happier with where we are and what we do.  But some of that might also be that we are happier with who we are.  A little personal growth through creativity and self reliance goes a long, long way.

6 thoughts on “Is there an end-game and what else have we learned?

  1. The bulbs are out and the trees are in bloom, stil a bit cool but spring is on the the march. No one lives forever but who would want to? With good care and good relationships time generally runs down in the nineties and sometimes not even then. My brother checked out in his sixties, lost his focus. From your deck is a gob smacking view and all around is a pile of chores. Roll up your sleeves. Live!


  2. My brother in law just buried his mother last summer. She spent her last few years in a hospice totally unaware of her surroundings.
    Thats the big “if”.
    Will you be “lucky” enough to have a “jammer” whilst sipping a 50 year old scotch on the outside deck of your OTG paradise or will it be during a slow mo shuffle to the communal toilet in a big city hospital?
    Personally I wouldnt wish the latter on my worst enemy, but life, being the cruel jokester that it is, may have other ideas.
    Long life, health, happiness and control of your mental faculties til the “big one” isnt too much to ask…… it?


    • I don’t think so nor do I think I have to go by way of Alzheimer’s, cardiac arrest or the big C. Plenty still exit gracefully in their sleep. I intend to expire horizontally. No standing up! But one thing for sure….as few items as possible still left on the bucket list. I have just recently relinquished two of them…..motorcycle down the silk road and rock star. Yacht delivery overseas is diminishing, too, but remotely possible still. No? . Damn.


  3. I’m surprised at how many people have commented on my posts about the lack of health care while living OTG. In some ways I’m closer to town than many land based people (on and off the grid). I took off two and a half years from living OTG to live with my mom so she could stay in her home until the very end. It was worth it. But I don’t have any children or anyone else who could do that for me. I’m going to live in my float cabin as long as possible with trips as you mentioned. I don’t have an end game fully planned out. It all depends on how much I can handle for how long. Mom lived to 96 so I look forward to lots of good years ahead if my genes are a hint.


    • I hope you do, too, Margy. Your home is a paradise. I think it is easier to stay out here, frankly. It’s beautiful. This is the way it should be. Right til the fat lady sings.


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