No consolations necessary…seriously…(sob)

OUR LIFE OFF THE GRID did not make the Stephen Leacock shortlist.  And, yes, we are a smidge disappointed.  But not too much.  Fame was only briefly within our grasp.  I was counting groupies before they hatched.  I think Sal was, too.  Boo hoo.

But no consoling needed.  Thank you in advance for such thoughts (I know you guys). We are still happy with what we achieved.  Ecstatic.  Getting that far was a huge surprise.  We are very pleased with that.  Still surprised too, actually.  We might even award ourselves extra chocolate (for Sal) and scotch for me anyway. I think she is funny.

I mention this to you only because we told you we were in the running.  Seems only fair to report the outcome.

Writing won’t stop.  You know that.  This was not even a bump in the road.  It was merely a beautiful distraction, like a wild rose bush blooming in the desert as we drive by at 100 miles an hour.  A blink, a delightful one, but still a blink by any other name.

Is assisted suicide legal yet?


13 thoughts on “No consolations necessary…seriously…(sob)

  1. I added the Leacock Awards to my Twitter account, and watched /read as they announced a few minutes after 1:00. Typing this out from Thunder Bay, but had we been in Peterborough we were going to drive up for the luncheon (how can we go wrong for $16 and half a tank of gas?). I said to MC how exciting it would be to be among the very first of the group to know! That’s how sure I was — in short, you were robbed. I like Fallis’s sense of humour, but he has been nominated three times and won at least once. When they announced that this year’s submissions were different from other years in the type of material, style of writers etc. that, to me, was like hanging up a banner that read “Dave Cox — original stuff !” Trust me, I would not write any of this if I didn’t mean it, and as you know I am very objective and non-biased.

    On second thought, good thing I wasn’t at the luncheon — I might have yelled out, “fix!” On the plus side, your book will continue to be our “go to” Christmas present again.

    See you soon,

    John and MC
    (Battery blog good by the way)


  2. What the hell do they know about humour? West coast humour especially! The cleaning lady and I both re-read it when it became apparent someone ‘back east’ appreciated your work. Both of us enjoyed it more the second time around. Perhaps ‘they’ should have read it again.


    • Right, you are. Both of you. Next book: Cleaning Ladies And Cauliflower – the untold story of sex, soap and souffles. How one couple found happiness and hygiene with vegetables.
      Thanks for the support, JA/CL. We might try again. Someday. Maybe. When the tears stop flowing.


  3. It was good recognition for your writing to get nominated. The only “awards” I’ve received for my writing was grant funds for someone else, and a college degree. I enjoy writing the blog, but my book has been languishing in the wings. – Margy


    • Finish it, Margy. I’ll buy a copy. Just so long as it is NOT about starving orphans and lepers living in culverts in Calcutta being regularly beaten and exploited by perverted and sadistic men. That plot has been done to death. Every other book, it seems. Maybe you could introduce some kind of smart, capable, good man who is occasionally sensitive while he goes about providing for his family and helping others? Nah…who would believe that? Keep it real…..snakeheads and drug dealers torturing orphans and puppies. Who can’t relate?


  4. ‘Tis a shame they know not what they do….
    But on a more important note did you make an OTG Mothers Day card for Sal?
    Im thinking with your handyman skills, sense of flair, and the availability of plants,trees, driftwood, shells, and such.
    You whipped up something better than a “Blair Witch” wicker man doll? Or was it Hallmark and a nice bottle of vino?


    • Well, I could be wrong about this but Sal and I are on the same page about it: she is NOT my mother and I am not her father. We acknowledge our parents but it is up to our kids to acknowledge us. Sal, however, made us a nice crab cannelloni which we washed down with a pleasant Californian Cabernet after a hard day’s wood getting. Em usually beats Ben to the punch and this year she did Mom’s Day in style – by doing it yesterday. BUT she was in Australia and her Mother’s Day began during our yesterday. The boy didn’t have a chance. His MD text just bonged in at 8:45. Mind you, neither of them comes in worst than second. Ever.


  5. Ironic side note, Kathryn Borel’s book ‘Corked’ made the SLA short list in 2010. Ms Borel, while working at CBC, was a victim of Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual harassment. As I’m sure you are aware, just today she accepted a peace bond from Jian rather than pursue a court case. I am so proud your book made the Stephen Leacock long list David and the achievement should not be minimized. At the same time, though she is a stranger to me, I feel proud of Kathryn’s ‘grace under fire’. Cheers to you and Sal!!


    • Thanks, Sue. We are still pleased with having made it that far. ‘Course, we can see what fame and groupies can do to a person – see Jian, for example. Sal would be waist deep in pool boys had we won. Glad she didn’t get far enough to even feel the temptation.
      As for Ms Borel….I agree. There is little to be gained by a criminal charge in such matters (short of violent rape). Piggy, scum should be made to apologize and make recompense. AND seek counselling. Why put the dickhead in jail? Why fine him so the government is ‘compensated’? Apologize all to hell and make restitution. Having said that, I do not think giving Ms Borel millions of dollars is the right answer to restitution, either. Maybe 2500 hours working hard at a food bank or at Attawapiskat. But paying her a lot of money only pushes her in the wrong direction again. MONEY is NOT a panacea.


      • Totally agree David, there was no merit in another court case where Jian pleads not guilty and lawyer would’ve felt compelled to discredit the complainant unmercifully once again. As for Jian all I can say is ‘stick a fork in it, cuz he’s done’. Cheers, s


  6. I think it was an amazing acknowledgement for your book to be nominated!!! First book, funny guy, funny Sally, hilarious stuff with an incredible life change!
    We are all immensely proud and telling everyone we know.
    Congratulations are still in order.


    • You and a few others have been terrific friends over this. Over a dozen. I KNOW that others were also supportive but a few have really shown HUGE support. Brings a tear to the eye…..and that, too, is a great reward. Really – the best. Thanks, Trev.
      Sal is sayin’, “Maybe we should quit on a high note?”
      “We didn’t even make the short-list!”
      “Yeah, but top ten is high enough for me.”
      She has a good point.


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