When the temperature gets warm out here, the wind blows.  Generally speaking, we can count on a nice breeze even when everywhere else is reporting record temperatures.  In other words, it’s still perfect out here in OTG land.

This interesting local weather phenomena is because there are a few fjords nearby and, when the high pressure area’s heated air abuts the cold glacier upper area, the cold air flows down and we get a nice cool breeze.  Despite that marvel of local nature, yesterday was warm. And so was the day before.  It was so warm, we tapped out at about 82 degrees F or 25C.  And, of course, it is ten degrees hotter the minute you step away from the breeze.  So, I don’t.

Day one was a bit too warm because we went into town.  Had to do a big shop for guests coming.  And our Pathfinder had a recall on the airbag.  I usually dread that sort of encounter whereby you get a free airbag and a report that the whole mainframe sub-assembly is ready to go and the mechanic is suggesting a $10,000 fix or else we are sure to die.  That didn’t happen.  They were perfect.  They even gave us a free air-conditioned courtesy car and it was a brand new Nissan Titan.  I drove around like king of the world for a few hours.  Fun.

Day two was kinda warm for Sal.  She worked the day at the little hot-as-hell post office. It’s a good 15 degrees hotter in that little bake-oven.

My neighbours went up into the back forty to do some work on the water system.  It was ten degrees hotter still up there.  Because of the tools and the work and because one neighbour defines work as wearing jeans and an undershirt regardless of temperature, they were melting.  I was in the breeze all but naked in a pair of undershorts working on a table for the boatshed.  A revolting picture but cool.

Today, the wind is up (about 18 knots) and there are the occasional whitecaps.  It is gonna be lovely.  I’ll work at something trivial, Sal will probably quilt, we will do what we do and another day in paradise will unfold.  Honestly?  I am not sure it can get any better.

There’s only one problem: no real fodder for making the second book worth writing.  Keep taking a run at it and coming up roses.  Literally, it is all good.  All nice.  All the time.  Hard to write a story without conflict and challenge.  Right now, we seem to have it made. Enveloped in bliss.  Happy as clams.

Well, the bilge pump is acting up a bit.  And we are running a bit low on beers.  And bloody Netflix hasn’t added anything interesting in a long time.  So, I don’t know, maybe all hell is about to break loose……

7 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Glad to hear that you were not too toasty during our current hot spell. In my area our personal thermometer read 37 degrees C. Thank goodness for the air conditioning. Over the year our gas bill is way down but hydro is way up. I’m sure you do not miss the utility bills. Keep your sun screen handy. Any dips in the salt chuck or is the water too cold?


  2. Some of the tourists jumped in but seconds later they were out. It is still cold in the ocean.
    I stopped rinsing off after the building years. You pretty much have to get desperate to jump in. Building all day in the sun will do that. But I dont push myself like that anymore. Today we re cabled the lower funicular….took a couple of hours….and Sal then quilted. I sat around. Reading. Then dinner, wine and……..
    …..it is good, all good.


    • That’s one advantage of living on fresh water. Get too warm a dip feels nice and in the summer the water temp in tempting. Not so much from November to May though. That can be bone chilling. – Margy


  3. Nice . Glacier Air conditioning. Whistler was hovering at 35c temps over the past few days….those poor glaciers dont stand a chance.
    It was breezeless in Vancouver yesterday. Stifling. Went for a long bicycle ride and when I was at the turn around point I asked myself in horror, “WHAT have i done…..?
    Oddly enough traffic wasnt its usual jammed up snails crawl….dont know if people are holidaying or hermiting due to the temp.
    Oh well time for coffee and some reading.

    PS. Do you ever see any Humpbacks around your hacienda? Had some buddies on the Queen of Burnaby last Tuesday and they spotted a few….


    • Yes. We occasionally see ’em. Not often. Once every three years. The Orcas are the most common. Every year. Several times. Saw a Grey a few years back and a Minke or something that was all black, small-ish for a whale and not much in the way of fins or dorsal…so we called it a Minke and carried on. Sea lions a lot. The best thing to see: we have had a few Herring balls. THAT’s great! They have been missing and unaccounted for until last year.


  4. Trev celebrated the big 69 yesterday by being active. He has been pretty much flat on his back for the 7 weeks so despite temperatures, we rode to the ride to Kits Beach. Still great memories – even for you rural folks- watching sailboats coming and going (some aground on the beach – who anchors out there?).
    Love and say a big welcome to the ‘guests’.


    • I am finding all the ‘6’s’ BIG these days. The 7’s’ are looming even larger. And the 8’s are like the giant Pilsbury dough-boy in Ghostbusters. Funny how the years are so much larger yet they move by so much more quickly, eh?
      First guests failed to launch from home. Illness ensued, trip did not. We’ll catch ’em up later. BIG group coming in a few days.
      So, Trev on his back….? Presumably not voluntarily like me? Did he enter the Steveston Alternative Games Senior’s Mixed Nude Mudwrestling event again? SDGSMNM…? And there’s NOTHING wrong with that!


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