WordPress acting up

Not long ago, any comment that was written to a post also went to my personal mailbox.  I could read it there or on the comment section.  Then the mail notification disappeared but that was OK.  I could read the page now and then and catch up.

For some bizarre reason comments aren’t showing up anywhere now.

“Dave, we’ve been meaning to tell you…….but……….like……….well………”

NOT SO FAST, YOU MEANIES!!!  ‘Totem‘ commented, told me about Orcas.  I commented back.  It showed up.  Then it disappeared.  Somehow I got it back.  Then it left the building again.  So, I KNOW there was at least one.  Maybe Julian Assange is vetting them before releasing them to the public.  I dunno…………….but comments are NOT registering.


AND WE’RE BACK!  I still do not get the email notifications but the comments are shown again on the webpage.  


11 thoughts on “WordPress acting up

    • Existentialism at its most prosaic…..but, yes…..I am here, therefore I am, well, here. Looks like the WordPress glitch got fixed. Glad to have you back. IF you really exist…..


  1. “The … Orca or Killer Whales symbolizes family, romance, longevity, harmony, travel, community and protection. He is said to protect those who travel away from home, and lead them back when the time comes. …”


  2. My comment notifications stopped coming to my email. I discovered I had been hacked and my email in my profile account changed. Still don’t know why some Russian reprobate wants to be in control of tomato talk 🙂
    Take care


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