Grabbing, harassing, molesting and doing business

That Trump is an outrageous pig is no longer news.  We’ve known that for some time.  In fact, they say ‘all men are pigs’ and I have to oink to that.  But, as Orwell wrote, some pigs are more equal than others and so Trump is clearly piggy #1.  At least this week.

I propose that we all get behind condemning piggery and pass laws and impose sanctions and generally join together in setting our collective hair on fire.  And chant:  Bad piggies!  (I am being sarcastic!)

Because, actually we have already done all that.  We have passed laws, created new behaviours and changed the social status of the genders and we have all burnt our hair clean off for the last thirty or forty politically correct, holier-than-thou years.

In fact, the topic is off the rails.  We now officially hate piggies even to the extent that a man is condemned for looking-with-lust at a woman.  If she has been breast and lip enhanced, made up to the hilt and is semi-nude, we still really should NOT stare.  It’s rude.  Talking to her may even constitute harassment.  That’s crazy!

So, let’s just say: that men-are-pigs is a given.  And we hate piggies.  We all hate piggies.  Piggies are bad.  Hmmm….that kinda means all men are bad, too, doesn’t it?  But, don’t we just have to learn to get along….like we have for eons?

Except gay men.  Or men who dress up as women.  Or change their bodies to become women.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Flirting?  Bad.  Gender modification?  Good.  Sex in 2017?  Weird.  

Unless, of course, the pigs are rich.  If they are rich, then they ‘can do whatever they want.’  That’s what Trump said.  And we know it is true.  We have seen plenty of evidence of money buying ‘accepted behaviour’ from women.  In fact, money-buying-acceptance from a woman is the oldest profession, is it not?

And, if they are rich, are they not fair game?  Can’t we say and do anything to get them?

So, rich pig #1 walks into a room and acts like a pig to a woman.  She is appalled. Outraged. Furious at the violation of her person.  She is gonna have the bad-boy arrested.  Unless, of course, he then pays her some money.  Then, it is OK.  So, poor pigs get prosecuted, condemned, shunned and vilified but rich ones enjoy pleasant interludes with the smiling beauties.

Money makes it all right?

Am I missing something…………?

It is also true that 50 Shades of Grey – a novel about sado-masochistic sexual behaviours – was a best seller.  AMONGST WOMEN!  It is also true that Kim Kardashian is famous and celebrated primarily for having a big butt.  It is also true that most of us ordinary piggies are gentlemen and behave ourselves.

What the hell………?

One could be forgiven for thinking that there is a weird, double-standard about our current views on sexuality that pivots not on morality, gender equality or even the safety of women but, rather, on the wealth and celebrity of the man or woman involved.  Trump is a rich piggie, thus a target.  Melania scored a bullseye on Fifth Avenue.  He was her target.  They are both living their dream.  None of our business.

But his campaign made it our business and this black hole of society’s sexual hypocrisy is obviously sick.

And confusing………

Especially for Trump.  He has been ‘doing this’ for decades.

There was some woman who claimed that he was a pig (groping, attempted rape) while she and her husband were doing business with him in Florida.  FOR SIX YEARS!  Then she divorced her husband and later dated Trump because ‘she was scared about her future’.  Then she left Trump with a ‘settlement’.

And now Trump is condemned by her and everyone else for his pigginess.  NOW? Of all times to complain about his pig slop, NOW is the time?  And they quote her?

Please do not get me wrong.  I am not defending Trump.  He is indefensible. Readers know my feelings about him.  He is way, way worse than just being a spoiled rotten piggy.  And I understand that NOW is a good time politically to drive a few more nails in to his custom, self-made coffin.  Go for it.

But American/western and even most foreign cultures either encourage, condone or accept that women flock to rich and powerful men.  They bait their hook for even really ugly ones.  And it is not because the men have great personalities.  It is because they have great big wallets and everyone knows that.

And now, in western society, if it does not go as the ‘hooker’ planned, they can sue and press charges?

I am NOT defending Trump or even lecherous behaviour. I am condemning our duplicitous social values and, in particular, the GOP that could turn a blind eye to everything else Trump but the word PUSSY.  What the hell is wrong with those people? 

If we are going to condemn Trump for acting like a pig (and we should), we also have to ask the women what they were doing being voluntarily in the same pen with him.   And, if the answer is apparent and obvious, we should just send the little piggies to separate corners and let them both wallow in their own filth.

Before you say it: I know that some women just innocently wandered within his grab-o-sphere. That’s different.  I know that.  

But my main point: no more collectively setting our hair-on-fire over this kind of crap! 

Jus’ sayin’………..




16 thoughts on “Grabbing, harassing, molesting and doing business

  1. I read the same New York Times article about the woman and couldnt believe what I was reading as I delved further into the article.
    Even if everything she said was true….. her validity fell out the window when she admitted she dated him years after the attempted rape allegations AND called up his election campaign to volunteer…..
    Not exactly dealing with a full deck of cards.
    A lawyer would have a field day with her in Court.
    And people wonder why the rich act as they do.
    Its because the “poor” enable them.


    • I agree. Of course. But my main point is that we seem to focus on the individual’s lurid and bawdy behaviour when it is really a societal or even basic-gender-bias issue. Men lust after women. Women bait themselves up. Is it all for love or reproduction….? No. More and more often it is just for the money. THAT is the really sick cultural part.


  2. Well.
    “Humble” isnt in Trumps vocabulary so I cant wait to see what “zingers” he spews forth tommorrow night during the 2nd “debate”.
    Methinks Hillary will take the same tactic and bait him and let him babble on and sink himself.
    The ultimate irony.
    A misogynist publicly humiliated in front of hundreds of millions of viewers ….by a woman.


    • She’ll make a huge error if she jumps on him for this. Brings her to the mud pit. If he says something misogynistic, she should just say, “Well, Donald, we already know your views on women.” And then move on. If he does it again, “You seem more interested in biology than politics, Donald.” And then move on.


      • Apparently he hates being called Donald and she set the tone during the first debate by calling him Donald right off the bat during the intros.
        She just has to jab a few “soft spots” and then let him run………

        Like the old saying goes. “Give the Devil a horse and he’ll ride it straight to Hell”

        He’ll sink himself.


        • The thing I DO NOT GET is where all the GOPs abandoning the ship today were for the last few months? Wasn’t THAT Donald obvious all along? So, he pigged out ‘one more time’…….what…? Mexicans are rapists, the parents of a dead son are mocked, Putin is lauded, his wife plagiarizes on cue, he doesn’t pay taxes (and he wants to cut them?), he wants to deport all Muslims and none of that sticks? But ‘grabbing pussy’ gets him? In a world that celebrates Paris Hilton?
          I am sorry…….it is all too ugly, base and coarse behaviour but the other stuff was much worse. And the Johnny-leave-latelys of the GOP should be ashamed for ignoring what they knew to be ugly all along.


          • It is so infantile and so excusable until someone doubles down piggy and it goes off the rails.


  3. It is confusing no doubt to many. The aspect to this issue worth some discussion is the power differential. Women clearly have power and do exercise it. Men in positions of authority are under greater scrutiny for any unsavoury exercising his power. The boss must know that sex with a subordinate may at any time lead to accusations of sexual assault. The boss may protest that it was consensual but not in the case of power differential as we have seen in numerous cases reported in the press. It seems to be the case today that the male is assumed to be in a position of power even if he has no authority over her. Consider the case of the female MP who went to a MP’s hotel room, was propositioned, gave him a condom and later reported that she had not consented. The assumption here is that she assumed that he might rape her so she protected herself with a condom.
    This illustrates the assumed power transactional aspect of sexual conduct. Trump is not able to understand his power and it seems that some men do not either when they think that silence or no means yes.


    • I think the key phrase there is ‘assumed’. It is rare that both parties are ever EXACTLY equal in power in any single instance of time. So, men and women are always jockeying for power or dealing with the imbalance. Hell, if I knock at a stranger’s door, I step partially back down the stairs….why? I guess because I ‘assume’ I present power/threat and the occupant MIGHT be a woman or child so I try to neutralize myself. But do I do that in the workplace? No. Women have lobbied to be equals and so I accept them as such and they have earned it. No quarter asked, none given. But that is meant in a business sense. If I was the boss and I was attracted to a woman, I would say, “Hey…I am NOT the boss of this situation. And your answer will NOT spill out into the workplace, but wanna go have dinner with me?” The problem is that BEING in the position of power at that moment means she is disadvantaged BUT the boss can’t change that. Is he (or she) expected to resign before asking a secretary out to dinner? Makes no sense. The only real answer is to NEVER go there or go there with your EYES OPEN. And millions of people have successfully navigated those waters for centuries.


      • The work place relationships are complicated by collective agreements pro scribing work place conduct. Look at the Jian case, found not guilty but may never work again. Plus the impact of social media and its viral shaming which is not always deserved. Men CYA!


  4. You almost wonder if he doesnt want to win.
    Joining this campaign as lark.
    Never expecting to get as far as he has but riding the campaign train for as long as he has to prove what a mess the entire “election” circus has become. And being a self absorbed narcicisst….loving all the publicity.
    What is the estimated cost of a modern US election for a new President? Three years of slow, grinding, battles against dozens of potential candidates whittled down to the final two? One Billion dollars($1,000,000,000.00) spent by the two parties in advertising, planes, hotels, parties, meetings, offices, staff, meals, posters, pins, decals.
    And with all those campaign contributions come a hell of a lot of favours owed. Hence the unbelievable mistrust of Hillary Clinton and the unknown baggage she carries and favours she owes
    To the Republican “establishments’ horror. Trump’s appeal seems to be BECAUSE he’s not part of their inner circle. And for the most part didnt need their money and all the requirements and debts that went with it..
    To be honest, I think a person like him could eventually lead the Democrats
    A self absorbed buffoon who bulllies, lies, brags, and essntially runs amok like a boorish, drunken rich kid at a strip club.
    Trump has set the tone and lowered the bar for all future elections.
    I’m actually enjoying the farcical show its turned out to be.
    The most entertaining election in 40 years.


    • The propaganda against Hilary Clinton has been relentless. The old adage that the buck stops at the top but under the Republicans it isn’t stopping at the top. Eleven hours of interegation before Congress about Benghazi led to the comment, “What difference does it Make?” This comment still hangs in the air. FBI investigations have found nothing criminal. Nothing criminal ever. The party of social programmes does not deserve to be pounded into the ground. The Republicans love the benefits provided and not one of them returns the government cheques with a note saying, “No pension for me, please for the love of God let me be homeless!”


      • So, get this…NBC (the TV network) had the tape and didn’t run it (they had it from 2005). NBC also gave Trump ‘carte blanche’ to have camera attention any time he wanted it and, weirdly, NBC is NOT covering the debate tonight. They are doing the ‘GIANTS’ football game instead.
        Trump is the first to say the media are rotten, biased and sensationalist. And they are. And people KNOW that. But he said that while having NBC in his pocket..??!! FOX was giving him white-glove treatment, too. So this guy gets coddled by the media and, in fact, supported by them and yet he complains about them to get empathy from his supporters. Disingenuous? Yes – for him. But for the NBC………it’s much worse. They were ‘enabling’ his behaviour, they were NOT doing even basic journalism 101 and they are now running for cover. The stink goes on and on and on.


        • Paula Jones was put on a stage tonight before the round table debate had started and made her charge with Trump looking on, that she had made twenty years ago against Bill Clinton. The Republican Party will be taken down by Trump’s stagecraft. The horse is dead, please stop kicking it.


    • I agree. It is entertaining but, sadly, at a low, coarse and scandalous level that has undertones of threat and chaos attached. Trump IS funny, c’mon! Alec Baldwin does NOT have to work hard doing his take-offs of Trump…Tina Fey could do it! The guy is a clown in every way. But just as Slim Pickins jumped on the bomb when dropping it on Hiroshima (Dr. Strangelove) to show American Gung-ho-ness, a moment of mad fun in the Enola Gay was NOT the main issue. And Trump Lunacy, while entertaining, is NOT the main issue.
      It is clearly the best election for ‘interest generation’ and it is OUTRAGEOUS, really, but it is also flirting with a lot of potential for disaster.
      Mind you, I have a good seat to watch such an epic tragedy play out……


      • I’m taping tonights debate. I have a dinner engagement and the house Im going to are definitely not political junkies.
        Beer and popcorn for later……….


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