Something’s up.  Over the last six weeks – as I read various news sources – I have read that tensions between Russia and the US are escalating and then the news thread kind of disappears.  Kim Kardashian appears every day.  Donald Trump appears anew hourly.  And, of course, I can read about Pit Bulls in Montreal and the latest boy-offends-girl news all the live-long-day.

But the Russia story line is interrupted.  One lone report…then a week of nothing….then another…..

Both Sal and I got curious enough to search wider afield and, even with that, we are finding it difficult to get much information.  It’s there.  But it is NOT easy to find.

Today, some Russian diplomat stated that tensions were the worst they have been in decades.  It is no longer a cold war revisited, it is imminent real war complete with nuclear missiles.  Seems we are at Defcon something………….

Russian missiles have been relocated to Poland.  All Russian VIPs have been recalled to the ‘Fatherland’.  The UK and the US have frozen Russian accounts.

And the report I just mentioned that appeared on my news feed just ten minutes ago, is no longer there.  Can’t find it.  It’s off the net.  Gone.

I was not so perturbed when the first story was published (that I noticed) maybe two months ago…maybe three…………but, as the stories kept coming, I noticed.  Then I noticed that they were also always interrupted as if, somehow, it was published in error or else the story line was no longer current.

But then it would pop up again but worse than previously.

Now this.  When a story is ‘up’ for only minutes and then you cannot find it again, something is up.

11 thoughts on “Conspiracy?

  1. Hard to say.
    I know that there have been stories that the govt supported Rooskis have been spending a lot of time trolling the net looking for anti Putin or anti Russia stories and then they’ve been “bombing” them with fake comments either supporting Russia or attacking the person who wrote the article……
    But I’m pretty damn sure that Russia isnt the only country doing that! Maybe they’re just better at it than most?
    As for articles disappearing?
    Weird. I thought the internet was like the Hell’s Angels a la “Once in never out”.
    Perhaps the FSB has taken over your OTG website for nefarious reasons? They’re gonna collapse civilization as we know it and the only people safe will be the Russians in bunkers and OTG curmudgeons esconced in Cascadian versions of Gilligans Island? Can I be ‘Little buddy”?
    (I’m sure the cryptographers at FSB Headquarters in Mockba vodka shooters have hit the ceiling and they are ringing the bell right now!!!!).

    All ya need to know is Putin is rich, corrupt and would do anything short of starting a war with the US to keep it that way.
    Personally, I’d put my money on China and the South China Sea skirmishes being a far more bet-able proposition for war with the US.


    • The other coincidental weird thing?
      I’m currently reading Mikhail Gorbachev’s latest book.
      The New Russia.
      Very well written but surprisingly depressing for his candid outlook on past and present events.
      The man is a true hero and his own country loathes him.
      Sad but in this day and age…..what politician is actually respected?


    • Years ago (before internet was really up and going) there was a news broadcast (TV) about the Russians messin’ with the Jet Stream. It was clear, concise, had diagrams and was scary. Saw it on the 6:00 news. Sal and I could hardly wait for the late news. “That was a war-causing act!” We thought that, anyway. Came late news: nothing. Nada. Checked for the next few days and never another word. I think – sometimes some reporter gets a story and runs with it at the local, even national level and then they ‘get a call’.
      Sounds conspiratorial but they would say ‘National Security’. Often the same thing, I think.


      • I’ll go on twitter for our crowd and see if there are any links, msm said a few days ago that 40 million Russian civies were doing survival drills ala nuclear, bio, etc attack scenario ,


        • It wouldnt be the first time Putin has used fear and the “Us vs Them” mantra to increase his popularity.
          He’s robbed that country blind ( his estimated worth $7 billion) . Any popular opposition leaders are either murdered or imprisoned and yet he’s still the most popular leader in its sordid history of leadership.
          Eventually the population will realize what he’s done and his head will be on a pike outside the walls of the Kremlin.
          But he can cause a lot of damage before then.


  2. Conspiracy theories are a form of ironic mask. The pot calling the kettle black. Of course the official public faces of nations resembles not their private faces or motives. Russia without a doubt has unstated goals and motivations on the world stage. During the Cold War, Russia persuded it goals and America persuded its goals and since it was part of a Cold War, the West saw it as business as usual. The West in a propagand blitz declared victory in the Cold War and declared the fall of the USSR. Russia did not surrender and is currently stepping up its antagonism of the West. Russia fought a brutal war against Islamists in Chechnya and the potential of radical terrorism on Russian soil still exists. The Russians have good reason to fear Daich. Currently Chechnuans are fighting in Syria side by side with Isis. Will the Russians go to war with the West? Why? Does Russia intend to fight radical Islam? Yes! Is there wide spread censorship according to Wikileaks there is. Web censorship exists in many countries Iran, People’s Republic, and perhaps in America.


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