And Sal said, “Let there be light……in a greenhouse”…and so it was….and it was good.


We started this little greenhouse almost two years ago.  It was pretty slow-going. Founded on bad reasons, it never got the right, healthy start that all new life needs. It was partly an interest thing. It was partly a timing thing.  It was entirely an us thing.


Our greenhouse building years were waning.  Sally’s construction life had shifted to quilts. The window on two-by-projects was closing.  But, to me it was now or never. Sal chose never. I chose now.  So, the little greenhouse was conceived half unwanted. Unloved by Sal, it lacked nourishment, support and attention. So did I. The quilts thrived and multiplied.  We are infested with quilts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANature can be cruel.

It seemed as if the little greenhouse might not ever make it.  It was sad; one of life’s little tragedies…the little greenhouse-never-meant-to-be withering in the rain partially finished….it’s little bones exposed to the wind………….


TOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhen I got Shingles, Sal started up quilting like John Henry took up steel-drivin’ and the waif that was our greenhouse-to-be was simply left to die.


Sal is not the type to let that happen………….so she was talking openly about pulling “that crap’ down. It’s an eyesore!”    I am pretty sure if Sal’s horse broke it’s leg, she’d have shot it before it hit the ground.  I shudder to think what my fate would be if I even limped around for a long time.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And then, something snapped.  An inner light shone.  It was almost a spiritual awakening. All of a sudden Sal wanted the little greenhouse to live.  Presumably, she wanted me to, as well. Both of us got some much overdue attention.  I began to flourish again.  Rosy cheeks and all.



And the greenhouse breathed new life…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd so, it is with great pride and a newfound love of glass houses that we introduce ‘greenhouse’ into our family.  Doors to be attached at a later date….






16 thoughts on “And Sal said, “Let there be light……in a greenhouse”…and so it was….and it was good.

  1. What a sweet little post. That picture of the bent conifer branch doing a three-sixty, jaw dropping. How did that happen? It is good to live somewhere that things are a bit twisted. Your next job is calling you. Fill the greenhouse with plants.


    • My next job is calling to Sal to fill it with plants. I still have to build the doors (mostly done) and some other minor items (plumbing that sink, wiring, a step or two…maybe another shelf under the main one….)
      But I had to publish. My son was implying that we were getting early onset and that it was a fantasy greenhouse that didn’t really exist.
      That twisted sister conifer was and is (I think) a root from another tree that somehow found a place to dig in and then launched itself anew….complete with second thoughts thus creating the natural whoop-de-doo. Couldn’t take it down, now could we? So we have a tree in front of our greenhouse which kind of defeats the whole purpose…..


  2. I’m so jealous. I just bought clear plastic trash bags to put over my pots of lettuce, arugula and corn salad. If I could only think of a way to float a greenhouse in our quickly filling water lot, I might do it. – Margy


    • Wow! Envy! Our first crop of green. We should quit while we are ahead. Sal’s into it…reading greenhouse books and everything. I love it when a plan comes together…..there are fruits and veggies looming in my future.


  3. I love your new greenhouse! I’m sure you won’t regret all the hard work when you’re munching on fresh greens soon. How about a lemon tree for a corner – for your gin and tonic?


    • The lemon tree for G&T is already planned. AND it is planned for the corner – just as you suggested. Special planter box and everything. Great minds and alcoholics think alike.


  4. Sweet! I’ve got one planned for next year but don’t know if my Sal is up to it. Anyway, we’ve got all winter to ponder the fruits of your labour. Any plans to install cauliflower?


    • Absolutely. Now that marijuana is legal, we are going to traffic heavily in cauliflower. We know how much that stuff goes for!
      Now………..if we just had a really good recipe……..?


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