No, not a zombie apocalypse….

….but an apocalypse nevertheless.

We have all joked for years about the ‘coming zombie apocalypse’ not really believing in zombies but still feeling a frightening and palpable foreshadowing of impending apocalypse.  We were right.

That feeling – for millions of people – was multiplied exponentially last night. President Trump TOGETHER with a Republican Congress is a colossal disaster of near biblical proportions impatient to happen on anything and anybody they don’t like.  Today, the bullies and the bigots, the ignorant and cruel, the mean and ugly have won the right to impose their will on the rest of us, regardless of where you live.

“….won the right to impose their will?  On the rest of us?”

Yes.  Because we all use the US dollar still as the ‘monetary metric’ for the world’s economy and because the US has already used that power to influence and intimidate the world for decades.  That tool, together with the still mightiest armed force in the world is now at the disposal (appropriate word) of an unchecked president patently ignorant, bigoted and a petulant vicious bully.  Congress was the check and balance to that kind of person but it, too, went Republican.  And, to a degree, all Republicans (except a precious few) are that kind of person.

They worship at the feet of power and money.  Evangelically!

Remember: “America First” is not the rallying cry of the golden rule to do unto others as you would have done unto you.  America First means, “To Hell with the rest of you!”

The ‘bully-boy’, shoot-first-don’t-bother-asking-questions mentality of the cops in Ferguson Missouri has been promoted to the White House.  And the white-washing police departments country wide are now in the Congress.

What you gonna do, bad boy, bad boy, when they come for you?

In that sad analogy, the bad-boys run.  They run panicked left, right and into the dark.  The ones that don’t run, get shot.

Expect an exodus of democrats from the US.  Where to?  To anywhere but there.  I am not sure Canada is far away enough for many of them but we’ll get some people fleeing the nightmare.  If it was me, I would go to New Zealand…as far away as I could go.  In fact, the thought has already crossed my mind.  Middle-class Americans, poor Americans and everyone other than the 1% are all in for a rough, ugly ride.

I’ll tell you one thing:  Justin Trudeau better grow up fast.


Rarely does a politician say anything that moves me to anything but more anger, fear and loathing.  I don’t ‘hate ’em all’ but I dislike the majority and I believe power corrupts.  But enough about me…this is about Obama.

He spoke after Clinton’s concession speech and I had been too bummed out to listen but I just did.  And he took the high road.  He stood tall.  He said the right things.  He sounded sane and logical and fair and reasonable and, most of all, he was not as bummed out as I was.  I found some solace in what he said.  A lot, actually.

The world is in more danger, no question, but it has not happened yet.  The wheel is in the hands of the maniacal but they are still maniacally patriotic (which I interpret as still survival oriented).  “The sun will still rise in the morning”.

His speech, though not enough to settle my nerves, was enough to get me out of my despondency and go cut and plane door frames for the greenhouse.  Pricing flights to New Zealand is temporarily on hold.

If you haven’t listened to grace and eloquence under the weight of defeat, if you haven’t actually seen anything ‘presidential’ these past 16 months in anyone, you owe it to yourself to listen to probably the best president the modern United States ever had.       


26 thoughts on “No, not a zombie apocalypse….

  1. I kinda thought you’d be on top of this. Do you see a big influx of OTGers? Guess we’ll just have to hunker down and tough it out. Look on the bright side – it can only get better.


    • Sadly, JA, I think it can only get worse. For at least four more years.
      I see an influx of immigrants but not necessarily OTG’ers. The fearful will run to Mom or a ‘friend’ in Canada or somewhere. Those not so fearful may move OTG but most likely stay within the USA.
      But I know bullies. I know a lot of bullies (bad neighbourhoods all my young life). And you have to stand up to them. Having said that, bullies don’t cower when you stand up to them, they beat you up. The only reason to stand up is that they will beat you up anyway. One way or another, a bully will intimidate and do harm. It is what they do. And Trump is a bully. Republicans are inclined that way and ignorant bigots are defined by bullying. Worse, the USA has the military might to lay it on even thicker than they have in the past. Trump bullied women, workers, competitors, Muslims, grieving parents, infants, students, browns and blacks, Hispanics and even his own inner cadre (Chris Christie). He is a pig.
      Now he is an even bigger pig.
      How can it get better?


  2. Canada is divided perhaps not 51 to 49 as the USA appears to be but Canada needs to keep its eye on the future horizon. About 32% of Canadians feel taxed to death and would if they could take a tax free holiday. Free MSP premiums, no tolls, free ferries no costs except food, housing and personal expenses. No entitlements, only Canadian values, and the great harmonization of pluralistic values. No, no you are thinking, not in Canada! We had the party of no for a while, but now we have four years to watch how the nay sayers carry out the great white wash south of the line as they begin turning back of the clock to make “America great again!”


    • I think the numbers were pretty close to 50.1 vs 49.9 likely in Clinton’s favour (they expect that she will get the popular vote). But the electoral college weighs in differently. Canada is more divided. We have three gangs of ‘colours’…orange, red and blue with a hint of green on the edges.
      I think Canadians feel taxed too much because of mis-spending rather than percentages. Well, housing is too expensive. And gasoline, too. So you may be right. But Trump is threatening massive tax cuts to a country already borrowed to the hilt. I don’t think it is taxes the ‘Mericans hate so much as the ‘elite’ 1% – ers. The dissonance is that they somehow think that free enterprise and capitalism is their answer. It hasn’t been for decades. Less taxes will just mean even MORE in the pockets of the rich. But they can learn that themselves. They certainly do have a lot of learning they are short on.


  3. Too sweet. Tried to tell you what was happening. But, as I said then, you will find he will be a truly great president, especially after the hideous past 8 (more like 24) years of “same-ole-same-ole.” The rising tide will lift all boats, even the Canuck ones stuck on the liberal sandbar.

    RIGHT John.


    • Dear John;
      The lack of hubris is the stock and trade of the narcissistic. We had in Canada the kindred spirits of the Republicans and they ran our economy into the ground. Trump is a lifelong liberal. He will need more than luck to break the current grid lock in Washington. John, he might break your heart along with various treaties, alliances and imperil the world as America turns isolationist. I am thinking that you will disagree so be in denial.


    • Well, John, you proved once again that ‘being there’ counts for a lot. I stand corrected. You predicted it. I didn’t think he could do it and, quite frankly, I have not changed my opinion. I just can’t imagine a person like that doing good works.
      But, to be fair, like our own Mr. Silly-pants, Just-in, you have to at least give him time and see how it turns out. If he ‘makes America GGGGGRRREAT again and our boats get lifted rather than sunk, I will be the first to admit it. Truth is truth. And, as Shakespeare said, “It will out.”


      • The Conservatives hate the liberals because they are doing something. Too bad Justin is not your cup of tea but I’m not sure how Canadians arrive at respectful expressions of differences of opinion by name calling. Recently Ambrose said the Liberals have not created a single solitary job since they were elected. May 26th, 2016 Rona Ambrose said, ““And, of course, and of course, we’re so proud that we’re the party of the first female — you’d think Justin Trudeau was this, but no..” Calling Trudeau in effect a woman. Personal jibes and insults will not raise the much needed level of political discourse in these obviously challenging times that Canada will faces now.


        • Well, it is true that Justin is not my cup of tea but I expressed my opinion and then said, “I’ll give him a chance with an open mind.”. Then, later gave him credit in all the right (by my reckoning) places. It was only when he reneged on electoral reform (a promise made and NOW being studied and polled) that I went back to being critical. To me, that’s fair. As for Ambrose…she has nothing….and it shows…..
          Trudeau must keep his promises and he has juggled a few balls and looks to be dropping some. The really low dollar is good for the country. We are treading water. So, he is weathering a few storms but most is circumstance, not planning and management.


          • You will be getting a form asking for your opinion on electrol reform. Every home in Canada will be contacted. As it stands NDP favours reform, conservatives fear reform but the Liberal are still trying to find a consensus. PEL recently went through a similar process and a narrow majority wanted proportional representation so the jury is out in PEI because proportional representation is not favoured by PEI’s premier. Electrol reform will be very difficult and may become a poison pill.


          • I know about the form but even that violates the promise that the last election would be last use of first past the post. Keep that or your legacy will sink.


  4. As I watched the election unfold last night I came to the dreadful realization that Trump was going to win.
    My only solace is that a President isnt as “powerful” as one might expect and he will only get laws or Bills passed with the co operation of the Republican Party.
    A Party that is very similar to the Democratic Party in that it doesnt owe its allegiance to the “people” ….
    Its gonna be partisan payback time and whether “The Donald” likes it or not….there’s gonna be 8 years of Obama rule to “catch-up” in lobbyist awarded contracts.
    His Presidency reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s.
    Everyone was horrified when he was first elected because he was such an obvious intellectual lightweight with rhetoric that curldled the blood, but….he wisely handed the reigns over to his staff and stood up on the podium and read his lines…..and the economy actually grew( as did the debt but thats another story).
    Clinton had way way too much baggage, intelligent, elitist, horrible speaking skills, on and on and on and if a special prosecutor actually gets to dig into her Charity contribution financials and her Foreign Affairs Dept. “favourable” decisions for contributors…..Oooooooo Baby……can you say “Nixon?

    I dont think Trump will be “armageddon” but he will be a painful embarassment to watch and listen to.
    Lets see how long it takes him to realize that even he, as President, cant change a system that has corrupted his own Party with endless billions of dollars.
    Its rotten to the core and his election is the proof that the voters will do the only thing left to them to buck the status quo which is……on election day…………….
    toss the bums out.


      • Americans are dumber than the dirt they stand on but they are NOT passive sheep. They howl and squeal when they do not get their Walmart/NFL/Kardashian slop! Canadians, however, mewl and whimper, drink beer and think about moving. Quietly. And that’s it! We actually do nothing. WE are the sheep. Clark will continue to have her way with us….us and our province’s resources. (Pssssst…….I hear via the grapevine that Horgan doesn’t even exist).


        • I’m beginning to thing that your right about Horgan. He may just be a cardboard cutout…..but then again I may be wrong….even cardboard makes noise when its being recycled.


          • I think we have to hold the OPPOSITION accountable, too. They get paid for no REAL work….they should, at the very least, make some noise!!!


    • No question: a protest vote from the hoi poloi. Half the ‘Merican masses are revolting in every way. The problem tho, is that change they voted for can be for the worse. The American public leapt from the frying pan and into what?


      • I’m not too concerned. Trump may be a boorish lout but he isnt a total idiot.
        He’ll kowtow to the powers that be and his advisors. The job is way way way too complicated for one man(or woman) to rule with an iron fist……and dont forget….even if he doesnt want to run again in four years….a lot of his staff will want to still be around.

        I’m more concerned with the first official White House state dinner when Melania Trump says, “Vellcome to dee Vite House everyvon!”
        I’m sure Joseph McCarthy will be spinning in his grave …… 🙂


          • NOW yer talking! But I’m just wondering if , with Trumps proclivity for divorce and remarriage were may be witness to a first for the White House….two “first ladies” in one term!



  5. Well if the liberals use their majority to bring a form of electoral change that most Canadians do not support just keep a promise will the heavy hand of a majority lead to a backlash? Why fall into that trap? Bush promised not to do nation building. How did that unfold?


    • Good point. But pretty much everyone thinks the FPTPost system sucks. And even J-i Trudeau said the same thing. No one liked the Cons winning control of the govt with something like 35% of the votes. So, Justin and the gang of Libs are safe making THAT better. And they should. Backlash or not. FPTP is a bad system. The reform I would go for would get HUGE backlash because I would start by outlawing parties and outlawing private contributions to campaigns. All votes are free votes. Of course there would be alliances over initiatives as MPs took to agreeing or disagreeing but they would do that on their own without the whip or the party making them.
      Fat chance.


      • I like proportional representation. Not a fan of the ranked ballot. BC once had a ranked ballot and we got Wacky Bennett and the Socreds. We got asphalt politics and the railway to no where.


        • I like it, too. But I really believe that some form of ‘party cleansing’ and getting rid of group-think is required. Why the hell should the taxpayer pay the exorbitant costs of MPs and senators who actually do nothing but vote as they are told to? Makes no sense. And opposition MPs? Seriously? HOW can they do? They do even less than nothing…they just suck the teat. So…………? Get rid of parties and make the opposition work on every initiative…


          • Yep.
            I think any govt should still debate big budget items( bridges, dams, hospitals, whatever) and then put it ot a referendum.
            let the fricking taxpayers decide if they’re going to be on the hook for big budget items for the next 10, 25 (or in the case of the Site C Dam) 100 years……

            But its the “little” crap like fish farms or logging that have long term , cumulative, detrimental effects to the land and sea but dont really cost the taxpayers until its too late…..and then industry moves on to the next obliging govt with its hand out for its election war chest.

            Abolish the Senate. Abolish party Whips, If a party is elected for 4 years they stay full term BUT they must allow free votes on everything.
            The ramming through of unpopular, unwanted, unprofitable mega projects that a Premier can cut a ribbon at are a legacy of a bygone era…..circa 1950


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