The stuff of fiction…I hope

A few months ago, Sal suggested writing a fiction novel about an older Canadian couple down in the southern US on a snowbird vacation.  The story line would revolve around what happens to them when Donald Trump takes over the presidency.  The ‘third act’ of the novel would be a cheap B action-filled escape to the Canadian border with militiamen, bigots and ordinary-but-fearful-and-armed Americans at every turn.

I dismissed it.  “Sal… can’t work.  First, you have to have Trump win and that doesn’t seem likely.  And then you have to have old, fat white people the target of old, fat white bigots…such a couple would likely get a pass from the all-but-insane of the camo-wearing hate-mongers.  Too crazy to work.”

We’re scheduled to go to Phoenix for a getaway in January- just before the Donald takes office.  We’ll be there when he does.

I am having second thoughts.

Seems hate crimes are up by 67% since Trump won.  To be fair, most of them are against Muslim women and amount to hijab-snatching and insults but more than just a few include people of colour attacking old, fat white people.  In the first instance, I am assuming the Muslim women were innocent and said nothing to provoke the snatch and dis attack but, in the second, there may have been some provocation from the white guy.  Or not.  I suppose, it is entirely possible that some poor old white guy encountered some mean Bloods, Crips or even Muslims.

But, the point is: hate crimes are up already.

And, it seems, a lot of loud-mouthed bigots are giving voice to their joy over Trump’s victory.  That’s provocative.  Even Robert DeNiro wanted to punch Trump. I can’t imagine what a testosterone driven, young Mexican who just wet-backed across the border to work cheap for rich people must feel like.

Summary: bad feelings abound.

So, here’s the scene: old, white, Canadian, vacationing couple decide to drive a few hundred miles to visit another city.  It’s not late but it’s late dusk as they crest a small hill nearing their destination. Five hundred yards ahead is a cluster of cars and pick-up trucks.  A group of ten or so men in camouflage are standing around.  A few guns are visible.  The couple stops their vehicle a few hundred yards short of the ominous scene.  Reports of volunteer border militia come to mind.

But….everyone in this scene is white.

Do they continue on, confident in their white-ness?  Or do they think that ‘being Canadian’ might be as bad as ‘being black’ or Muslim or Mexican?  Do they consider that it might NOT be an illegal border patrol but simply a band of highway robbers?  Do they take the chance?

In my imagined scene, the old guy decides that discretion is the better part of valor and executes a quick u-turn and puts his foot down heading back to where they came from.

But there’s a problem.

The cluster of road-blocking vigilantes anticipated this and had three or more vehicles parked back in that direction.  They were in the shadows as the old couple passed a minute or so ago.  And they are now blocking the return route.  As the old guy’s truck hits close to a hundred miles per hour, he sees the trucks parked across the road up ahead and decides, on impulse, that hitting the desert (he has a 4×4) is the better route.  He slows, picks his spot and then veers off the road and heads out into the darkening wasteland hopeful that the nut-bars don’t follow.

Problem #2 is that, after traveling for a few hours to get to that nasty roadside attraction, his truck’s fuel level is relatively low.  There is not enough gas to get back especially doing it cross country.

Plus, it is now almost dark and he has no idea where he is.  Not really.

In his rear view mirror, he sees a set of lights coming.  It seems that one of the bad guys is willing to give chase.

……………and so………….it begins.


12 thoughts on “The stuff of fiction…I hope

  1. The various scenarios are all plausible with Trump in the picture, you just can not make this stuff up. It seems this phenomenon has a name they call it post-truth. William Blake, a social radical said possibly ironically, perhaps sarcastically that, “The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.” Is your plot line positing the rise of the raging know nothings?


  2. Well, it is the plot line as posed by Sal….she being a hater of cheap B action thrillers most of the time. But I am having an influence on her it seems, and DT just tipped her over the edge. She’s takin’ Sig Sauers, Ka-bars and RPGs now.
    The rising of the know-nothings is NOT news. The hoi poloi are dumber than dirt and always have been (see and hear Rep B. Kaufmann interview with Carol Off). ‘Specially in the states…..those poor dofuses are fed NASCAR, racism and drugs before breakfast – stupidity and ignorance all the live-long day. And Walmart sells camo and guns! Kardashian and Paris Hilton are celebrities. Dwayne, ‘the Rock’, is thinking of running for the presidency and everyone is packin’ heat. How free and brave are y’all when everyone on the bus is armed and angry? No…the rise of the know-nothings has already happened BIG time with DT now at the helm and his retinue of cretins.
    BIG DUMB is in. You can tell by the hats.
    The REAL issue at stake is more about the good, smart and kind ‘Mericans………….do they allow the zombie apocalypse and live with it? Do they fight it and incite an open civil war (which has been going on coldly for some time) or do they run for the hills?
    That question might be the real plot line.


  3. Let me clarify! Yes, the know nothings were a known demographic that had low voter turn in the past. Last election 500,000 more KN voted in rural America. More are in wings. Hence the suggestion that they are rising.


    • Well…………..the KNs are rising in numbers simply because the education and the MSM are so lacking in information about anything that requires hard, investigative journalism or real reading and learning. So, yes, idiocy is on the rise and it is on the rise everywhere, it seems. NeoNazis, skinheads, soccer louts, drug addled and the genuinely stupid. The dumb-pool floodeth over.
      But are they becoming more powerful as well as more numerous? I’d have to say YES. Fox News, Breitbart News, Limbaugh, Bannon, Gingrich…the list seems to grow and the list is now much more influential.
      And, just to throw a spanner in the works…..they are idiots but they are reacting at a visceral level – obviously NOT at a thinking one. And that reaction is to SOME real stuff. The system needs changing. Their resulting move is still stupider than hell but, face it, the ‘old way’ was not workin’ for ’em.


  4. Well.
    I was thinking that being a white Canuck in the US is probably the best way to travel.
    You didnt vote in the election.
    You arent an illegal alien from South of the US border.
    You speak english withoot an accent.
    You’re retired so yer not stealin an ‘mericans job.
    You have money to bribe your way out.
    And last but not least.
    In a battle of wits, you’ll be fighting unarmed men.


    • In such a battle, the witless use guns. The witless-without-a-hope don’t have one. I don’t have that much money…only enough for one ransom (what’s Sal gonna do?)….most of the dumbtrumps are unemployed anyway………I am a pompous, righteous, pale and polite bastard from the north with a holier-than-thou attitude and stupid enough to speak up…….and I tend to pick up accents within hours of being in a place, y’all….
      …………damn………..I am a walking target!
      Well, a driving target….I will have a truck and a golf cart….


    • I’d say, “bring ammo”, but my guess is there will be plenty at the corner convenience store. You might have to go the mall for RPGs but they’re probably cheaper at Costco….


  5. You’re not taking the Li’l Turquoise truck are you? It doesn’t have 4 wheel drive anyway. Sounds like a great trip though, especially if you can make it through to Ecuador.


    • Nah…not this time. THIS time it is just Arizona and we are flying. I hate that but…..well, we are. The Ecuador/Argentina/Chile adventure is contemplated for winter 2018.
      “Who plans that far ahead?!”
      Not us. Not really. But we are planning to go sometime and we have 2017 booked….so….ya see what I am sayin’….
      Li’l Turquoise Truck (L’TT) will not be going far. It’s here. It’s got a limited range and an even more limited lifespan. I suspect it has maybe two/three thousand kms left in it…..(the driveline is good, tho)…..but, you see, two thousand klicks is ten years on this island, maybe a lifetime (much the same thing as I get older).


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