Am I nuts? No, seriously?

Logs on ropes next issue – probably.  But I have to indulge in politics once in awhile. Sorry.  This really should be about Christy and John sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! But we’ll get to that……….

Edward Snowden says the electronic voting booths were easily hacked and demonstrated that claim (allegedly) to the media with a $30.00 ‘card’ I guess he made or bought off the dark web.  “No biggy!”

Bear in mind, now, that Mr. Snowden is currently residing in Russia.  If he can do it from Russia, Ivan and Mikhail can, too.

And consider the latest amazing US election results that proved every modern poll wrong. Every political analyst was wrong, too.  In fact, everyone was WRONG except for Trump who said, “If Clinton wins, the system is rigged!”  That was a statement that, at the time, made me wonder how he could be so sure………unless, HE had the ‘fix’ already in the system.

So, am I nuts?  Paranoid?  Beyond cynical and now into conspiracy? Is the credibility of the US election not 100% discredited simply by Snowden’s card trick?

And yet no one is saying that out loud……………..well, Jill Stein is playing stooge-up-front for Hillary on a few recounts but the accusation is NOT being made….jus’ sayin’.  

When Bush stole the 2000 election from Gore, there were a lot of questions (the Republican biased Supreme Court ruled against a recount, Jeb Bush ran the state that determined the win and he had the counting overseen with the help of GW’s election campaign manager)….the appearance of justice and fairness was clearly wanting even if the results would have been the same.

And it is unlike the US to ‘avoid meddling’ in free elections.  They have a CIA history of doing just that all over the world.

Now – for the record and to help in this, my mental health diagnosis – let me add to my own lack of credibility: I do not believe one single word of the official explanation of 9/11.  Call me doubting.  Or nuts.  But two paper-thin airplanes cannot bring down two giant towers in a perfectly choreographed demolition.  Impossible. Beyond impossible.  It’s a fantasy.  It’s a lie.

So, what happened?  And why did Building 7 just decide to fall down in yet another perfectly controlled way?  It was not even hit!?  So, there is an obvious really BIG lie that just sat there OBVIOUS on the ground for a remarkably short time, I am sure.

But I digress.  The question is: am I nuts?  I KNOW I am not nuts for seeing what I see.  I KNOW I am not nuts for thinking what I think.  But am I nuts to say it out loud?  Maybe.  But there are, it seems, plenty of other much more credible nut-bars like me on those same two topics and many more.  I used to call them all conspiracy nuts.

Now?  Well, conspiracy theorists is easier to say……

Put in simpler terms: I do not know of one person (USA or Canada or Europe) that wanted Trump to win.  Maybe Eastern Seaboard ‘John’ (nice guy – different views). But that leaves hundreds of friends and contacts who were NOT on Trump’s side – admittedly not all of them registered to vote – but still…………… does a guy internationally and domestically so disliked, pull that off?

Honestly? Democratically?  I just don’t think so………….it isn’t passing the smell test for me. 


27 thoughts on “Am I nuts? No, seriously?

  1. Not nuts! Not even close. You are not supposed to notice the sleight of hands, the bait and switches , the ironic misdirections or attend to purile debates full of dog whistles. Pundits appear on TV, some foaming at the mouth about various tropes such as “pay for play” fund raising or dealing with commies or talking to dictators or loving Fidel too much. Non-issues all including voter fraud in the USA election. Three issues worth considering are how to create a Canadian society that is fair, equitable and reasonable. Let’s create a Canada that inspires.


    • Well, if I am NOT nuts (and so far, the feedback is 50/50) then why would I want to inspire others to come to a Canadian utopia? I have no problem with them coming – none – but fair, equitable and reasonable is simply NOT on the table. Not here. Not anywhere…………especially for them……except maybe some rat-hole 4th world country no corporation wants on their books. Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia. Those people are equally poor, usually willing to share (equitable) and fair in an eye-for-an-eye kinda way.
      I think I will officially ‘go’ with Aaron. I am nuts.


      • Some things are worth the effort. A society that aspires to more than rooting out barbaric cultural practises and establishing a snitch line to fink on folks living out of the mainstream or whistling about defects of the ‘other.’ You are not nuts and you are not xenophobic. So drop the ironic mask.


        • I am NOT in the least xenophobic. I welcome different cultures. But I could not in good faith suggest that they would be better off here. Would I refer an immigrant to Ferguson, Missouri? No. I have been to many ‘poor’ countries and the people did not have matching S/S appliances or BMWs but they seemed to have more fun. They were definitely more sociable and none were as fat as me. Poverty is hunger and they were NOT hungry. Just poor. Big difference.


          • How much impact will a nation turning up its own isolationist anus have on Canada? Not enough to keep migrants away. Many jobs go unfilled in Canada now and folks currently earning one hundred a month are dying to get here. Recently reported in the news the prairies are currently short 60,000 farm labourers. Canada needs labourer. Some one escaping Isis in Syria is not shaken by gun fire in Furguson.


          • I agree. Refugees, to be sure. But there is also a reason millions of Brit/American/Canadians are ex-pats. The biggest reason, of course, is that it is cheaper to live in Panama or Costa Rica or Thailand but it is also because those are nice places. Canada is my home and I am happy here…but NOT all of Canada…just my part. I’ve been north of 60 and once was enough! I wouldn’t want to suggest to some poor doofus that he/she pick fruit and shovel snow on the Canadian prairies. Or make dilbit in the tarsands. They may like it. But it is pretty harsh going in Canada sometimes and especially so for hot-climate folks. But refugees…………I would suggest Canada, too.


  2. While we’re on the subject of conspiracy theory (I share your scepticism over coordinated building fall-downs) I would like to know if they ever caught the person who actually shot JFK and if he’s still doing time. THEN we can figger out who shot JR. (Ewing, for you younger folk)


    • on 911 check out the amazon title,” the big bamboozle” the author and his kids and dog died violently in a gated California zip code just before a supposed second book was to come out.
      Just read the reviews going back a few months. And if you are really interested get a kindle copy for 8 bucks, and at at a later date we can meet in Victoria or wherever and compare. The book was impossible to get for years so I wonder if the kindle copy is sanitized.
      A parallel to the Michael Hastings nsa snuff job just as he was to put out a snowden story on “rolling Stone’
      Comments anyone,,?? or maybe not.


      • There really should NOT be too many more comments. Freedom of speech is still allowed but there ARE repercussions. No one needs that in their life. A huge portion of the US budget goes to ‘security’ and their definition of that recognizes no boundaries or, since GW, any laws. I fall in the water enough. Waterboarding would be doubly irritating to me. Let them lie, cheat and kill… is all karma.
        In the meantime consider getting out. Go far. Stay low. Keep your powder and toilet paper dry.


          • Bullets , beans, bullion and bumwad are all you really need to “survive” eh fellas?



          • I remember hearing the advice of a ‘Merican gun-nut: “Y’all don’t need to prepare nut’in ‘cept your arsenal. That’ll handle all your needs. I jus’ see preppers as places to shop.”


      • The need to know is ubiquitous in the land of social media. Not sure that knowing some of this spycraft does much except gin up distrust and paranoia. Some strange events have been reported in the press, the man stabbed with a poisoned tipped umbrella and later died. As for 911, and the twin towers, speculation is rife with conspirities. Hypothetically an intense fire might cause steel beams to melt locally leading successive floors to pancake under the increasing weight of the falling floors above. I know wrong, wrong, and wrong. Tests show that in intense fires large wooden beams resist destruction long after steel beams have failed. Conspirists prefer the trope that Black Ops did it. For what purpose?


        • I would 911 all day long and some of it would speak to purpose but, as you say, to what purpose would be the discussion? Gonna sue? Suffice to say, the official explanation is not true. And no one cares to pursue it. Or are too afraid. I am both.
          And anyway, it is all part of the big lie and that is why I left.


          • We all know the bread and circuses line, but what follows on seems like a non sequitur to my way of thinking

            “It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being subject to half of the evils we anticipate than to remain in cowardly listlessness for fear of what might happen.”
            ― Herodotus, The Histories

            tags: courage, cowardice

            thankful to have some folks like snowden and assange SP? it seems like Putin is one of the very few who will and can stand up the US led military industrial complex

            and if you please ‘ is there a backstory on this new expression ‘conpirities’ ,?? ciao aldo


          • I confess to admiring Snowden and Assaunge, even Bradley/Chelsea Manning for ‘whistle blowing’. I am disinclined to want a culture built around them…something narcissistic and sick in that. But I like ANONYMOUS and Occupy, too. I think that contrarian views are deserving of an audience and, if they are not allowed to speak, then they have to blow a whistle. That does NOT mean I always agree with them but I appreciate hearing what they have to say.


  3. Well. This post certainly generated some conversation. No crickets in the bleachers this time.
    I will say this, though, about Trump. We had an old family friend visit us at our off grid palace this summer. He’s American. He’s a card carrying republican. He told us how he felt let down by the republicans. That they no longer represented him and had left him out in the cold. And yet, he was adamant that he would not vote for Clinton. She was the devil incarnate and a far worse choice than Trump. He acknowledged that Trump was perhaps unsuitable but firmly believed that his Vice President would make everything okay.
    I wonder what he’s thinking now?


    • I wonder, too. Socreds/Conservatives/Republicans have – for me – been the epitome of morbid ignorance (of history, facts, foreigners, climate, economics, etc.) forever but with a strong sense of right and wrong attached to that. These are the so-called moral majority who can lie and cheat in business, pollute the planet and even break the laws and still call it competition. I frankly do NOT get it. Having said that, the nicest guy I met in a long time was an old Texan, in-the-oil business who just loved that good ol’ boy, George W. He was generous, polite, considerate and respectful of my opinions. He was a genuinely nice guy – one to one. Reg’lar churchgoer, too. But, as a member of the NRA, he had an armory and would shoot first, ask questions to the corpse. So, I dunno… do you talk to someone who thinks all furreners want their stuff? Who don’t know a thing about their neighbour to the north? Who hate brown people? Who believe all the lies and crap they learned in high school but who, inherently, want to be good people…? It’s like fighting gravity.
      Sadly, their ignorance, tho clearly greater than mine, still puts us both in the ignorant category. They score F- but, with all the lies and propaganda, all the hidden agendas and all the corruption so rampant, is it possible for a thinking, non-assimilated, natural contrarian to get a better standing than a C-…? I know more about everything (save for making money) than my Texas friend but I clearly know nothing. No one in power ever calls me to cut me ‘in the loop’. Honestly? I may just be a harmless nut….. and he’s an armed one. Two peas in the same stupid pod.


  4. Too bad that bread and circuses isn’t just a line, a trope or a meme. There is a back story of persecution, racism, misogyny, public executions by wild animals and deadly spectacles too hideous to describe presided over by various emperors including Caligula. Romans went to the circus all day long the watch the death and mayhem. In our post fact world, post truth world it is so easy for people to believe Twitter and conspiracies because they fit their pre-existing attitudes or beliefs. Social amnesia.


    • I agree with all but the social media statement – you said: it is all too easy to believe Twitter and conspiracies. Not me. While I agree that such nonsense proliferates there, I am not that easily swayed myself. In fact, I do not belong to Facebook or Twitter. It takes a lot of reading and checking out sources before I even come close to a level of consideration of conspiracies – mostly because I believe more in Murphy’s law than I do the ability to make a conspiracy work. But there is ample evidence – too hard to refute – that 911 was NOT what it was reported to be. Who done what to whom is hard to determine if not impossible but three buildings did not pancake as per the official explanation. To my mind, that is NOT a conspiracy theory (because no one is accused). But it is a fact for me: the official explanation was a lie. And Twitter did not influence me in the least.


      • Easy to believe if it confirms one’s world view. If one thinks it’s time to bunker down because the Blackhawk helicopters are coming for them, it is likely that this same group will believe that the government is coming for their arsenals.


        • I suppose. But what I do not get is how these cretins formulate their asinine theories….? Even the liar-industry, the fake-news telecasters and the hate mongers are inconsistent in all that they say. And facts are totally absent. They simply lie. So, how and why do the dumbos connect all the wrong dots? Answer: well, part of it is because the government is always lying, too. So are the big corporations. It is all a BIG lie allatime. And so some stupid people will ‘go with’ what they heard at the shooting gallery or the bar. Few do any real searching for facts. Very few. FACT: Jet fuel burns at 800° (normal air) to 1500°F (forced air) not hot enough to melt steel (2750°F). Bld #7 fell down for no reason. These are scientific facts. How do idiots NOT accept those facts and then accept that 20-somethings with box-cutters did it? How is that even possible? And, honestly, the more I think about it, how are we expected to believe that Trump actually won? Admittedly, I have no facts but I do have my growing doubts….so maybe I am a good example of one of the cretins – just on the ‘other side’?


          • The steel beam doesn’t need to melt to a puddle be be weakened enough to to be structurally compromised


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