Paranoid? Nuts?

I am referring in the above title to the previous blog where I opined that the Trump victory smelled bad to me……

….and, it seems, I was not alone.

Reportedly, the CIA is investigating Russia’s recently discovered ‘hacking’ interference in the US electoral process more intensely and extensively than before. The part they are not hesitant to state is kinda what we already knew: Russians hacked Clinton’s (and party’s) emails in an effort to somehow assist Trump. But the real news is that the CIA and Obama have ‘stepped up’ the investigation to pursue other avenues and no one is saying even what those avenues are.

And therein lies the news – hidden, obfuscated and NOT clearly stated.  BUT (and it is a big BUT) – they are saying that it is taking priority for them.  This is job #1 in the US right now.  THAT’S the news!  You can tell that by reading between the lines that are not even being published.

I have no idea if they can catch anything, anyone or even have any real hard evidence.  And how would they decide, prosecute or reverse, reveal or even release the outcome or even the TRUTH?  If the truth was that Russia interfered enough to influence the election, how do they prove that before January 20th when the Donald takes over?  If they can’t prove it but they KNOW it, how can they let a Russian flunky take the Oval office?

If they can’t prove it, can’t act legally nor can they reveal what they know, how the hell can they do anything?

And, if they do anything less than decisive and fact-based does it not then look like (and may be just sour grapes and suspicion?).

It seems the CIA is also briefing the house and the senate – all controlled by the Republicans.  So, how does briefing the Congress, itself full of foxes, about the shenanigans of their top fox work?  Isn’t that like telling the mob that Michael Corleone might have cheated?  What good do they expect to come from that?

And do you think for one minute, Obama can refuse to accede the office?  Do you think that an investigation that reveals proof of the lying, cheating, interfering and manipulation could be revealed to the public in such a short time?

And, if so, to what end?

Face it, politics is all about lying and cheating and manipulation. Is there not an immense, vast wasteland of lies and plots to wade through almost everywhere? And how could the CIA possibly find enough NEW and DIFFERENT to do ANYTHING decisive with it in such a short time?

They can’t.  Obama can’t.  They may just have to watch it happen…………….

And us?  The proletariat?  The slaves, muppets and minions?  The dupes, fools, fodder and the grist for their money-loving corporations…what of us?  Will we ever know the truth?

Nope.  Those most paranoid or in-the-know (hard to tell the difference) will make outrageous statements and claims but we, the hoi polloi, will never know the truth so clearly that everyone will know it to be true.  And, with the proliferation of Liar News 24/7/365 how will any kind of truth ever will out?

10 thoughts on “Paranoid? Nuts?

  1. A recount is underway in some states that may slightly alter the future assignment of Electoral College votes. Republicans are in control of the legislative agenda of the USA and they seem to want to go forward into the past. It may be that American cultural advances will continue under the deeply conservative office holders but as of now the future is ‘through a glass darkly!’ This thirst for conspiracies is incomprehensible to most who value the necessity of a functioning state. In part, sadly, aspects of the American election were vandalized by the seemingly uninformed disaffected. Many Americans have seen a decline in their standards of living so they ironically elected a member of the class that stalled their wages for many years. Stockholders earning were deemed to be more important than a living wage for the middle class. Now they voted to be Trumped again. Will the disaffected see this irony?


    • I doubt it. The gold decor, the silver spoon and the leggy hooker were there for all to see and, sadly, that, too, is part of the American Dream. They seem to like the drugs, the money, the bling and the glitz. It is in their celebrity-worshipping DNA – mainstream. That Trump might have cheated to get there is NOT a problem. Hell, Trump paid no taxes for 15 years or so and that was NOT a problem for them…they liked that!
      BUT that Trump might have been in cahoots with the Russians………..? Well, THAT might be a problem. It IS a problem. It is a HUGE problem.
      ‘Mericans see corruption as part of doing business (and it is in Capitalism-run-by-thugs) but when they are the ones about to be fleeced, it’s NOT fun anymore. Even Bubba might not vote for the Donald if that turn of events was proven.


      • The economic pragmatic trumpian octopus sees opportunity everywhere. Sees huge market opportunities in the sale of consumer goods. Not the expensive goods that the oligarchs buy but goods for the aspiring to be middle class folks. Two burner gas rings, tiny refrigerators and the like produced in the USA. Time to put people back to work making stuff for export.


      • And just HOW might Trump have cheated? Simply put he was the better candidate who ran a better campaign; She was past her ‘best before’ date, and the Dems ran a lousy campaign.


        • Good point, John. HOW would be the real question. Seems impossible to alter the numbers directly….mind you, Michael Soma managed to cheat for the Conservatives up here with misdirecting robocalls…but I admit: I can’t imagine HOW it could be done down there.
          Of course, Hillary was no good… dispute there. But would you vote for Marion Berry or Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer instead of her? Of course not. So, her lack of credibility in itself does not confer any credibility to that orange-headed dimwit. She was no good and he is no good. Basically, like all BIG politics, you had no choice.


  2. While I dont doubt the Russians were up to “dirty tricks” during the US election.
    And lets face it. The election was too close to call for weeks leading up to the final vote.

    Hillary Clinton was a horribly flawed candidate.
    Way too much baggage from her years and years and years in office with either her husband and then Obama.
    Nah. 59,000,000 + or – 1 million people voted for her and
    59,000,000 + or – 1 million voted for Trump.

    Lets talk paranoid conspiracy
    The George W vs Gore vote hung on far less votes in Florida( George W’s Brothers State) and 9 months later we had 9/11……..
    Even IF 9/11 was a total coincidence.
    Nothing like a “national emergency” to get people’s minds off the real issues eh?

    One wonders what the Trump contingent will dream up to “refocus” the national attention on.
    North Korea is a lone rogue state with no friends……. 🙂


    • I kind of agree. IF they found the Russians conspired and acted to influence the election they can’t very well say, “Oh well, Hillary wins because Donald cheated.” The nation would go nuts. On the other hand, Obama can’t really act in either case…all he can do is refer the matter to the Supreme Court. And what are they gonna say? The most logical thing in Administrative Justice would be to call that election disqualified, then disqualify everyone who ran and won or lost (Dems and Reps) and keep an interim president and the old Congress for an extra year while a whole NEW slate was organized. A REAL house cleaning! And that might fly with everyone.


      • To be honest.
        I think Obama would love to drop THAT big steaming turd in Trumps lap at he walked out the door on Inauguration Day.
        Nah. I think , this, like most govt investigations will take months, if not years.
        And the public.
        With its vapid, woefully limited attention span, will have moved on to more important things…..Kaitlin Jenners’ latest dating trauma…..Justin Beiber’s newest tattoo…
        This is the world we live in
        Apparently, proof that God DOES have a sense of humour.


  3. Latest news today has Trump mocking the CIA’s claim of the Soviet’s hacking the presidential election. To validate his mocking, Trump raises the CIA’s failure in the Iraq war when it said, ‘ there were weapons of mass destructions’


    • The guy is blatantly hypocritical. When the FBI – Comey – torpedoed Clinton with a last minute’ we have our doubts’ implication (based entirely on Weiner’s weiner), Trump was all in favour of investigating her for something as benign as loose e-mails. He was chanting, ‘sending her to jail’.
      BUT when the CIA implies something is rotten in Russia, it is completely dismissed despite the implications being much more dire than loose emails.
      How could that dickhead have garnered even one vote, let alone 2 million or more?


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