Drawing blanks (with epilogue)

Trump?  Who needs it?  There is Trump, Trump, Trump and more Trump all the live-long day.  And that will likely continue for too long a time.  No one needs more Trump from me.  At least not anymore.

There’s me and Sally and all the fun we have, but really?  Who needs more of that? Well, I do, of course, but I can imagine all six of my readers saying, “OK!  So you are happy.  Enough, already.”  I understand.  I can let that topic go for awhile.

There’s Arizona..but, well….there’s Arizona…and that seems to be the extent of it, really.  Nice.  Brown.  Sunny…….you know…..nice

There’s the book.  And that is progressing but….you know….talk is cheap...”PUBLISH or shut the hell up!”  I get that.

I could do some on Trudeau, I guess…but…sheesh….what’s to say?  Teeth, hair, no shirt. Shallow.  Duplicitous.  Corporate sell-out.  What?

I could do Christy but what’s to say that hasn’t been covered by Trump and Trudeau?  There’s this, I guess: she, of the big promises-no-delivery, has kept the light dimmed on site C and LPG and Kinder Morgan (how’s that workin’ for you, Christy?) and is now touting ‘a diversified economy’ as the new panacea for what ails us.  Even tho I basically agree with that, I still think it is actually Christy and the Liberals that ails us.  And robs and cheats us.  But, honestly?  That ain’t news either.

So, here’e what I usually do when I write my blog.  I ask myself, ‘What’s the truth for you today, Dave?  Write your truth whatever it is.  Even if it is just ravens and squirrels.’

My truth today?  I got nothin’…….

But….maybe tomorrow?  Sal goes to a three-day quilting conference (who knew? Who even suspected?). I’ll hang out downtown waiting for her.  I’ll go to a brothel, a saloon, a gun range and maybe a car wash….(not necessarily in that order) something’s gotta happen, eh?

Next day: The brothel was a sleazy bust, full of cracks and holes.  The shooting range was a pointed bore. The saloon was somewhat spirited but the carwash personnel were a bunch of drips.  Only the quilting show got it all together.  All in all it was another pun-filled day.    



4 thoughts on “Drawing blanks (with epilogue)

  1. It’s difficult to write about contentment. And the biggy is feeling, being and acting happy, then writing about it. Well that is where Jack the Raven comes in. A west coat mythological creature of note known for his trickster ways and as a source of amusement and pleasure.


  2. Hey, Christy came to town amid welcomes and protests, depending on which side you are on. Must be a sign of the times. She hasn’t come to Powell River since she became Premier. There’s an election coming up soon, me thinks. At least campaigning around here is much more compacted than in the States. Keep enjoying Arizona. Save some of the fun for us in March. – Margy


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