Start: (enter stage right) one whole pig. Ending: (curtain falls on pig’s ear)

OK…I admit it…sometimes you simply cannot make any kind of purse out of a pig’s ear.  The book is 95% done but it is still dull.  NOT good.  Gonna finish up and publish anyway, tho, because I gotta get this book-monkey off my back.   But it is not good.  I just need closure.

No one needs ‘opening’.

There was an interesting aspect to the book, tho.  I wanted to write about the thought process and feelings one has when trying to make the initial leap out of the frying pan and, of course, when trying to spike the landing somewhere OTG. Especially when you don’t quite know where or what you are leaping into.   I was being philosophical (and we all know how that usually appeals to an audience).

Result: Socrates drank the Hemlock. Voluntarily.  I started with Apple Cider vinegar. And now moving up to Kombucha.  Very similar poisons. Hemlock later.

Still, it could have been interesting.  Maybe.  There are the confusions, the fears, the unknown, the challenges and the loss of the familiar and comfortable to deal with but, then again, you are also trying to deal with the growing dissatisfaction, the increased stress and alienation of the status quo. So, the book was and is about mental choices faced and dealt with, rock and hard place…kinda thing.

But it is not all about just the bleak choices.  It is also about learning and growing and feeling alive again.  It’s growth, death and re-birth, actually.  Maybe we should release it at Easter?

Maybe we just nail it to the wall.

This mostly philosophical view might be more interesting when woven into another story rather than written in a sermon.  Maybe I’ll try again by book 10.  I may have just chosen the wrong format this time.  Still, what’s done is done.  Almost….

Now it goes out to beta readers to see just how bad it is.

“Dave, aren’t you being a bit hard on yourself?”

Not a bit.  It’s all Sal’s fault.

Oh, no it’s not, only kidding.  Once again, she polished the rock until it gleamed but there is only so much one can do with a lump of granite.

It’s just one of those things, ya know?  Ya just gotta do it.  Get it off your chest, get it off your back, flush it, move on, get it done…whatever…it is time to move past this chapter on chapters.  But we may still ‘cut and slash’ more.  If you are going to publish babble, the least the author can do is make it short and punchy babble. Fewer pages to wade through at the very least.

Now I know why I use the imagery of a sow’s ear.  That’s all that’s left after all the necessary cuts are made.


7 thoughts on “Start: (enter stage right) one whole pig. Ending: (curtain falls on pig’s ear)

  1. Well, always think positive.
    Polished granite makes a fine tombstone……or a curling rock….or a keystone….or a carving…..or a mortar and pedstal

    A multitude of fine uses for a simple rock


    • Thanks, DC. Didja know that all curling stones come from the same place? A small island off the coast of Scotland. The book may, actually, be OK for you, tho. I’ll bet it answers poorly a few of the questions rattling around in your head. Emphasis on poorly but at least the topic is raised. That’s helpful. eh?


  2. I know how Wayne feels when he gets close to being done, then, like Sal, my work begins. I am lucky he doesn’t get upset when I try to work my magic on his latest effort. Then he has to go back and do a final edit and set it up for publishing. Self publishing isn’t as simple as some people think. Hang in there. – Margy

    p.s. If you need a beta reader I would be glad to help. My grant writing job just finished for the year.


  3. May I say that you are not writing for yourself but for your audience and they will judge you. No need to second guess what your audience will think of you writing.


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