To: my dear friends…so sad…..

…you are stuck in a foot and a half of snow.  Sal and I are in Arizona getting a tan.  Life is so unfair sometimes.  Poor babies…..

But it is not like it is all wine and roses here, ya know….well, that’s not true.  We have wine every day.  Roses in a few days (Valentines)…..but, you know what I mean.  It’s hard here sometimes, too.  The internet is patchy.  The desert doves can be a bit noisy in their cooing now and then.  We have our challenges.  What to make for dinner, for instance?  Or do we go out?  Nothing new on Netflix.  Can you feel our pain?

Well, never mind.  We’ll muddle through.  We’ve gotten through worse.  This, too, shall pass.  In three weeks, actually, dammit!  Gawd!  I hope it rains softly and warmly for a week between then and now.  I am not looking forward to slush.  Hell, getting the Avalanche dusty is about as much hardship as I can deal with right now. I haven’t even dealt with that.  “Oh, I’ll wash it on the weekend.”

I’ve said that for the last few weekends.

Car washing is a thing here.  All the guys and some of the women get out on the weekend and wash their cars. It’s weird.  I guess it’s the Arizonian equivalent of Vancouver suburbanites cutting the lawn but, here, the lawn is astro-turf and no one has a lawn mower.  So, washing the car is showing pride of ownership, I guess.

Sal went out and swept the astro-turf.

It’s the thought that counts.

Here’s weird: I am starting to like the desert.  Kinda.  My host has a nice yard and he has planted cactus and palm trees with patches of astro-turf and paving stones to make a very pleasant ‘Palm Desert’ kinda thing goin’ on.  With the BBQ and the gas fire-pit, it is American south-west domestic and pleasant.

If I start wearing cowboy boots, please shoot me.

My host’s buddy (also BC based) has just pulled in to his house right next door. Last night. He’s here for his few weeks of ‘break’.  The next generation (they are in their 40’s) of snow-birds is in the making.

Circle of life, eh?

8 thoughts on “To: my dear friends…so sad…..

  1. Now David. That’s rubbing salt in our wounds. I gonna phone the border and put you on the terrorist list. See how you like it there in July !


  2. Yes, I must agree with “anonymous”.
    Hubris and the fall Dave……
    Besides, you’re way behind the times.
    The snow is melting into Biblical flooding…….


      • I washed and waxed my truck today in Burnaby.
        Sent a photo of it to my sister on the east coast of Canada asking her if I had used too much wax……
        She sent me a picture back of her in a blizzard trying to extracate her self propelled snow blower from a snow drift in her driveway…….with her giving me a “Middle Finger” salute…..
        Now THATS a Canadian winter!


  3. A beautifully crafted argument for the habits of snowbirds. A life well lived is not all self flagellation, rubbing salt in one’s wounds and wearing a hair shirt. One must not do penance more than six months of a year. Your ironic tone of voice reminded me that many folks do not get irony. So for those readers that do not get irony our unlikely smitten blogger is not aspiring to up stakes to desert. Let him not in the future be challenge for showing love for a life style that you dear readers really thought he was aspiring to begin. A guy can muse can not he?


    • Every guy I ever met wearing cowboy boots and a Stetson was a lawyer or an accountant in Calgary. Real cowboys who ride real horses (with real stirrups) rather than pick-up trucks are exempt from my bias, of course. Real cowboys who do real branding and real mustering of cattle are cool. Lawyers in costume? Not so much. So, my prejudice is showing…..apologies to all real cowboys who do their own books or sue people on their own behalf. Real lawyers and real accountants do NOT muster and brand cattle unless they are visiting a dude ranch (and the cattle are first tranquilized). Thanks for this just reminded me of one of the ‘characters; I might draw on in book 3.


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