We’re baaaaaaack!

It should be no big deal but it is.  We are back and, OMG, does it feel good!  I have never liked the term, ‘go to your happy place‘ but I have, this is it and I really do not want to ever leave again.

‘Course, I will.  I have places to go, people to see, things to mess up.  

But HERE is good.  REALLY good.

We are also doing things more sanely.  We left Victoria on Thursday, came up to the nearest town and stayed overnight so as to get some needed chores done without rushing. Usually, we would just race through a gazillion chores and end up arriving home in a storm at night fully laden and exhausted.  This time, we spread the effort over two days and had a nice dinner out.  Plus we did fewer chores putting some off til next week.  Very civilized.

I mention this because, as we age, our ability to cram ‘chores’, travel, schlep and get the house up and going again is getting a bit more difficult.  Having said that, it is only made more difficult for the want of a $100 stay overnight.  Well, we always do dinner out, too, so make that $150.00.  $200 on a crazy night out.  In other words, getting old can be compensated for with money.  So, why not?

The house was ice-cold.  Took til today to get the temperature back up to comfortable but that was no biggie.  All systems ‘go’ from the start.  We still have a bit of ‘sorting’ to do but we are largely back in the rhythm of our lifestyle.  Feels good.

“Why tell us this?”

Well, I wanted to convey that living OTG has all the usual challenges of ‘leaving home’ with a few additional aspects more complicated than leaving an urban one but not that much.  Not really.  An extra day’s travel, a few extra chores to get it all done….that sort of thing…but, basically, no different than leaving the cul-de-sac for a vacation.

We’re not so weird, after all.

But just to illustrate the differences; I had hauled the boat two months ago and stored it on the other island.  The tire had gone flat as we put it up on the hard and we had no time to fix it back then so I knew one of the ‘chores’ was gonna to be a tire job.  And, of course, an outboard motor that hadn’t started in a while put a question on that, too.  Plus the weather was more than ‘iffy’ and the seas on Thursday were ugly.  But on Friday, it all fell into place.  Things worked out fine.  We were in the house on the second day, having tea before it was 3:00 pm.  Very, very civilized.

We are definitely older, tho.  Both getting Old Age pensions, discounts on BC Ferries and 10% off whenever we buy anything it seems.  Still, it hasn’t been a problem yet – except once.  The problem was Sal, of course.  We were packing up getting ready to leave Arizona and the luggage weight limit is 50 pounds.  51 pounds will incur an extra charge of US$75.00 so you want to be sure of the weight. Sal packed her bag and lifted it.  She actually ‘stiff-arm- lifted’ it and concluded it was just over 40 pounds.  I lifted it and guessed higher at 44 pounds. We figured mine was a shade lighter (we have each lifted and carried 55 pound bags of Ready Mix cement enough times to know what 55 pounds feels like so we were confident.

We were wrong.  Sal’s bag was 53 pounds.  Mine 47.  A quick juggle and we balanced them both but topped out the limit.  We were good to go. As we walked away from the Alaska Airline check-in, I remarked to Sal, “Sal, you are collecting your old age pension and yet you one-armed 53 pounds like it was a pillow.  You only weigh around 125 yourself.  How many city gals can do that? How many old-agers can do that even if they are male? You are doing something right.”

“I guess, but you carried both bags several times without hesitation.  Even up stairs. You must be doing something right, too.”

Point: this place is good for us.  


7 thoughts on “We’re baaaaaaack!

  1. Yes! This place is good for you! And you are good for this place too! It was good to see smoke coming out of your chimney, and to wave at you as we went by yesterday afternoon! Welcome home.


    • Aha! Mystery solved…..(who’s that in what-appears-to-be Merlin’s boat?). ‘Course, Sal waved back. “I dunno who it is but they are friendly….doesn’t look like Merlin…..?”
      For OTHER readers: CL lives on another island almost ten miles away. Boat appeared to be about 17 feet long and went faster than Merlin’s boat. It was an intriguing mystery. For us. Maybe you had to be here…….?


  2. Good to have youse guys back! Just a few more days of bad weather and it will be spring. Out in the toolies we saw a daffodil farm today with fields of flowers within days of blooming. On the way home passed though several squalls changing from rain to hail then a blast of snow and now full on sunshine. We have people crossing into Manitoba literally freezing their fingers off to get there. Many Canadians are perplexed at the immigrant’s tenacity to go through personal hardships to get here.You picked the right time of year to return to the mother ship. Cheers!


  3. I figured as much when you had a lag in posting. You don’t travel by air as much as we do, but here’s what we do. Wayne bought a small handheld strap with a digital scale built in. You wrap it around the bags handle and lift. It gives you a pretty accurate weight. Welcome home. – Margy


    • Thanks. And the strap scale makes sense. But I intend to fly only one more time ,(and back, of course) and then…never again. The flight is ok but the process is intolerable. One more anal probe and I’ll go nuts!
      It’s silly but I am liking home more and more. I think my traveling days are over…..well, maybe a motorcycle journey over the silk route but other than that……


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