A change?

I am considering making a ‘hosting server’ change for the blog.  If I do, the site will be down for a bit…a day or so….not unlike the porn-hack interruption.  I do NOT think the change will alter anything for the reader.  Same URL, address, name, whatever. Just a different ‘host’.  But…if I move….it should be less prone to whacked-out hackers.

I have also deleted all the ‘plug-ins’ like the Facebook ‘like’ button.  I may have deleted too much.  But I can add them back as it is determined they are ‘safe’ or not.  Seems the hackers ride in on plug-ins…or something… who knows?

So….out to meet the barge with the too-late-ordered wood to build the too-late marine ways so as to too-late fix the holes in the boat which still weep a smidge but should be a slow enough leak to allow me to build the haul-out.

Barge broke it’s hy-ab arm but it was broke in a way they could still drop our load of lumber….made it a little ‘haywire’ but we got it.  Didn’t help that it was blowing like hell and the barge had to make two passes.  After they left, Sal and I took the lumber over to the marine-ways site and dragged each piece up the slippery rocks. Sixteen foot six-by-six treated beams weigh a lot!  And we only had four of them. Might have been better to get 6.  No room on the ‘lift’ for extra 6×6’s.  We’ll see how this goes.  But we also had a bunch of 2×8’s to go with ’em.  And 2×12’s.  We will be busy.

Sheeesh……..and people wonder what we do all day…

8 thoughts on “A change?

  1. You might want to get your own domain. Having your own domain name will help to protect your data. “HTTPS (or HyperText Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets) is designed to mask (or encrypt) data. The information traveling between your browser to the readers server is encrypted and decrypted en route.” Not an expert so this may not help you from hacking but ‘they’ claim it does.


    • You are right….IF there is such a thing as an ordinary day OTG – that was one. A broken barge delivering a load of lumber in a gale. Ho hum. Then floating those beams 100 yards to the site towed by Sal’s small boat and then the two of us lifting them up slippery granite slopes. Same ol’, same ol’. The truth: it is always different out here but Arizona in the subdivision was pretty ho hum. Vancouver in the cul de sac got mind numbing. I’ll go with this.


  2. Nice to get barge deliveries. Our neighbour is going to tear down an old shed and build a new on on an auxiliary float next to his cabin. Seeing our nice 22′ barge docked next door, he asked if he could hire us to bring up a load of building materials that won’t fit in another neighbours 26′ landing craft. Sounds like they want to build walls in town and bring them up, making a flat deck better than a deeper one. We said if he was willing to wait until June when our quads come off and and work it all out into one trip we would be glad to do it as a favour, no charge. Last summer our barge got tied up almost all summer with another project helping a neighbour and really cut into our quad rides. Didn’t want that to happen again. – Margy


    • I love the barge. Literally. LOVE writ large. Great service, great guys, great everything but the price. Basically, $200 a ton or less. Worth it for a ton. Not for a thousand pounds. So I use it on big deliveries but carry a few hundred by myself in my own boat. Up to a thousand pounds at a time. That gets old fast. So am i. May start using them at lower weights.


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