If you were in a coal mine and there was a dead canary lying in his cage, wouldn’t you recognize that as an ‘indicator’ of danger?  At the very least, would you not at least recognize the old metaphor/adage/cliche regarding canaries and coal mines?

Of course you would.  But what about indicators that are NOT cliche metaphors? What of indicators, harbingers, signs and omens telling you something in a language you are entirely unfamiliar with?  Do you still listen to the little voice that usually whispers at such times?  Do you stare at such signs-o’-the-times and try to read ’em?  Do you stop to think?  ‘Hmmmmm….what’s wrong with this picture?’

As a rule, I am a bit oblivious to that sort of thing, myself.  And Sal is usually focused on squirrels or shoes so I don’t rely on her observational skills.  Neither of us has a sixth sense and, at our age, we are starting to wonder about the first five, actually.

I am not much better than Sal.  A bit. Not much.  No interest in shoes or squirrels allows me time to scan for other things but I don’t do that as much anymore.  I could easily get 100 feet into a busy mall that was vacant and not really notice the absence of people as quickly as I should.  I am just not all that observant anymore. But I still NOTICE. Eventually.  It might take me a few steps into the mall before I wondered what ‘was wrong’, but I would still see the absence of people…in a few seconds….under a minute…I hope.  I am not blind.

Well, I just noticed something wrong.  Stupidly late, actually.  Especially since I cracked a joke about it last January:  “One thing about Trump that is for sure, book sales will continue if not increase. Any sane person will at least consider getting out. They have to!”

And we both laughed.

Sal checked sales figures today.  We are selling at twice the rate as the two previous years for the same period reviewed.  Admittedly two-times minuscule is still insignificant and hardly a dead canary or a candlestick in the library but it has been a remarkably consistent double-the-fun-run since January.  I think Trump really HAS boosted sales.

I am looking for the cruise missile attack on Syria to boost sales even further. Hey! If you can’t add boobs, guns and rock and roll to the title of the book, scaring the hell out of people with the threat of WW3 is a good motivator for off-the-grid books.

Jus’ sayin’.

“Man, oh man!  When they nuke Kim Jong-un, we’ll make out like bandits!” 

You think I am kidding?  That is the precise conversation that the US military industrial complex is having around their boardroom tables right now.  Probably have been since January 20th….I was just too busy to notice til now.



32 thoughts on “Indicators

      • Tasmania definitely.
        Still too many undiscovered Argentinian landmines in the Falklands…but then again….thats why there are grazing sheep everywhere.


        • Personally speaking, Daisy Mae Yokum was my first fantasy. Been partial to torn underwear OTG ever since.
          Glad you are back.
          Wouldn’t that make shopping for mutton easier?


  1. It’s not Trump thats helping book sales..
    Its the diversion of the “hacked site” that has people interested.
    OTGPorn definitely had me confused……but coming back for more…..
    Being the PC challenged idiot that I am…I’ve been trying to log on every few days and was redirected to hackcrap so I backed off for a while.
    Figured you’d get it figured out before I went through OTG withdrawl.
    I was right.
    Totally off subject.
    The weather this past winter and spring has been, without a doubt, THE worst I can remember in all my 36 years of living here on the Wet Coast..


  2. The canary in the coal mine? How about the rat in the NY Subway? A rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stars in the subway has gone viral. Damn, I had to watch it! More addictive than kitten videos. A downward spiral.


    • Definitely downward.
      THATS what my blog needs: something simple, primal, cute and sexy. I was relying on myself for that but clearly a rat dragging pizza has more basic-instinct appeal than do I. Sad.


      • The title of your blog, “Indicators” makes the pizza rat indicative of what you have been saying. Within 1.5 hours of the rat being posted some one registered the ‘pizza rat’ name for his pizza joint. On his menu he will probably list a section called ‘Rat Chow’! A pizza with everything could be the bin special. And the beer might be rat…!


    • I did NOT know that Cajuns were derived from Acadians. Fascinating. To go leapfrogging around the continent in a group in the 1700’s….that’s the stuff of pirate making…


        • Now, now….I trim my beard every month or so. I live in my heavy red plaid shirt (with holes and stains) and my boots, tho not fashionable, are heavy. BLOODY heavy after a long day. So far, my only concession to fashion is very cool underwear. Why? Well, you just never know when you might be called to display your underwear and I am always prepared for such an eventuality.


    • Well two times a few isn’t a bunch but the numbers have doubled. I like that. Trump the bully salesman is scaring people to consider running for the hills.


      • The precursor to war often is of the invoking of the memory of Hitler and the slaughter of innocent red haired babies by sarin gas.


        • WW3 is not pre destined yet but Tillerson giving Putin ultimatums is kinda asking for it. Sending the fleet to North Korea is looking like a battle if not a war. And war is good for business, don’t you know. Trump promised to make America great again.


  3. Oscar Munoz now facing a ‘Chinese Lives Matter’ petition now circulating in the People’s Republic of China. United Airlines stock lost one billion in value in today’s trading.


    • Smidge unfair, I think. I mean…only a little. It was a stupid policy and it is a stupid policy to overbook and then kick people off against their will. If $1000 is NOT enough incentive, then maybe $2000 will buy back space for travel staff? America BELIEVES in money. And it is a lot cheaper than losing a lot of value in your company and way more humane to just UP the bribe. The reason I do not think it fair to Munoz is that – even tho UNITED’s policies are stupid and inconsiderate – it was a nut-case security guard who punched the guy out. United Air MUST use airport security when they need that sort of thing. And, remember, ALL the airlines have been getting away with this crap for years. Air Canada is a bully carrier as well.


        • Good point. Still, two guys! A simple pressure hold and he moves. No need for punching. Especially a 69 year old. The security guys are trained like police are trained. Escalate and control. If that doesn’t work, blow ’em all to hell. Stupid, wrong and, in an odd way, evil.


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