Friends, eh?

“I have had enough of Trump.  You are on notice to write about your greenhouse, fer Gawd’s sake.  I wanna see it.  I wanna see plants.  And I want pictures, NOT just words!  Seriously.  Gimme lots of pictures.  I am giving you four days in which to comply or else there will be consequences.  Don’t make me come over there. “

He told me that in Campbell River on Tuesday.  My deadline is nigh.  So, to avoid whatever threat he is contemplating, please accept the following post as the compliance and capitulation demanded of me.   Just be thankful he didn’t demand ravens……

 The above picture was taken looking south.  Entry door on the left.  Picture taken from the back wall.  

Sal has been somewhat busy already in the Greenhouse and in the garden these past three weeks.  And we have lettuce up the wazoo as a result.  Everything else is taking a bit of time but the micro climate inside is pretty pleasant by leafy standards. Everything is growing well.  It’s always above 60 now — even in the evening and often up around 80-85 degrees Farenheit / 25 – 30 Celcius.  At 80 F or so, the solar powered fan kicks on. If it goes higher, the fan spins faster and sometimes we open the doors for more air flow and, as well, the back wall also opens up.  We keep a light breeze going through. It’s a very pleasant environment.

This view is looking north with the back wall open and the entry doors on the right.





This is taken looking north but from the outside.  It shows the black-blob solar fan. The curlicue tree in the foreground is a naturally occurring phenomena and not ‘my first Bonsai effort’ as Sal likes to claim.

The fan is on and spinning.




The picture below is taken looking Northwest.  In the foreground is one of the large raised planter-cum-garden boxes that eventually takes the new seedlings germinated in the greenhouse and raises them to edible adulthood.






Decorator touches include a copper sink, a copper pan and the stumpy-stick handles on the doors.

Below, you will see the much-loved and doted-on seedlings under protective hardware cloth.  That hardware cloth was deemed necessary due to some impudent and picky mice that munched some of the ‘new-born’ plants just as they poked up through the soil. Sometimes the nasty little long-tailed scourge ‘ostriched’ themselves to find the seeds! Stupid, they are not.

Ever since we placed the protection the plants have not been tampered with. Interesting, don’t you think? A seed might provide a 3 ounce mouse with a meal or, if left alone to grow, can feed 300 pounds of humans a few weeks later.

 More from the Martha Stewart collection, below. The little Mayan casting on the wall is made of (fiber) glass-reinforced concrete (GFRC)–a very unusual composite.  The coat hooks came mounted all together from a derelict building. Note the temperature indicated on the clock face–81 degrees F. The outside temperature today was around 60F.

This is the lettuce forest.  A few weeks ago, I picked up some starters at the nursery just so we would have something that actually grew.  Since then, we have had many salads and it looks like we could still handle a yoga lunch crowd.
Sally’s sister, Mary, made the linen bunting banner and the avocado plant was a gift from Kathy, who is featured in the prologue to our new book.

13 thoughts on “Friends, eh?

  1. David and Sally. Ya done good,everything we had hoped for,keeps us connected to you and Sally . Now I hope your readers send lots of positive comments ,so I don’t feel like a doofus.


    • Ah, but I know your style…’ll be pleased to know that at least half of all that was salvaged and scavenged and left-over recycled. Only plastic roof was a retail item. Will add more junque as needed.


  2. Thank you for the mice and ravens references. Good to hear that these critters embrace healthful eating. As for their resourcefulness, it’s legendary.


    • That is SO true. We have raven wariness on a town day that rivals our caution when in a third world city. Maybe we are on a higher alert, actually, because the raven looms menacingly and anticipates our pace when we are loading the boat. They are just READY to swoop given an extra minute of dawdling on our part. Keeps us hopping.


      • So very true.
        Whoever coined the term “birdbrained” never met a raven at a golf course.
        I stopped at the 10th tee and grabbed a hotdog.
        Came out and it was my turn to tee off. I looked around and spotted the Hitchcockian assembly of at least 10 silent birds on a wire staring at my hotdog……..Hmmmmm
        Speed being necessary I stuffed my napkin wrapped “dog” in my bag, ZIPPED UP THE POCKET and went to tee off.
        Practice swings, ready, set…. my golf partners started laughing.
        I looked up, they nodded towards my bag.
        Mr Raven had UNZIPPED the bag and had his head inside rummaging around. “HEY!” sez I.
        Mr Raven pulled out his head with just the hotdog as his trophy, No bun, no napkin……just the meat…..and he flew away.
        Damndibly intelligent birds


  3. Loved to see the greenhouse in action. I would love to have one, but can’t figure out how to do it on the cabin deck without the wind either destroying it or blowing it into the lake. Plus there is the weight to consider. Guess we could build a separete float, but our water lot is getting pretty crowded already. Maybe if the dilapidated lean-to shed on our transition float collapses for good (it gave it a good try under the snow weight last winter). I keep my garden supplies and cedar shake blocks there (for future kindling that we never seem to need). Maybe John can help me develop a design that is more wind resistant. You’ve given me food for thought. – Margy


    • One thing about greenhouses, they are NOT the centre of much action. Things move very slowly in there, maybe an inch every 24 hours. Sal’s a smidge quicker than the plants but only relatively so. She kinda slows down when in there. I think she likes the ambiance. She can spend a lot of time tinkering and potting about. Still, the lettuce patch is growing like mad and we are ‘greening’ up every snack and meal. I am very happy with the greenhouse.


  4. After reading Marine Ways I checked back to Friends, eh? and it was Sally who posted! I love your new greenhouse and hope that there are more posts with photos as the season continues.


  5. I’m sooo impressed!! And can’t wait for fresh Greens with my wine. You did a great job Sally….I know the decorating touches were your doing.


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