Maintenance (yawn)

So much to write about……… little time……but, worse, the ‘so much’ is mostly politics and, judging from the lack of comments from my last post, my reading public (of which I claim only 6 members) has no interest in what I am ‘going on’ about in politics at any given time.  I understand.  Even I am bored of it now and then. For the first time since last September, I said, “Oh, that bloody Trump!  I am so fed up with that nincompoop and his idiot minions, I just can’t listen to the news anymore.  I have had it with that crap!”

I could, of course, rant on instead about BC politics (Christy Clark in one of her last efforts as the premier, just gave all her ministers and cronies a huge raise in pay!).  Or, maybe, take a run at Mr. Photobomb, our peacock of a Prime Minister.  Does no one else see the hypocrisy of these staged-to-look casual, natural and ‘common-man-ish’ photo-ops that so OBVIOUSLY required Just-in to go running or kayaking with a professional photographer?

But, no one cares about all that.  I get that.  So, instead, I will share with you our last few days……

Other than the usual trial of a town day (Monday) Sal is having a fine time.  Quilting, yoga, socializing, book-club.  More socializing. Gardening, gardening, gardening and even more quilting.  Plus, of course, squirrels and ravens, eagles, herons, dolphins and even Orcas. It has been a pleasant week for our gal, Sal.  Me?  Well, I am a bit harder to please.  I have been entertaining myself by re-decking a small lower-deck, planning a new fuel-shed and doing some much needed tidying up. In other words, nothing much.

I am at a smidge of loose ends these days, really.  Mentally.  It is not as if I do not have lots to do.  In fact, I am getting a bit behind on my to-do list (like thirty pages behind!) and I have lots of interest in actually doing it.  Truly.  Eventually, anyway.  Just, well…..not right now.   I dunno….I am feeling a little lazy, I guess.  Ya know?

Part of it is that I like new projects and I hate maintenance.  At a certain point, all that you have done previously requires maintenance and the more you have accomplished, the more maintenance is required.  There is a tipping point, a place of diminishing returns, a point of no return where you have ten hours of maintenance for every ten minutes of ‘new’ projects.

I need staff.

We HAD staff – sorta – with WOOFers but they are the original diminishing returns when measured simply by work done.  What with ‘setting them up’, explaining what needed to be done, supervising and assisting on the doing of the chore and then doing the clean-up (’cause they didn’t know where everything went) plus the shopping for food, picking them up and providing accommodation and entertainment, it was a net loss proposition.  That is: IF you measured only by work accomplished.  90% of the WOOFers were a lot of fun and great company – some have become friends – but WOOFers are not staff.  WOOFers are guests, really.

We do not host WOOFers anymore.  We may again.  Someday.  But not now.  Not when there is work to be done.   Right now I need a troupe of skilled child slave labourers (to me, everyone under 30 is a child) that do not need food or supervision.      

And that is where I will leave this: there is work to be done, I do not feel like doing it and no one else is stepping up.  So I am at an impasse, a loose end, a ‘weird space’…..maybe I’ll start writing another book?  The nice thing about a book is that there is no maintenance.

15 thoughts on “Maintenance (yawn)

  1. I totally relate to the ‘work to be done, no one else there to do it, don’t want to do it either’ – that is my life (not off the grid). I do some of the work and ignore what I can. Lawn grows longer, dog digs holes in my dahlia beds (I think that there are rats or mice that attract Peaches the ratter/digger dog). Daily life stuff gets done but slower. Cherries are just about ripe so the birds are ruining anything we can reach as they feast.


    • I knew you’d empathize. You STILL have some book things to do! Still, those are the chores that never seem to climb to the top of the to-do list. I understand. With all my pages of things undone, an afternoon nap crept it’s way onto the list and crawled to the top when I was’t looking. I had my eyes closed at the time.


  2. Personally.
    I blame my latest lethargy and slugassedzeromotivationtodoanything…….on the crappy weather.
    And of course the dearth of honest politicians, expensive cost of living, ever higher taxes, endless mindless pap on the news……and a lack of underpaid slaves to do my bidding……..
    At the risk of sounding like a pompus, arrogant ass.
    The world is getting dumber as I age……….and it doesnt give me a warm fuzzy feeling……..
    ET phone home……..There’s no intelligent life on this planet


    • We’ll, all that is true and it has a negative effect on me, too, but attitude is everything. There a billions who would kill to be in my situation. Some actually do. So, really, it is still just mental. I have to just turn an attitudinal corner. I guess I am in a dark, shaded alley and do not see any daylight ahead. But, if I keep moving, I’ll find some. Always do.


  3. Rant away about CC and Justin the doofus, just don’t rant about my ‘friend ‘ in the US. LOL
    for a laugh, google ‘men’s brains versus women’s brains”‘


    • C’mon, John#33……surely the Trumpster doesn’t STILL appeal to you? I get that a plain-talkin’, rebel-in-a-suit with a hostile ‘babe’ for a wife has some macho kind of appeal – or at least a sympathy/empathy thing goin’ on but surely, after all that has transpired, his complete and total ignorance and incompetence at just about everything he touches has been revealed to the point of embarrassment. No? Or is it the uber dorkiness and arrogance that somehow appeals?
      Frankly, I am coming around. I am starting to like him. There has not been a president or leader from any country in recent history (Chavez?) that has unified the people so easily. That they all are hating him is almost beside the point. He has 65% of the people united. He has 65% of the people working together. He has united at least 65% of the world against him as well. Trump is extremely unorthodox in employing revulsion and disgust to MAGA but, HEY!…whatever works, eh?


      • Ilinformed is now a virtue!? Ilinformed does serve the agenda of the USA’s first corporate president whose only apparent interest is making money for his brand. Ilinformed among his supporters since they think he is draining the swamp and the supporters believe that all the troubles of the POTUS are just attacks of the ‘deep state.’ Hubris is on fill display! Full display! America might want to think about the Thucydides trap. It occurs when a country formerly leading the world is surpassed by a rival country. America has been surpassed as indicated by its increasing isolationism and its desire to ‘make America great again.’ Surpassed but sadly ilinformed about it. Greatness is only restored by coercion.


  4. Canada brought in 46,700 refugees in 2016. I recall the fussing around not meeting targets, or not moving fast enough, or too fast, or claims of suspect vetting, the ringing of hands, the wailing, the whining seemed endless. Some how, some how it happened and Canada is a stronger middle power for it.


    • Normally I will take ANY comment but that one doesn’t seem appropo the blog…..does it? Am I missing something? Are you saying, “If you plug away at it, it WILL get done?” And the refugee task is a good example…..and so I should just get on with it….?
      If so, that’s insightful.


      • The refugee comment is not a non sequitur nor is it a thinly veiled subterranean comment coded for your eyes and your understanding only. Just highlighting a success of all Canadians that currently goes mostly unreported.


  5. Books don’t need maintenance? What about all the promotion and advertising? Maybe it’s not book maintenance to Wayne, but to me it’s almost a full time job. Oh, here comes John. Adding a new front deck that he build and is towing in right now. Now that’s maintenance done right (if you ask me). – Margy


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