Spoken too soon…

Sal, it seems, is NOT quite ready to guest blog.  Not yet.  “Too much pressure.”  She’ll do it (in her own time which is somewhat akin to Island-time or manana or on-the-if-come or the never-never plan….) but she ‘first has to gather her thoughts together’.  

It’s just quilting!  How many thoughts can there be?


Sorry…….never mind….when you are ready.  Whatever.  Hey!  Look!  A squirrel!

(Thank God for squirrels)

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that a public housing concrete highrise building in London CLAD in flammable panels and filled with household goods burnt like a Roman candle but remained standing……unlike the vaunted World Trade Towers built to much higher standards, with sprinkler systems and occupied by comparatively less flammable materials-in-offices which fell like a house of cards?  Unlike building 7 which, un-hit and un-burned just fell in sympathy?  Box cutters and kerosene, eh?  Who knew?

Seems Clark outdid even my cynicism.  She ‘just found’ billions of extra dollars for children, no less. Wanted to help the welfare recipients, too, the sweet lass.  And found herself agreeing with dozens of NDP/Green ideas and policies which, just a few months ago, were anethema to her.  And who said phony, smiling, lying, two-faced politicians can’t learn from their mistakes, eh?

Book 2 is chugging along like an old Citroen 2CV going uphill.  NOT a book-on-fire but moving out like a sloth on downers after a heavy night of partying.  Still, movement is movement.  That book could use a good enema.

Got boat project #2 over last night.  Brought it down the hill, rolled off the steep to the beach.  Jangled over a few rocks (slowly) and heard a ‘snap’.  Seems the neck of the boat trailer was somewhat rustier than it looked and the trailer snapped a few feet back of the coupler-hitch.  That was a smidge awkward as I wanted to go another 75 feet or so.  Four-wheeling it over boulders is hard enough with the trailer working properly but when it resists by dragging it’s face in the sand, it gets dicier.  But we prevailed.  Got ‘er done.

Then we left it all at low tide un-tied.  Waited.  A few hours later, when the tide came in, the old boat floated off nice-as-you-please and we towed ‘er home, hauled it to the newly made marine ways and winched her up.

Anyone looking from a distance might think we knew what we were doing.

Summer partners arrived yesterday to a dock-not-far.  Of course, six or so months of NOT being in residence requires a lot of checking of pipes, carrying, stocking, turning on and checking, fixing, and generally getting reacquainted with ‘the old cabin’ and it’s systems.  And, just as typically, not all systems fire up or turn on just as one might like. So, old partner is getting older as he moves from valve to valve, switch to switch and lever to lever with trips to the workshop interspersed between.  Always reminds me of the swallows……..every year they come, fly around the ‘swallow-house’, gathering twigs, getting the ‘old place’ up to speed…..

….just heard him on the walkie-talkie; “Water is finally flowing!”  

Anyway………..summer is clearly here.  Fish are jumpin’ and the lettuce grows high…..


27 thoughts on “Spoken too soon…

    • Me? Relax? ME?!!!
      My idea of relaxing is when my knee stops jiggling. My idea of relaxing is when I am NOT thinking…..which is never.
      But….you are right…..I should try….my new idea of relaxing is a nap. I sometimes relax when napping. Not always but sometimes. But, after the nap…..well…..then the thinking begins again….and there goes the knee….
      Methinks you know of that of which I speak…?


      • yep.
        I “relaxed” yesterday by going for a 20 mile bicycle ride….. I was bored.
        But i didnt feel guilty eating pizza last night.


          • There’s more, too, Aldo. All the steel recovered from the site was sold and shipped to China or somewhere within two weeks! None left for forensics. That smells. And plenty of engineers and architects have said it was impossible. Plus…how does a tail and wing slice into a concrete building? In every scenario tested, the plane mostly pancakes like a bug on a windshield. I’ll accept that maybe the main wings and fuselage could penetrate but not the tail and tail wings slicing perfectly into steel and concrete like that. Everything about that event and the subsequent report stinks. Especially building 7.


          • The only concrete in the WTC buildings was the center core which held the Elevators, Stairs, A?C shafts and plumbing.
            The rest of the building was an ingenious design of steel posts supporting steel beams covered by steel decking.
            The building were NOT sprinklered. They were designed in the late 1960’s and finished in the early 1970’s before sprinklers in High rises were Code.
            As for the Airplanes, They weighed 100’s of tons each, They were traveling at almost 350 miles an hour, they were full of fuel. slicing through the glass windows, the building post, etc. The fire started, fed by carpets, drapes, furniture and paper,…… thousands of filing cabinets full of paper.
            Some people who immediately evacuated from floors ABOVE the plane crash described scenes of chaos, confusion and blocked stairwells of debris and smoke. The went to another stairwell and barely escaped by crawling over debris.
            The Engineer who built the building stated.
            “The design worked> The building survived a collision will an airplane, the fire brought it down.”

            As for the “thermite” conspiracies. Every construction site that uses concrete in its construction has traces of thermite due to the type of sand , ash and fill used to make concrete.

            Two large, fully fueled jets ran into two buildings. live on television.
            Even when I watched it I wondered how long the buildings would stay up due to the fire.
            A weakened structure, an out of control fire and gravity pressing down on the whole sorry mess. A similar 70 story high rise in Los Angeles almost collapsed in the early 1990’s because of fire until one floor that had installed sprinklers at the tenants insistance…..stopped the fire.


  1. It seems that some rethinking might be in order regarding which bid to choose in a renovation competition. Cheaper it appears is not less costly as the death toll rises. BC had its rotten condominium crises as buildings were built with inadequate over hangs and little to no rain screening. Chintzing on building regulations is seen as no biggie but perhaps something was learned about the value of a building codes.


    • True. Cheaper is not always cheaper in the long run. But that is NOT my point. The London building really, really burnt. WTC 1 & 2 did not. WTC #7 didn’t even get hit with pigeon crap. But they all fell down. They all FELL DOWN. London building did NOT. C’mon! How can that 911 official story convince even an idiot?


      • I’m not a structional engineer so my opinion is worthless. My father was called to testify in the 1970’s regarding the collapse of a steel farmed building. He was asked why buildings with glue-lam beams took longer to fail in a fire. Wooden beams are more fire resistance. Better than steel. Not sure what the London beams were? Steel, concrete, wooden some composition, but they did not fail. Also a plane loaded with jet fuel did not enter the building. The replacement cladding on the London building fire was not fire resistant. In this case taking the lowest bid on the renovation caused deaths because the fire spread rapidly on the building’s exterior. As for the ‘deep state’ taking down the World Trade Center. I’m perplexed. A pretext for a war in the Middle East?


        • The science and engineering are irrefutable. Kerosene burns at 1700 degrees. Steels melting point is much higher. Plus there was no sagging from heat. The planes did not bring two huge skyscrapers down in their own footprint. Than can only be done by demolition. Precise, perfectly executed demolition. Who? Why? Anyone’s guess but you have to wonder about who has that kind of expertise, resources, access. It was not a 20-something Arab with a box cutter. There was also evidence of thermite used all through the buildings.. Thermite melts steel in seconds. Who comes to mind for you? Me? No idea.


          • You would think that with today’s modern technology, computer assisted whatevers, Musk’s (almost) capability to colonize Mars, etc. it would be a simple task to computer simulate the stresses on the building caused by a plane crash??
            I got jumpin’ fish and the CAULIFLOWER is high. What do I have to do to grow booksales of #2 by 1?


          • Amazon.ca is the cheapest except for me handing you one. Even mailing the damn thing is cheaper for Amazon than for me, and SAL works part time at the post office!!! And Kindle is cheap AND instant. Happy to make a gift of it if we meet up someday, tho. Actually, ask your library to get it. Then it’s even less.


          • Ah.
            But the Architect who designed the World Trade Centers is still alive and PBS did an excellent interview and 2 hour long show on their investigation.
            The building were designed to withstand an airplane strike by a 707( The largest plane at that time landing in New York’s La Guardia.Airport), low on fuel, lost in fog and circling slowly…….similar to a plane crash in 1946 with a B-17 bomber that hit the Empire State building.
            The building were not designed to be intentionally hit with a 767 , full of fuel and accellerating into them.
            Steel beams dont need to melt to lose their strength. The weight of the floors above pressing down with gravity caused the 2nd building that was struck on lower floors to fail 1st.
            As for building 7? You cant have two buildings as large as the WTC dropping right next to you without ramifications to the underground structural integrity.
            A major subway line, a massive caisson holding the Hudson River back, all of it was heavily damaged.
            A conspiracy? Nope.
            It takes weeks for demo crews to set charges , cut posts and beams, drill out supports, on and on and on…..to drop an empty building a quarter the size of the WTC.

            I’m just surprised more buildings didnt drop.


          • We can argue that all day but suffice to say, thermite was present, two buildings falling within their own footprint AND the exaggerated effects of kerosene and thin aluminum simply does not make sense to me. Furthermore planes have hit other buildings all over the world and they didn’t even get their lower windows broken. To my mind, it is totally something other than reported.


    • If one believes that a conspiracy was at work to drop the three WTTowers, then it is NOT a stretch to assume NIST was complicit. Furthermore, three buildings falling within their own footprints defies logic. ANY sense of logic. And, it matters not what the officials say. Officials lie. All the time.
      Bottom line: you don’t know. Neither do I. No one calls me to tell me what’s going on. But my gut says that It DID NOT happen the way they said it did. As the Iranian President said, the official explanation is ridiculous.


      • Well.
        We’ll agree to disagree.
        Is it possible to have a conspiracy involving dozens? Maybe hundreds of people “rigging” explosives in buildings that had already gone through a muslim car bomb terrorist attack in the 1990’s and had security up the wazoo?
        Like the Kennedy assassination conspiracy……
        No one wants to believe in their heart of hearts the most powerful man in the world could be taken out by a lone schmuck.
        No Grassy knoll second shooter. Just an ex military loser with a crappy $30 mail order rifle and a car full of targets driving slowly away in a turkey shoot.
        Or whats even harder to take…….
        Was the 9/11 truth stranger than fiction.?
        Losers that managed to plan , train and eventually take over airplanes with intimidation and plastic boxcutters….causing more damage than even they could have imagined in their wildest dreams?
        We still argue about what happened in Dallas almost 60 years later.
        Long after you and I are gone….9/11 theorists will argue this till they are blue.
        Personally, in this internet day and age I dont think that many people involved could shut up about it.

        Truth. Stranger than fiction.


  2. Had our annual Lampoon summer vacation. At least this one went pretty well. Took the quads over to Vancouver Island, just north of Campbell River to Stella Lake. Rode around for two days and hightailed it back home. Summer crowds are coming out and the campground was crowded and noisy. It’s always nice to get home where it’s quiet and relaxed. One nice thing about living in our cabin year round is not having to close it up and open it up. That sounds like work to me. – Margy


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