Post Labour day: back to the old grind

Time to spread some pithy words about living sketchy and remote.  A little OTG chatter is a smidge overdue, wouldn’t ya say?  ‘Course, summer and Russian hackers will do that what with all the lazing around, drinking wine and BBQ’ing, eh?  The Russians, that is,   …NOT us. We’ve been workin’.

Bloody Russians!

And don’t get me started on the North Koreans!

Deck extension for removing generator from the shed that was built around it

Rebuilt stairs to new deck extension










So, let’s just start with a simple update:  Lower deck and adjoining bridge complete (it joins the two lower decks). And new guest bathroom up and almost functional.  Still gotta plumb gas and water.  But at least the structure is up.  The newish deck it’s on works well, too.  It looks nice.  So far, it is all going according to plan – if we actually HAD a plan, that is.

Walkway from new deck extension to main lower deck and boat house

Stairs descending from house to mid level deck and down to lower decks – design by M.C. Escher

On-demand hot water heater in the process of being stuck on a wall

“Hey, Sal.  I was just thinking that we had this rough idea about the bathroom, changed it a dozen times on the fly and yet, not once did we figure out where the demand hot water heater was to go.  Now that it is built, where should I put it?”

“I dunno.  Under the boatshed?”

“I am uncomfortable with that because every demand water heater we have had so far (two) burst into flames at some point.  I’d prefer to see the burning appliance immediately rather than just smell it for awhile, ya know?”

“Good point.  So stick it on a wall.”

This little project interfered with our boat reconstruction and so we have a boat torn apart waiting patiently for our efforts to resume the extensive surgery while we pottered about on an outdoor bathroom instead. Because every visitor (but for the two groups of guest-come-latelys in September) has had to do without the deluxe bathroom, I may just throw in the towel on that project and get on down to the boat.  That is getting to be more pressing.

WC and outdoor shower and sink on new side deck

The WC interior complete with bucket and deluxe toilet seat

Guests-come-lately at least get a privacy wall and a bucket.

But then again, the water system could use some work so as to make the freezing days less harrowing.  And some of my much-loved decks are starting to show their age and replacing a few rotten boards will soon become a priority.

And I’ve got a gazillion off-cuts waiting to be turned into birdhouses but…well…that can wait. As can the next garden box even tho I have the materials.  No pressing need for that…

…same for the new woodshed.  BUT there is also some wood to chop….damn….

I really wanted to build an evaporative fridge this summer but, well……………………..

There is so much to be done….so little time….so many guests….too many Russians…..

…what’s a guy to do?


11 thoughts on “Post Labour day: back to the old grind

  1. Busy summer as usual. Do you ever go for a dip in the salt chuck or is too cold even during this hot spell? Does any one in your area have a salt water pool on the shore? The winter is coming and you will have time for building bird houses.


    • We’ve swum. It takes a bit of adjustment tho. After a week of heart stoppages, you start to acclimate. But that week is tough. Water temp is 9C. Most folks are in and out within a minute. When we were building we went in every day. Had to. No running water. We’d dip and rinse. Two minutes tops. Very refreshing. But not so much now….like never!
      No pools out here. Not a bad idea tho……


  2. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for adding the pictures, must admit that my mind’s eye was not up to task. Now I get it. So this what has precipitated jumping into 9 degree water. Beautiful job. Does it get railings?


  3. That’s one nice thing about living on a fresh water lake. Swimming (and bath dips) are refreshing. The lake water is 24C at the surface, a bit cooler and your feet, but not bad, especially on these hot days. You’ve been really busy building and remodeling. We’ve done a few projects, but having John to help leaves us a lot of time to just enjoy the results. – Margy


    • Our site is quite sloped. Stairs are not an option. Neither is the funicular or Highline. We are always going up or down and only walking level on decks for the most part. I like to think of it as obligatory exercise. Because….it is!


  4. Definitely don’t put that demand heater underneath the deck! Plenty of clearance above the flame; excellent idea! I know of one earlier this summer, at an undisclosed kayaker’s campsite, that did not have enough clearance above it. Melted the corrugated plastic roofing material which dripped down onto the unit, eventually bursting into flames, destroying the water heater, the shower shed and but for the quick response of one heroic kayak guide, would possibly have destroyed the entire camp and the island it is situated on! Plenty of clearance, remember! Glad you are finding your feet again after the incident with the Russians!!


    • I am not too afraid of Russian hackers but I am terrified of a fire. I surrounded it with cement board and gave it plenty of space. And there will be a fire extinguisher placed close by. I’ll still worry for the first ten to twenty uses. May have to watch my guests shower to be on the safe side……

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