Subtle but noticeable

Trump shocked, offended and outraged us on a virtually daily basis for the first few months of his lunacy..uh….presidency.  It was a continual twitter train-wreck.  The guy was and is a prolific prince of pratfall politics – a shame and a disgrace to his office and an embarrassment to his country.  A spectacle of the worst kind.  I am still repulsed.

But…and it is a BIG BUTT….he is being absorbed into the fabric of normalcy.  He is now much more a part of the normal American picture.  He is no longer as outrageous….at least not on a daily basis.  Trump is playing a leading role in what is fast becoming the new ‘normal’.

If true (and I think it is) that is a comment on all of us. In a way, that is even sicker than Trump himself.

Of course, North Korea and hurricanes help distract.  Chief of Staff Kelly has clearly helped with office discipline. And maybe, just maybe, Trump is running low on stupid, dickhead moves….c’mon…it’s possible…..?  No?  But the real observation here is not that the White House or Trump is likely improving but rather that the news media is apparently showing fatigue.  They obviously can’t keep it up.  If Trump doesn’t shoot someone on Fifth Avenue (as he claims he can) or nuke Kim Jong-un or grab a new pussy, the reading population (a relatively small group in the US, it seems) has started to lose interest.

Or, alternatively, the media itself is losing interest.

Are we just seeing proof of the obvious and well-recognized extremely short (and getting shorter) attention span of the American public or is it something more..?

It could be something worse.  Seems the expert and skilled staff of the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal are leaving in droves.  They can’t stand the ‘soft-on-Trump’ policy invoked by the editor in chief, Baker.   Seems Baker and Murdoch are Trump supporters.   They are softly supporting Trump.  Maybe there is a purge of the newsrooms happening?  Maybe the skilled and expert are simply bored of it?

It could be the slower-than-hoped-for forensic dissection of Trump, his campaign and the Russians involvement in the election.  The left wanted blood and they are not feeling patient. Waiting is hard. But Mueller is taking his time.

Sessions has also shut up.

Paul Ryan is losing support and influence.  John McCain has dialed it back.  Liz Warren is MIA.

The Republican party is ducking for cover.

They are all shifting to ‘getting elected’ mode, maybe?

It might even be the bizarre attraction the NFL has over the gibbering masses and this being week one of the regularly scheduled annual fake contest invented by corporations to entertain us.  Who knows?  Go Hawks!  Make Seattle Great Again!

My view?  I thought you’d never ask…..

Modern life is increasingly virtual.  Digital.  It is not real.  More and more, people are disconnected from what is real, what is really happening in their lives.  We do NOT see how a clown on TV impacts our lives.  Not really.  We do not see how a politician effects us.  We do not see why the president of the United States is more important than a quarterback or a Nascar champion or Kim Kardashian.  News has been blended with entertainment to the point that, if it isn’t fun or shocking, it isn’t worth watching or talking about.  “What else ya got?”  Hurricanes are ‘now‘.  Funny cat you-tubes in a pinch. Trump talkin’ twitter trash…’s all grist for the mill….the entertainment mill.

We have all collectively shifted to a fake-cum-virtual life, a wasted one lived at last half-time on Facebook and Twitter.  Life is now a back-lit screen.  Trump knows this.  Hell, even Trudeau knows this.  Things going poorly, Justin?  How about some photo-bombing of a wedding or something?  Maybe you take off your shirt this time?

Major madness, folks.  That is what this is.  Full-onset.  Rapid.  All enveloping.  Watch it unfold on the new made-for-Netflix blockbuster series.

Or…………….get out.  Get out now!



8 thoughts on “Subtle but noticeable

  1. Vancouver Sun, Sept. 9, 2017, reporting a story from The Daily Telepgraph, with the headline, “Trump accuses Republicans of having a ‘death wish’ “. Is Trump turning to the Democrates to secure a win for his policies?


    • Trump! Ptui! The bigger question is: does Trump have any policies? Does Trump have any values that cannot be monetized? I think he’s mad, quite frankly. And I am NOT alone.


    • I guess we should be happy for the Dreamers but, instead, it feels like like bully taunting and teasing again. Trump deal making? Is that what it has come to? NOT values, morality, right and wrong but who can ‘deal’?


    • I guess we should be happy for the Dreamers but, instead, it feels like like bully taunting and teasing again. Trump deal making? Is that what it has come to? NOT values, morality, right and wrong but who can ‘deal’?


  2. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The average reader/ viewer/ listener aka voter has the attention span of a fruit fly circling an empty wine glass.
    Thus the politicians and (more importantly) their advisors know that they only have to offer bland pablum week after week to the compliant ( and subservient) media who then vomit it out verbatim to the narcoleptic masses.
    Several weeks or months later all is forgotten and the crisis/ scandals/ stories change.
    And ….when all else fails
    …’s football/ hockey/ basketball/ baseball/ soccer/ Olympic season

    It would be frightening if it wasnt so pathetic.


    • I would condemn the ‘narcoleptic masses’ except that I cannot remember all the madness that transpires either. I recall Trudeau photobombing and Trump passing gas but, honestly, it all DOES seem like a blur after awhile. Strangely, it is easy to remember almost everything Kim Jong Un has to say because…well….he only says one thing.


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