Little Mystery Man

Our first grandchild was born in Victoria in the very early hours a few days ago.  He weighed a bit under eight pounds but was clearly looking to add to that as soon as he could.  He was already communicating hungry.  He was busy sleeping between meals but, during the brief interval between waking and chowing down, he showed a remarkable array of other talents and great intelligence.  Amazing for a ten-hour-old.  Clearly some kind of prodigy.  We are convinced he is an athletic genius in the making – albeit from less than three minutes of observation when he was awake.  But, you know what they say, ‘You only have one chance to make a first impression’ and he did.  I admit that I was impressed.    

And not just by his incredibly good looks.  This kid is really handsome!  Most babies look like raisins-morphing into Winston Churchill-look-alikes but this kid is suave, cool, debonair and beautiful.  Plus his nose is perfect and his little face is already quite expressive. And he is not reticent to throw his little fists around either.  He punches the air like a tiny Muhammed Ali.  Ten hours old and I felt like we were sympatico.  I have a new friend. 

The blog title is Little Mystery Man because I am not posting pictures of him on the blog.  The parents prefer NOT to make ‘Tyke’ famous just yet.  I respect that decision.  More and more social media is seeming like a tool for the mad and insane.  See: Carrot-in-Chief.  

But the adults in this picture are already etched deeply into the ‘cloud’ and so here we are……

Three Generations

15 thoughts on “Little Mystery Man

  1. Congratulationsss!! David and Sally and the family. I like the sentence you only have one chance to make impression. Baby boy is definitely handsome and lovely! With love! From Hazel Wong.


  2. lol, looks like all one needs for a great future is ‘all that hair’,, if only things were that simple
    not raining on your ‘heir’ Davidicus, hardy har,
    We’ll see in 18 months or so if he gets more of the package, like that tot you posted some time back that looked like a catalogue model, his figure especially


    • That featured first tot was born from two stunning human specimens (currently being filmed for a TV series no less). This tyke has many of the same assets in his dna but he has the added bonus of creative, eccentric, adventuresome grandparents and, plus Sal and I are there to help as well.
      Kids got all the advantages…….plus hair!


    • I think he’s been in one for over NINE months already ,(and counting). I don’t blame him. It’s a HUGE responsibility. I was in a daze for thirty years. This is a bit less daunting and a bit more fun for me, though.


      • Lol.
        I have some friends that brought their new born baby daughter home from the hospital.
        They put the bassinet with baby in it on the kitchen table and sat down and stared at each other…..”Now what do we do?” said Dad.
        They both burst out laughing and have since raised a smart, wonderful girl.


  3. Congratulations!!!!! He’s one lucky little fellow to have such awesome grandparents. He’ll be living off the land before you know it.


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