Al Franken posed for the publicity camera as a looming boob-grabber while a female performer slept fully garbed (and armed) in camo and flak jacket.  It was over ten years ago when he was an entertainer doing a benefit for the troops in Iraq.  He’s a senator now.  Democrat.  The GOP want his head to roll.  He apologized.  The co-performer accepted the apology.  No problem.  But it IS still a problem……

Bill Clinton had ‘relations’ with that woman and is now being slagged again for that unseemly affair but it is important to note that Monica took full ownership of her role in the matter and was emphatic that it was consensual.  She did not raise the matter again.  So, two adults consensually engaged and yet it is still a problem…..

The brief point I am trying to make is that there is something else at play here…..what is it?

Of course, there is the real issue of sexual harassment and all that that includes from my argument for due process to my further argument that some it is just rude behaviour and not worthy of such hysteria all the way to the cultural disease that discriminates against women in all sorts of ways.  And genuinely victimizes some in criminal ways. The topic is a huge one and does need a bright light shone on it.

So, what’s the problem?

Part of it is that the topic, the legitimate one – has now been hijacked by partisan politics.  Each of the American parties is now muckraking NOT to promote the discussion, not to create a social dialogue, not to resolve resolvable issues but rather simply to bludgeon the other side.   “Your pig is worse than our pig!”

That is yet ANOTHER element of the sickness that plagues politics today and has turned so many away from the mainstream media and the governing process we should all be part of.

Why can’t this topic be discussed without scapegoating, martyring and condemning?  Why do heads have to roll?  Convicted rapists, child molesters, maybe even severely egregious sexual harassment perps, all deserving of public flogging and rolling heads…OK…maybe them.  But that should NOT mean that civilized discussion should not make up the greater bulk of the stories.  Instead, we get more and more fingers pointing, more and more public tarring and feathering, more and more hysteria.

Sexual harassment is bad.  Public shaming is also bad.  Political blaming is NOT what the politicians are there for.  And all that we stand for as a civilized society is being dismissed and ignored along with law and due process while this wallowing in the gutter continues.

All this under Trump’s presidency.

“C’mon, Dave!  That’s a stretch.  You sayin’ Trump caused Al Franken to pose as a boob-grabber?  You sayin’ that he is urging the tarring and feathering of all and sundry when he himself grabs pussies?”

No.  Of course not.  What I am saying is that the president has a history of being crude, rude and vulgar, he is a nasty, divisive, anti-social racist and misogynist that has, by his mere existence, given license to mud-slinging and unfounded prejudices and discriminations.  Trump is the vulgar-in-chief and has set the tone for this, the current witch hunt mood in the nation. He established the nasty tone in the voices we are now hearing.

“Doesn’t that mean he should get some weird kind of credit for being the catalyst for this social ‘correction’ we are seeing?”

Ironically, yes.  Maybe Trump’s piggyness has prompted outrage where outrage was needed and overdue (although some of it should sure-as-hell be directed his way) and maybe that is good thing.  Maybe it took the election of a real sexist to outrage enough women to point to others.  Maybe we had to slip this far to see where it was all heading…I dunno….

But one thing is for sure.  When you want Al Franken or even Roy Moore to resign over such issues as posing for a bad-taste camera picture or a 35 year old unproven allegation, the mood is ugly, stupid, hysterical and warped.  And who does that sound like?




6 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. Hold it, Dave. I get tired of you labelling President Trump with all he words you have said above. It would be nice if you could back any of it with actual facts instead of what the media, the Dems and the clique that is D.C.have been dishing out because they are scared of what an ‘outsider’ is going to do to their little world of power. It may turn out in the future that he was a pretty good president unlike some of his womanizing and useless predicesors.


    • I confess that much of what I say, I glean from the media. That’s true. They can and do twist, spin and lie. And it is also true that the Donald and I don’t hang out much. In fact, not at all. His loss, not mine.
      But the media does not make divisive statements, he does. The media only quotes his nasty tone, belittling others, giving nicknames, dissing parents of fallen soldiers and demanding loyalty from even football players exercising their right to protest. It is Trump who sets the tone, mood, inconsistency and childish behaviour that is his presidency. Not the media.

      And, to be fair, not the too-silent Dems. They are the door-mat Dems to me. They should be all over this guy. More than they are.

      I also admit that there is an inside-the-beltway world of swamp dwellers to address but Trump’s swamp is deeper and uglier. His business is money laundering for Russian oligarchs and drug dealers. You know that, right? Just look at his empty buildings with absent Russian owners. C’mon, John, how did he make money driving a casino into the toilet? And why talk so much with Russians if there ain’t sump’n in it for him?

      But I digress. In this blog, I am simply making the point that he has lowered the bar on civility. He set the witchhunt tone, the nasty harangue that is the sexual harassment hysteria that assumes guilt without due process. I stand by my claim that he has set loose the rabid dogs and they are out of control.

      Hope you are well, otherwise and thanks for hangin in there.


  2. ….and fresh off the presses.
    A woman pilloried by social media for defending an accused sexual abuser….issues an apology to the mob…….


    The odd thing is the accusor wanted ” a substantial amount of money” to keep quiet…….


  3. “…with actual facts…” the call for facts is ironic given the daily propaganda about ‘fake’ news.’ President Trump says a lot of things but those interested in checking the President’s words know with absolute certainty that on average Mr Trump tells five lies a day. Either the telling of lies matters or lies do not matter. Is it only Mr Trump’s lies that do not matter? Has the Republican Party become the party of ‘the means justifies the ends.’ Lie for the sake of the agenda.


    • John’s request for facts is legitimate even if the request should work both ways. What are the facts about Trump that we know for sure? I think we all agree that (as I posited in the blog) he is divisive and nasty. That may be subjective but I think there’s plenty of proof on that score (ask any Muslim, Mexican, brown, black or Democrat). I also think he is ignorant and stupid and, for sure, there is hard evidence on that score. He simply does NOT KNOW history, facts, proven information, law and the list goes on. The list being provided by his staff and friends. Even the GOP says ‘he doesn’t know”. Admittedly, being ignorant of so much does not disqualify him to lead. JP Morgan claimed not to know anything except who to hire. In other words, ‘you can rent smart’. Trump seems to rent smart rather well. He keeps a small army of lawyers and he’s NOT in jail. We know that there is ‘something’ unusual with him and the Russians. That may not be criminal but, in their association with all his real estate investments, it is extremely suspicious. We know he loves women enough to grab ’em and kiss ’em as the urges hit him. That makes him, at best, a pushy lover but an ugly, clumsy one. Given his long-standing friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire pedophile party host, the picture could be worse. But, to be fair, we don’t KNOW anything for sure about that. Maybe he is just a healthy, red-blooded male but, sadly, that is not a good label to carry these days either. We know he has gone bankrupt four times. Once with a casino, no less. We know that he stiffed his employees many times. We know he employed illegal Polish workers on Trump Tower. We know that he has violated the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution and danced on the edge of violating a few more. We also know he golfs a lot while at work. He charges the secret service for rooms he rents them when he is at his resorts. We know he is bullying Canada and Mexico, the best neighbours who are still second-rate economies. And we know he is taking credit for turning the economy around when, in fact, it was 8 years of Obama, after inheriting a near meltdown, that did that. That may NOT be enough for John, but it is enough for me. I think the better question would be: “John, is there anything about Trump mentioned above that you find disquieting? And, if not, what POSITIVE facts do you have that makes him great to you? Exactly WHAT has Trump actually done that is provable, factual, concrete and good?


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