I could be wrong…but

…we are done.

The Chinese are not only taking over they have already done so………(I know, I know, ‘what does that mean’?)  I don’t actually KNOW what that means but the pace of progress in China is staggering. It is with numbers I have a hard time embracing. It is breathtaking.  For instance, there are more electric buses in Shenzen (an industrial town just east of Hong Kong) than there are buses in all of the bigger cities in the United States.  One city here has more electric buses than the larger cities in the  US have buses!

Greater Chongqing (a relatively unknown city in China if that is possible) has a population equal to California and Canada.  They had 31 million people in 2015 and are growing at a faster rate than is our own country.

Everything is modern.  Everything is connected.  Even the peasant stores in the country take the Chinese version of PayPal.

But, get this: my friend’s family owns a hotel.  It is a modest hotel by any standards but a good one.  Rated #74 in the city.  It sits on a site maybe 100 feet by 80, maybe a bit more.  Ten or so floors.  160 rooms.  The family is going to sell it.  They expect to get as much as $6Billion HK (Can$1Billion).  Maybe more.  A record sale was just transacted nearby: a 121 square foot apartment sold for $HK 1.9M (Can$330,000).  One hundred and twenty-one sft is considered a small bedroom or a parking space in Canada and it is being sold for 1/3 of a million Canadian dollars!

That is not the half of it.  That is just what I see and I have not seen much.  I was felled by the Cathay Pacific chicken, pig-dog flu and have been MIA for the past three days. But Hong Kong is crazy-busy and, according to my sources, it is no longer the ‘hub’ of the Chinese business world.  Beijing and Shanghai have usurped that title with cities like Shenzen and Chongquing doing most of the heavy lifting.

“How does that make us done?” 

They are making tons of money.  And they are buying us.  No invasion.  No military.  No force.  Just money.  You want a million dollars for a piece of crap on the eastside of Vancouver?  No problem!

“You worried about that, Dave?”

Not really.  Ascending empires take over. It’s what empires do.  China is ascending.  It is an empire.  It will take over.  At least ‘buying’ their way in results in less bloodshed.  Our culture will be assimilated in to the culture of the empire just as our culture was by the Americans.  Our economy will be China-driven.  Our thinking will gradually become more ‘Chinese’.  It seems inevitable but, to be fair, it will not happen in my lifetime.  But, make no mistake.  You are currently living in a ‘not-modern’ culture, not partcipiating in a ‘powerful, healthy’ economy and your Canadian future will soon be very different.

“Aren’t you being a bit dramatic?” 

Maybe.  But when you know what money can do and you can see how much money is so intensely at work here*, the message is pretty clear.  If they ever bring that ‘money system’ to our shores (and they are) then things will change considerably.  You can see a glimpse of that in the real estate market of Vancouver and, quite honestly, that is not how it will show up eventually.  What we are seeing now is simply some Chinese money ‘going to sleep’ (as they say) in Canada.  They can buy something safe like real estate and not care if they got a good deal, not care if they get a return, not care if the money accomplishes anything.  It is just there.  It has been ‘put to sleep’.  When they come with even more money some day and ‘wake it all up’, our lives will never be the same.


5 thoughts on “I could be wrong…but

  1. Ironically, some Canadians, are opposed to expanding trade with the People’s Republic. These Canadians it seems want improved civil rights for Chinese citizens before negotiating improved trade relations with Canada. Many Canadians are currently denied their civil rights and are forced to go to the Supreme Court of Canada to secure them. Pretty ironic eh!


  2. Dave you are correct in identifying China’s economic ascendancy. It is a story that receives little press in the West. Trump’s isolationalism leaves the door open to China’s economic expansion.


  3. If I go by what I read while living in Canada, China is bad. If I go by what my Chinese friends say, ‘China is good.’ If I go by what I see for myself, limited as it is, the truth is that they might both be right.
    China is truly authoritarian and ‘China First’. Having said that, authoritarian is word that also means ‘things get done’. And fast. So, is it worse to have things rammed down your throat? Or is it worse to sit in disarray dithering while things go moldy and deteriorate?
    Judging from the Chinese model, a little ‘authoritarianism’ at least allows for the mistakes and fixes to happen. And what makes it more tolerable is that the projects they make happen are very much in aid of the people as a whole. They make roads and bridges and infrastructure. The projects we seem to take forever deciding on are usually benefitting only corporations – like SELLING OFF our resources.
    Give Trump Chinese-type power and the US would be a toxic garbage dump at war internally and externally within months. Make China jump through the hoops we do to make decisions and nothing would ever get done (as was the case before 1980). Simply too many people, too many levels, too much corruption to make a decision democratically.
    We have to streamline our processes. But we have to have a government actually committed to the people before we do that. And that can’t happen when a government is formed by private corporations masquerading as Liberal or Conservative ‘parties’.


    • Yup it is complex. But it is a conversation worth having. Norway is doing well because she licensed access to her energy resources, she did not lose control of them because she did not sell them off. Norway’s Sovereign wealth fund in 2017, was worth $192,207 US per Norwegian citizen. Norway is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.


  4. Total agreement.
    As I said to a friend of mine who was co,plaining of “foreign investment” driving prices too high for locals’ ” Look on the bright side.. They wont bomb what they own…..”


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