There was no collusion!

I used to work with drug addicts.  It is fair to say that most addicts are at least liars and usually master manipulators.  I will concede that they are usually so blatant that seeing the lies and manipulations are not all that difficult but, for them to have descended so far into their addiction that I got involved, meant that many others had been deceived and, of course, many had been complicit simply because it was easier to go along with the lie than to face it head on.

An addict is enabled to some extent or else their world would blow up much sooner than it would otherwise. Trump has his money, his family and the GOP enabling him.

And it is in that vein that I am writing today.  I keep hearing Trump reiterate time and time again that “There was no collusion!” (with his campaign and the Russians).  That repetition of innocence rang a bell.  I think he doth protest too much!

That Shakesperian line can mean more than one thing but one main meaning is that the liar is clinging to a shred of truth in the denial process and, by focusing on that one shred, hopes to deflect from the bigger lie.  My guess: Trump is telling the truth – there was no collusion in the strictest sense.  HE (probably) DID NOT collude with RUSSIANS.

But that leaves so much still possible.  The Russians have so much dirt on Trump that he did NOT collude (in the strictest sense).  He OBEYED instead of colluded?  Or, the Russians did what they did and did it for him but he didn’t have a direct hand in any of it.  Or, he purposefully set up a plan a long time ago and did not ever get involved again…not in years (to Trump time would excuse his involvement).  In other words, Trump is lying about the overall intention of the accusation of collusion but telling the truth about one minor aspect of it.

That’s the way drug addicts would manipulate their dupes, enablers and marks.  They would tell one specific truth so that the larger lie was either believed or not looked into.

I don’t know why it took so long for me to connect the dots and maybe I am wrong.  But by Trump focusing on the word collusion, he is unconsciously admitting to the bigger crime – just not the collusion part.

It goes without saying that he is using his own specific definition of collusion.

“The Russians likely have a lot of dirt on Trump.”   Or so says some ex National Security guy.  In other words, they can blackmail him.  If that is true (and a lot suggests that it is) then collusion is not the issue.  Blackmail and influence is the issue.  Treason is the issue.  Collaboration.  Partnership.  Cahoots.

But maybe not collusion.

“There was no collusion!”  When a manipulator focuses on one hard aspect of the allegations against them, they are really saying, “You will find me innocent of this one thing.  So please stop looking or else you will find the other dozen things I am really guilty of.”

Personally, I am convinced that Trump is guilty of money-laundering at the very least. And, by default, income tax evasion.  Dirty dealings.  Probably some kinky perversions, too, but meh…… the real crime against the American people will be for him having been so stupid, greedy and mean, despicable in so many ways and a liar of MAGA proportions, having been so dirty for so long that he is not only susceptible to blackmail he didn’t even have to collude with the Russians at all – because they don’t listen to him.  They just give him orders.

He will go to Hell mewling, “But I didn’t collude.” 


15 thoughts on “There was no collusion!

  1. I think that you are correct. Trump Is speaking to his base when he says ‘no collusion.’ But Trump is being investigated for possible ‘obstruction of justice.’ Obstruction of Justice is a crime. Trump is not saying, ‘I did not obstruct justice!’ And that is curious. But I think obstruction is the least of the charges facing him.


    • I suppose. I guess everyone knows this. It’s basic to the milieu in which they all live. But it just twigged for me. Just today, I heard him quoted/tweeted ONE MORE TIME and it rang a bell. I guess I am getting old and slow on the uptake but, until now, I thought he was just denying collusion. NOW I hear it as a manipulated, deviated, perverted confession (shades from my past)

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    • Right! And, by Bill’s definition, a BJ in the closet was NOT a sexual relation! And I’ll bet that, to this day, he clings to that thin thread of ‘his truth’ that it was NOT a ‘relation’, NOT ‘sexual’. That the entire world saw it differently would not change his mind. “Well, to me…it was NOT a sexual relationship. I mean, how could it be? Technically sexual, I guess, but definitely NOT a relation. Not even a relationship. It was NOT a relation!”


      • In some parts of the world were very sympathetic to Bill because he had to use a cigar for his proxy. A cigar, what a humiliation! Where is the compassion?


      • I had sympathy for Bill’s act. He’s first and foremost a basic animal, a natural being doing a natural thing. No problem in that. BUT, we have laws and standards and societal norms and playing nice with an intern is considered ‘not on’ in modern society. And, I get that. But he lied. And he bald-facedly lied. People won’t accept that from the president (well, at least not until now). He should have said, “Yeah, I had relations with Monica, God bless her heart. This is a tough job and I need all the support I can get and I am embarrassed to say I needed some support at that moment. ‘Course, Hillary is gonna kill me but that’s between her and me. I was a naughty boy but I am not a liar. If anyone is gonna sue me, it will be Hillary, not you.”


      • It was okay for Bill to poke her with a cigar but NOT okay for Grandpa Bush to pat someone’s behind? I’m getting confused here. Should I go out and get a box of cigars, just to be on the safe side?


      • A whole box? Bit optimistic, aren’t you? I suggest you stick with cauliflower and offer it up culinarily rather than anyway else. The way to a woman’s heart is, after 50, doing the cooking and cleaning up. Laundry is the penultimate charm. Any other approach is fraught with politics, anger, prosecution and condemnation. And incredible expense. Consider getting some sheep instead. Way cheaper. They go crazy for cauliflower and don’t have a political thought in their heads. Best of all? They are quiet!
        I may not survive that comment……


  2. It was a consensual relationship that lasted two years. The religious right offered a currently sitting president a mulligan for such behaviour. The French understand these things that Bill was involved in. They know that it takes two to tango. The howling of Americans is shown everyday to be hypercritical and tainted with false shock and outrage. Remember the senator who he was in Brazil with his mistress but said he was a hiking a trail in the American wilderness. He got a mulligan too. Still sits in the senate.


  3. The head of the F.B.I for decades,
    J.Edgar Hoover never agreed with reporters, senate committees, anyone…..that the Mafia existed.
    After he died it was revealed that the Mob had compromising photos of him ….with men.

    I’m sure if Trump escapes the Presidential Impeachment he so obviously seems to deserve…….we’ll eventually hear the truth.

    My prediction.?
    The vice prez will give him a Presidential Pardon on Trumps final helicopter ride from the White House to Mar-a -Lago.
    Either way,
    The Republican Party will spend another two terms outside the White House looking in…….
    Perhaps thats what the Donald wanted all along….”You’re ALL fired!”

    Either way .
    He has gutted the State Depts ability to work with most foreign allies. And with the rise of Putin , Xi and every other crass , revolting “leader” in the “non free”world….
    I dont hold much hope for ‘democracy” in our future.


  4. Sheep may not be good at talking, the little bleaters but science has proven that they recognize faces and can pick him out of a lineup. They do not sign non-disclosure agreements.


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