I drank a whole bottle of sake last night….

It’s not hard to do.  Sake goes down easy.  But, I am surprised at myself.  I thought I was a better person.  Good men only need to drink sake to be re-classified as bad.

Sal told me that.

It all started with the prawns.  We went out and caught some yesterday and, as a celebration, I offered to cook dinner.  When I cook dinner, thirty percent of the time I am making sushi.  This is because I only have two other dishes in my repertoire (BBQ steak and something else that has currently slipped my mind).  Maybe four dishes if you count assembling stuff on a pizza shell.

Anyway, I make sushi and an accompanying mess all at the same time.  To offset the stress of being in the middle of a chaotic kitchen, I heat up a bottle of sake and sip it as I cook.

A lot of cooks do that – but with wine.  I am not alone in this.  But, you see, there is a loop-back mechanism at work here.  The more sake I drink, the slower I get at making the sushi.  The slower I get, the more sake disappears. By the time the bottle is empty, the sushi is either done or I have kinda slowed up so much that Sal comes in and finishes up.  The key is to finish the sushi just before the sake.

“That is NOT the key!  The key is to make sushi like a good husband and only have one sake in the process!” 

“Say, d’ya wanna play Sumo after dinner?”

“I’m not talking to you anymore tonight but I will say, the sushi is delicious.”

“C’mon, I’ll make us each one of those diaper things and we can squat and rush at each other later?”

“I am taking my sushi and going upstairs.  You’re getting weird.”

Image result for female sumo

“Oh, relax.  I am only kidding.  We can play sumo in kimonos.”

“This is your way of getting out of making dinner, isn’t it?”

“No.  Infrequent dinner-making is my way of limiting my sake intake.”


11 thoughts on “I drank a whole bottle of sake last night….

  1. yep that sake is deceptive,, bet you had a headache the next day tho,
    1.5 litre Gekkeikan sake for 18 bucks is a rare reasonable item at BCLCB ,
    Were the prawns big and abundant, do you pull by hand,,??


    • Half that, Aldo. 750ml. But, no, I feel fine. Probably worked it off sumo wrestling with Sal. It’s much more difficult when she resists.
      No longer pulling ‘by-hand’. Use an Ace Mighty Brutus….thing….with a self-tailing attachment. Not totally hands free but close enough to make it easy. Pics added tomorrow.


    • Loved the sushi. That’s the trouble with sake, it just goes down easy and doesn’t kick me down further. That’s why I wanted to do sumo…..lots of zip in the old step.


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