Smidge overdue……

……on what’s been happening in my head.  Short answer: not much.  Nothing of any importance anyway.

Caught a fish Monday.  About seven pounds….maybe six.  Ling cod. That was good.  I think that makes it the third fish I have ever caught in my life that didn’t have a middleman (fishing guide) in the middle of it all.  This was just me, the primal guy, with the junk gear fishing for dinner.  Aaaargh!  Well, OK, primal guy and his wife.  Aaaargh.

We’re looking for some Woofers – Willing Workers on Organic Farms.  They are usually young people traveling the world on a small budget and they swap a few hours labour for a place to kip down and scarf down some meals.  Every Woofer we have had was great except for two and they were fine.  NOT great but OK.  That’s a ratio of about ten to one.  It’s always interesting, often fun.


…..seems the W’fers are getting a bit flaky these days.  They say they are coming and then, a day later, say they are not.  That’s fine.  I guess.  But it makes it seem a bit flaky to me.  I have no idea why this is happening but it is not peculiar to us.  Oh, well……..some will come.  They will be fine.  Life is good.

The boat is great.  The boat is GREAT!  Been using it for about two months and love it!

Trump?  Just makes me gag right now.  “Canadians are spoiled.”  THIS insult coming from  Donald Trump!  Unbelievable.

Alberta and BC and Kinder Morgan and Trudeau…?  Makes me gag all over again.  Too stupid.  TOO STUPID FOR WORDS!!!!  Jason Kenney (no rocket scientist himself) says flat out that Trudeau has the political depth of a finger bowl.  No attention span.  Can’t read a memo longer than a cocktail napkin.  And, if the TransMountain pipeline fiasco is anything to go by, he is understating the case.  I love Horgan for doing what he said he would do and I hate Notley for being a bully-bitch but the problem and the solution has been evident for years and look at this crew……pathetic.

How do these people get our votes?

But, it’s summertime and the pols will now go play at the beach.  They feel they have earned their pay.  Time to BBQ and have fun.  Frankly, the country would be better off if they just stayed at the cottage year ’round and left us all the hell alone.  It is hard to even get me riled when they are so bad.

Grandson doing good.

Sal quilting like a maniac.

Book delayed by an Amazon screw up.  Couple more weeks….

Here’s something that might surprise you….I think I should pay more – for my ferry service.  For years BCF has charged too much.  They still do for the Gulf crossings and they used to for our short, ten minute run from little island to BIG island.  With car, we paid about $30.00.  Steep.  Especially considering the boat was built in the 60’s (1860’s it seems), is rusted like a third world disaster waiting to happen and is always full.  Still…my gut-price said $25.00 was OK so the extra five bucks was no biggie.  THEN they gave us seniors discounts and that was good.  Got it down to $22.00 or thereabouts and that was a ‘good’ deal in my gutsl.  NO complaints.

Then the NDP improved that.  I now pay just under $15.00.  Sal and I and our car….$15.00 on non-weekends and that includes TO and FROM the little island.  $7.50 one way.  I cannot buy a burger for that.  It’s TOOOOOooooooooo cheap.  Who woulda thunk it?  I think I should pay more.  I really do.  There isn’t a hope in hell of getting a new, safe ferry at that ticket price.  There isn’t a hope in hell they can operate in the black at that price.  At that price….we are gonna sink!!

And I am a pinko.  I want everything for free.  I am a leach on the taxpayer (in spirit) and even I think this is too cheap.

I am thinking of putting up a collection can at the ticket office for donations to pay for a new boat. I wonder how that would go over?

Anyway…you can see where this blog going…nowhere.  Dave has no issues right now.  Dave is laid back.  Calm.  No axes to grind, no crosses to bear, no burrs under my saddle, no worries, mate.

Hmmmm…that worries me…..


16 thoughts on “Smidge overdue……

  1. It’s not the Pinkos that want the free ride, it’s ‘the lake of fire folks’ that hate taxes.The legion of 30% percenters who want to decide one’s Charter Rights. The party of ‘No!’


    • I was being a smidge sarcastic. I am not a ‘gimme-type’. I do not have entitlements. But I do have expectations of honour, honesty and integrity and the political bastards don’t like that. I expect truth. I expect the ‘common good’ to be be raised from ‘irrelevant’ to top priority. I expect the planet to be respected if not preserved. I am a ‘spoiled brat’ it seems…because I want good to displace greed and evil.

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      • Dude, you are a Pinko in word, thought and deed. I’ve known you years and you have never advocated to erase any one’s Charter Rights.


  2. Maybe buy a few life jackets first before setting up the donation box. However, from what I know of you, Dave, you would give them to other passengers if there should ever be an accident.

    I would appreciate some advice please. What news sites would recommend for Canadian news? You know for news on ferry disasters, and on pipelines, and the like. I get no Canadian news on this side of the world, although I dare say, a Canadian ferry disaster may well be reported.


    • Sadly, our MSM is corporate or stupid….ok, both. Read the Tyee to know about BC. It’s only online. Free, though. If you want more, I’ll give you Ontario and Quebec.

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    • The CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) it is on-line and also broadcasts on satellite radio. There is a debate on its editorial position but listen and decide for yourself. It is generally hated by Conservatives because it is funded by the federal government as part of public service broadcasting. It rebroadcasts programmes during the night from several commonwealth countries including Australia.In many parts of Canada it is the only broadcaster. Loved by most and hated by some.


  3. Pinko is like ‘socialist’. The word has been corrupted. A pinko is NOT a communist but is community oriented. Sharing. Working for the common good. And, in that original sense, I am a pinko. But it has come to mean (by right wing bigots) someone who whines, complains and wants the government to do the heavy lifting. I am not that. I want less government, but more community. Pinko has been corrupted like tree hugger, whale saver….like ‘liberal’ has been corrupted. Same purposeful distortion. Same lie. Same semantic distortion.
    Look at Trump’s distortion of James Clapper’s words….perfect example of purposeful distortion.


  4. The definition of pinko has evolved since 1837 and has been in the past used as part of a simplistic binary way of looking at political beliefs. Today it has several meanings but it generally it means mildly liberal. Conservative also has many shades of meanings and iterations including totalitarian rule like Hitler, just as totalitarianism might exist on the left in the form of a Chairman Mao Zedong. We even have so called red Tories or lefty Conservatives and also blue liberals. I know for certain you are not a ‘lake of fire’ type guy.


    • I’m more of a lake of chocolate kinda guy now. Used to be a ball of fire type. Ball of chocolate, maybe? Anyway…the fire is diminishing….the lake drying up and the gene pool a thing of the past…..


    • Queen of Powell River. Built 1965. Poxed with rust. Torqued out of shape. Good only for salvage. BUT run and managed by the best crew on the coast. Real people doing real work with the community in mind. Five star review for the crew. Two thumbs down for the boat. No clue regarding management…..


  5. I have two doctors, one in the States and one in Powell River. I got lucky, both care and better yet, both understand living off the grid. My doctor in the States grew up off the grid in Alaska, and, well, my Powell River doctor lives in Powell River and is an outdoorsman (caught him an elk last year). That helps when I ask for things like extra prescriptions for just in case at the cabin. I do get all my drugs in the States where I have a drug plan that lets me get expensive things for pennies on the dollar. But I keep my Canadian doctor informed. Plus things like special tests and surgeries are easier to schedule down south. By the way, have you ever seen the movie Seducing Dr. Lewis? It’s about a situation similar to yours, but in a small outport. It’s on Netfilx in French with subtitles, but we saw in on a DVD so maybe your store has it. Funny. – Margy


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