Good NEWS!!       The new book is up on Amazon.ca. (For those of you not in Canada it will be on the US site and others within a day or so.)

Proper title:   ACCIDENTAL FUGITIVES –  The FBI’s Most Wanted Seniors

My own personal review is that the writing is not all that hot but it’s a cut above amateur and a few cuts below REAL author professionalism.  Another knock: it’s only about 275 pages and I like to give readers at least 300.  But, this one just didn’t have 300 pages of story involved.

The good review would be that it is kind of a page-turner.  The story is good.  NOT great.  But good.  You kind of get on the two-wheeled plot and it’s a quick read all of it downhill.  Most people will blow through it in a two-reading session.  Maybe three.

Sally says: It’s a fun read with an underlying message about immigrants in the US. We had a great time writing it. David is too hard on himself (and me)! 

Brief description of the book: Snowbirds Charlie and Nancy Moon are vacationing in the sun one minute and desperados wanted for murder the next. Hampered by creaky limbs and gimpy knees they battle their way out of MAGA Arizona and flee toward the safety of sanctuary states and Canada. They fight off vigilantes, stay one step ahead of the FBI, and befriend domestic refugees and other victims of Trumpian America. You’ll keep turning the pages—guaranteed.



Other good news – Julia is our most recent Woofer.  She’s a native of Germany, 36 and a great help for us as we get in next winter’s firewood.

First, we collect logs from the beach or that float by.   Then I cut them into manageable lengths. Then we haul up the logs from the beach using the highline and Honda powered winch.    Then, when they are at the top, I buck ‘em into rounds, Julia ‘wheelbarrows a few from the bucking site to the splitting site about 75 feet away and drops the load at Sal’s feet.  Sal then flips ‘em on the splitter and then stacks them in the shed which is right by the splitter.    From‘wrangling strays’ to lying nicely in a stack is a nine-step process for a piece of firewood.

The old saying goes, “Firewood heats you twice (getting it in and then burning it)”. Ours provides us with even more.  Lucky us.

But we don’t push it.  A few hours each day.  After a few days, we have our wood in and all is good.  Well, that has been our experience until this year.  This year, the old muscles were not quite ready and so each day of work for us was started with groans and reluctance.  Typically, that is the case but after a day or two, we have adjusted and the groans stop and the work day lengthens.  Not this year.  Despite Julia’s help, the groans continued and the work days shortened. We were kinda pathetic this year.  It is now day five and I am just getting ‘into it’.  This morning was the first without groans.


PERSONAL REQUEST:  If you are so foolish with your finances that you squander some loose change on the new book (thanks) PULEEEEEEZ review it on Amazon.com and or .ca.  I don’t care if the review is good, mediocre or even bad (well, I am lying about that last option) because ANY review is better than none when dealing with Amazon.  Seems normal readers won’t try a book anymore if it has no reviews.  So, let loose.  Let your inner critic out!  Sal can handle just about anything and she’ll screen out the bad ones for me so I don’t get too upset.  

10 thoughts on “EXTRA!! EXTRA!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!

    • Thanks, S. Appreciated. But you are NOT a verified purchaser. They may NOT post it. No matter, your heart is, as usual, in the right place. As for other readers of the blog, S could legitimately critique. He was one of the beta readers so he has read it…..altho we patched and taped up a lot of leaks and breaks before putting it up to the public. S got the raw version.


    • Yes. That is the only way they verify – if you buy from them. If you are at all disappointed, I will reimburse you. Or bring extra wine when we get together….


  1. Hooray. Congrats Dave and Sal. I’ll leave it a couple of days and then buy my copy. I’ve not done an Amazon review before. I’ve done a couple on GoodReads. If I get stuck, I’ll just copy and paste what you’ve written. Hopefully, you’ll make enough money so that you and Sal can emigrate to New Zealand.


    • Thank-you. We are happy. Like I said, this is not great literature but it was fun to do. Here we are – old people – having fun writing together. That’s pretty good. 47 years together and finding new fun!
      As for the moolah…..? Well, if you are a Canadian best seller, you have to sell 5000 copies. The average royalty is around $2.00. That means a BIG success nets $10k. We cheat, however. We self publish so there is no publisher. If we sell a book, we get around $4.00. A best seller THAT way nets $20k. Book one was a 5000+ book. We made $20k. Book#2 may not make 500 sales. Well lose money. You win some….you lose some…..
      AND book #3 is completely different. Fiction. Completely mad. But a lotta fun for us…..
      Moolah? Who cares!
      Well………I do. In a way……. I don’t care about the money because it doesn’t amount to much but I care that people read and, even better, comment. Or review. This book is a smidge political. I toned my rant voice right down but it is still very anti Trump. I really want comments. I really want reviews.

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  2. Good for both of you on the completed book. That was pretty quick from start to finish. We need to cut some firewood to clear off our cedar log raft. We need it for deconstruction materials for our shore structures. This summer is going to be so frustrating and sad, but we have a definitive answer from BC that everything has to go. – Margy


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