That time of year…stock taking

“Well, all in all, we did good.  NOT great.  But, after a very slow start and an even slower mid-term, we managed to drag our sorry butts over the finish line before being disqualified.  Good on ya.”

“What the hell are you going on about?”

“You know I like to get projects done and, of course, every year I have a list – usually just a few things added to the unfinished list from last year. So, this year was quite long and extensive.  I had projects up the yin yang.  Still do.  Big year next year!  So, I was taking stock to see where the bottleneck was and I am pleased to be able to report that it was not you.  You did good.”

“So?  Where was the bottleneck?”

“You’re lookin’ at ‘im.”

“Oh, sweetie.  Don’t be so hard on yourself. You were OK.  NOT a dynamo but OK….mostly…..I am not complaining except for…oh, never mind, I think you did good, too.  ‘Cept for all the naps, I guess.”

“I did a lot more dishes, vacuuming and cooking this year, too.  And there were Woofers and guests.  And fish frys.  Plus there was all that community volunteering – that is very draining work.  But I didn’t really get any of my big projects done.  OK, we rebuilt a deck, rebuilt the lower stairs, fixed the sea-stairs and did some minor boat projects.  And we got in the wood.  We re-arranged all the batteries.  Fixed the funicular.  Put in the new gas tank.  Fixed the water pump.  Re-did the stove.  And you must have done the creek-pick-up water line five times at least!”

“We also fixed the marine ways and built a magnificent boat cradle.  Plus you fixed a couple engines.  And we helped out our neighbour some.” 

“I know.  But do you see what I am seeing?”

“Never do.”

“We’re slowing down.  Butts-a-draggin’.  I mean, this year was a real go-slow year.  This year was mostly working just to stay-in-place.  The empire did not expand one iota this year.”

“You concerned?”

“Not overly.  A little.  Lots still to do, tho.  Gotta plan better for next year.  Gotta ‘rope in’ some volunteers……more Woofers at the very least.  Maybe cut back a bit on the quilting…..?”

“I think you just lost half your workforce, buddy-boy!”

“Well, no workers to supervise just means more naps.  Let’s hope next year our labour relations are better.”



8 thoughts on “That time of year…stock taking

  1. I read a lot about people using Woofers. While we have lots of projects to do, it would really be hard to have another person come and stay in our tiny place. Guess for us solitude is better than getting more jobs done. Plus, if we had a Woofer John would be out of work. That wouldn’t be good at all. – Margy


  2. sheesh as lenny would say the blog is ” deader then heaven on a Saturday night ” would never have thought,,, the day after monumental midterm vote,,, zilch,


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