…..and the pursuit of happiness.

Inalienable rights.  Plus getting a bit of happy.  What’s not to like?  I’m all right with all of that noble stuff talk.  Most of the time.  I mean, ‘alla time’, of course, but I am rarely pursuing happiness much these days.  Not with any focus, that’s for sure.  I’m happy, I guess.  A better word is content.  Maybe satisfied  I am contentedly satisfied.  Yeah, that’s it.  And then there is the occasional bit of happy popping up now and then.  Well, actually, everyday has some nice, happy moments.  I live with Sal, after all.  Maybe really happy pop-ups every few months or so.  Hard to say.  I suppose one could judge by the amount of smiling I do but that observation would suggest suicidal to the observer rather than contentedness.  I don’t smile much.  I’m an old guy.  We frown.

I do laugh, tho.  Weirdly, I have found a mildly startling shortcut for laughing.  I just kinda explode with a loud ‘hah!’ and that seems to do it for me.  Others sometimes look a bit stunned.  Little kids might even tear up.  But I haven’t giggled in years.  Decades maybe.  I can’t honestly remember even chuckling for some time now.

Sal says I am getting grumpy.

If I judge my grumpiness by my lack of smiling and laughing, she is right.  If I judge my grumpiness by how I respond to the average cashier or mental customer-in-a-line-up ahead of me or the average driver in Victoria or Richmond, she is very, very right.  I am grumpy.  Mind you, grumpy is still better than rock-stupid in my books.  But, if you judge me by my feelings toward virtually every authority figure and especially those in airports (special breed of stupid, those) then I am a very happy person most every other time and they just press all the wrong buttons.

I can still ‘pretend’ to be civilized dealing with the two-digit-IQ-ditz at Save-On but I cannot even pretend in an airport.  I am so ‘ticked at airport personnel for just about anything, I usually have a security detail behind me by the time I get to the departure lounge.

“Some lounge..hah!”

(I am ‘this close’ to yelling Allahu Ahkbar at them some day!)

Anyway….this is all my way of saying that despite what you might hear or even observe for yourself, I am fine.  Thank you very much.  I am getting bit less social.  I’ll admit that.  I am a bit more grumpy overall.  I admit that, too.  And I might even be a bit crazy in airports (but I am trying to eliminate them from my life).  Still, the trend is clear; Dave is grouchy-looking.  And maybe even actually a bit grouchy-ish.

So, what?

It makes me happy.

10 thoughts on “…..and the pursuit of happiness.

  1. Someone once said that if there is no stress in your life, then you are already in a happy state. So the key to a happy life is to get rid of the stress and add some good old tender relationships, love, friendship will carry you a long way happily to the end.

    And get that Nexus card , David.


    • That’s it, exactly. My happiness is really based the absence of aggravation. And the less people, the less aggravation. Ergo: remote hermit on rock = happy. Add a Sally = heaven.
      But you think a Nexus card will make it better? Interesting twist….


      • I walked through Central last night from pier to bus station, I passed at least two thousand people.😬😬

        Nexus helps somewhat, at least you get to go through express and no need to deal with Da special breed,thus saving your urge to yell Allahu Ahkbar.


      • Funny thing that……walking through Central on a busy evening is pleasant…..go figure…? I like HK at night…..alive, vibrant, colourful and food everywhere. I like the back/back streets off Nathan, too.
        But I checked Nexus….7 week line up for their processing plus an interview. Won’t help this year.


  2. Once you have Nexus it’s easy to renew. I did my last one online and the card came in the mail. Easy Peasy. Yes, we did have to get that interview the first time (US and Canadian officers) but it was easy. Basically why do you want a card. It makes our border crossings in the car no much easier and quicker. Also good for flying if they have a Nexus line. – Margy


  3. I used to be like that! But it was an OUTWARD appearance. Try to look STOIC. (try writing that without a little inside giggle). But it will go away J.D., as you age and grow mellow. I no longer have to appear stoic and now come across as AFFABLE in spite of all the problems affecting the world.
    Perhaps its because I can sense a light at the end of the tunnel?
    In any case, be of Good Cheer and have a very Merry Christmas, in case we don’t meet before. At the airport?


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