David Attenborough says… (but Arnie does)

“Climate change could collapse civilization.”

Attenborough then implores the ‘leaders of the world’ to address this threat.

As if…..

At the same time, Premier Rachel Notley is embarking on an oil extortion scheme to wring out more tax and revenue money from Canadians for Alberta and to prompt Trudeau to ‘do something’ on making the pipelines happen.  Trudeau, of course, poses for the cameras, hugs poor school children and talks of love.  Trump, of course, lies about everything, hugs the Saudis for making more oil available and states that the US is producing more oil too, so all is good.

Big Oil, big greed and BIG STUPID seems to be doing OK.

But thinking people are left scratching their heads.  “Oil is bad for life on the planet but the economy is obviously more sacred than life.  Right?  The economy is considered healthy when oil is expensive and poor people can’t afford it (see French riots).  How is that right?  How can we consider any economy healthy if it will eventually kill us all?”

Our leaders dither while our planet withers.  Our own ‘sense of order’ demands acceptance of these leaders who, by the way, have never lead a damn thing in their lives.  Leaders are followers.  They follow the system, obey the system, owe the system, believe in the system and benefit personally from the system and they do NOT question the system.  And we follow followers.  Why do we follow followers?

For evil to be done, good people only need to follow their leaders.

So, where does that put Arnold Schwarzenegger?  There’s a committed-to-the-system guy.  GOP.  Politician.  Actor.  Macho-goofy kinda guy who drove a huge black Hummer as his governor’s (California, no less) vehicle.  They called him the ‘Governator’.  Arnie loves machinery, manliness and muscle.  Arnie loves money, cigars, women and showmanship.

Arnie could be a leader…?

Anomaly?  Thy name is Arnie.

Seems Arnie also loves life and the planet.  Arnie is a convert.  I would not have been surprised if he drove a Prius.  But he actually drives an all electric Mercedes Benz.  Arnie is on our side.   And Arnie spoke at the Climate conference.  “Our leaders are way behind the times.  But Americans are not.  We are changing.  We are doing.  We may not be officially a part of the Paris Climate Accord because of stupid leadership but we are there anyway.”

And that, dear readers, is the point.  It is never going to change because of our so-called fake-leaders.  It is only going to change because we lead.  Arnie may be doing that.  And I do see that all around me.  Environmental awareness is going mainstream.  People are getting the message.  We have to suffer mega hurricanes, vast forest fires, poisonous water and crazy weather first but it is finally sinking in.

Attenborough says it may be too little, too late.

He may be right.


11 thoughts on “David Attenborough says… (but Arnie does)

  1. Your characterization of the situation is one that many Canadians share. Many are doing what they think will make a difference. In many cases the difference will be small but appreciated: activities like composting, recycling metals and paper, banning plastic straws and plastic grocery bags. trying not to drive cars, and in some cases to have a very light carbon footprint. All laudable and very sincere. World wide larger projects beyond the scope of an individual such as the remediation of old oil wells, or the remediation the nearly two trillion pieces of plastic caught in the North Pacific Gyro, or restoration of spawning rivers or reforestation of clear cut logging sites.Opportunities for a cleaner world exist but world corporations resist. Oil corporations should clean up abandoned oil wells in Alberta.


  2. I remember the year that Arnie ran for governor when Gray Davis (a democrat) was recalled by voters as the governor of California. There were 195 people who filed to run for governor and 135 who were qualified to be on the ballot in the recall election. The ballot included both a vote on the recall and a vote for governor (in case the recall was successful, which it was). The recall was prompted by an energy crisis and budget deficit. We were both California residents at the time, but had our float cabin here in Powell River as a seasonal residence while we continued working.


    • It is SSSSOOoooooooooo bad…..so hard to listen to….so hard to see…..we have sea lions tied up in plastic, whales beaching themselves, their stomachs filled with plastic. It is disgusting. And I am guilty. NOT DIRECTLY but how many of us strip the packaging off and leave it at the store? We should. We really should. I take a pill every day for something…..it comes in a box. In the box are three blister packs. I pop the pills out of the blister packs and have, when it is all done, a small (child’s size) handfull of pills and a hat full of paper, aluminum and plastic. Pure madness!

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      • I have heard a couple of young ladies who did that with their packaging. Full credit to them.
        I have a lot of medical waste, including a lot of plastic which should be able to be recycled if only the supplier would mark it with the recycling symbol. Material not so marked, will not be accepted for recycling.


      • You should see the packaging on a gram of cannabis! Had to purchase a sample to judge what the competition is up to. No worries – its a gummint project bound to crash. Wait until the smoke clears and we’ll be able to how badly they screwed up.


  3. I see 🦅 and 🐢 dying from eating plastics, I see the big name brands killing millions of animals for profit. I see the assholes kill lions and hippos for trophy. I see the Chinese trade ivory and bear bile. I see the fat guy with tight swim suits on cruise ship order a whole pizza and only eating half. I see people in their hotel room using all the available towels and I rarely see people shop with recycle bags. I can go on and on but the point is human is destroying the earth and doesn’t give a damn. Some do care, but we are the tiny minority. Sometimes I get angry, for f#$k‘s sake, I will be gone when they burn so why should I care. ..
    Eventually I had the answer: it’s the right thing to do.


  4. Recycling is a starting point so let’s hope it catches on everywhere. All children in British Columbia schools know how to recycle. When does the amnesia set in.


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