“I did not have sex with that woman…ooops….I meant to say, I never said Mexico will pay for the wall!”

Lying.  Blatant, bald-faced lies.  From Clinton, Trump, Trudeau and, it seems, just about EVERY politician.  What the hell is wrong with them?  With us?

That may not be entirely fair.  We seem to have lies spilling out of every political mouth, all the time, but there must be a few politicians out there who not only tell the truth, they do not obfuscate, they hide nothing, admit openly their mistakes and work hard to do the common good.  There must be.  Mustn’t there……?

Our local guy is one, so I know there is one.  ONE.  At least he has been that way to everyone out here in the boondocks for as long as we have been here and, further, he champions us without even being asked.  If there is ‘something’ he can do for the outer islanders, Jim does it. And he tells us the truth.  He tells it like it is.  And he has political smarts.

But, of course, he is an independent and I am guessing he is not affiliated for the obvious reason: you cannot represent the people if you have already sworn to represent the party.  So, he represents no party, just the people.  Simple.  Rare.  Valued.


But here’s the odd part…..we EXPECT them to lie to a large extent.  To quite a LARGE extent, really.  We expect it.  We count on it.  We THINK that obfuscation, fake smiles, jabber-for-the-sake-of-filling-air and spin is simply part of the job.  We think lying is IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION!

Admit it!  You are listening to a politician fill the media time by employing cliches, jargon, non-speak, spin, lies, answer-avoidance and, of course, blaming others.  They are on air for ten seconds.  You get all of the above and yet are left without an answer to the reporters question.   Virtually every time.  Do you yell at the radio/TV?  Do you write a letter?  Do you even tell your friends about the latest politician-crap you just suffered through?

No.  No, you don’t.  That BS is SO NORMAL it just washes over you.  You barely even hear it most of the time.

We all experience a bit of shock each time a blatantly outrageous and obvious lie is told and then revealed to be a lie.  But then the subsequent days of cover-up, dodging, re-phrasing and baffle gab lulls us back in to the feeling of ‘same ol’, same ol’ but the initial expose’ usually shocks us a bit.  Some of us.  Well, me.  It still shocks me when a politician brazenly, without a bit of shame is caught in a lie.  Most are totally shameless.  Some are so deep in their own lies they wouldn’t know the truth if it hit ’em in the face.  Trudeau lies to us all the time.  Still does.  And yet he also still poses for selfies.  I honestly do not think he knows the meaning of shame or the percentage of lies he speaks.

If I was ever caught out in that kind of blatant lying, I would resign, move to another country, change my name and hide.  They don’t.  They just ‘carry on’.  Being caught in minor evasive spin and obfuscation is not enough for me to move, tho – just sayin’.

Don’t get me wrong.  I lie.  Alla time, actually.  Half my humour is spewing crap.  Love making stuff up – especially for kids.  “Why not stay for dinner, Jimmy?  We’re having dog poop and noodles.”  But some of my lies have also been self-serving.  I admit that.  Especially when I was younger.  All is fair in love and war.   One of the joys of getting really old is that you no longer CARE what people think and so you just speak your mind.  I have no guarantees on it being completely and factually true but it will be MY truth, delivered plain and simple.  Often loudly, too.  And repeated a few times to make the point.

I can be obnoxious, it turns out.

I rarely fell to blatant, outright, save-my-butt lies but obfuscation, answer avoidance, topic-changing and spin are an art and I dabbled.  Most men have.  It is a condition related to testosterone, I think.  Some of my best work…. 

Anyway, tiny apology for the rant but Trump’s denial of ever saying that Mexico will pay for his wall is just over-the-top.  Proof of madness.   He said, “…they will write us a big one-time cheque”.

And the new rationale is just as over-the-top.  He now says that the NAFTA 2 deal will pay for it and that great deal is how they will do it.  He does not seem to ‘get’ that the ‘great’ deal includes Canada so I guess he can also say, “And Canada will help pay for that wall!  We expect a big one-time cheque from them, too!”  Or, perhaps, he doesn’t get that general revenue is NOT derived from one single, order-specific bill sent to Mexico?  Who knows?  The guy’s a nut way too long tolerated.

“Geez, Dave…????  Why Trump?  Why now?  Why?”

I am glad you asked.  You see, I have anti-Trump (Trudeau) bile rising in me all the time but I KNOW that is not writing that needs publishing.  There are a gazillion Trump (Trudeau) haters and they are all getting pretty good at spewing insults and recriminations at these idiots.  I am not new.  Worse, Trump and drama queens believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity.  Name recognition is their goal.  Celebrity is the game.  They WANT to be a household name and they don’t care how they get there.  Think Paris Hilton.  THEY WANT me to write!

So, I keep it to a minimum because I am only adding to their search engine presence.

But a guy can only carry so much bile and poison around inside without having to spew it out at some point.



37 thoughts on ““I did not have sex with that woman…ooops….I meant to say, I never said Mexico will pay for the wall!”

  1. I find myself yelling and making hand gestures at the TV and radio all the time. So new to me. I don’t say much in public, but Wayne gets and ear full on a daily (if not hourly) basis. The current situation isn’t good for my psyche or blood pressure. – Margy

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    • No, it (the current situation) is not good for our health. But yelling is good. Gets it out. Let ‘er rip. Suggestion: warn Wayne first. Sal occasionally (while listening to the radio) will let out a shriek that scares the hell out of me. You DO NOT WANT TO KNOW what that woman says about Trump, Trudeau, Ford, et al. I blanch.

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  2. Good to hear from you! Long ago Dylan wrote, “The times they are a changing.” We hear reports that in many places that self driving cars will be appearing in many cities but God help the car builders who announce a change in that direction. The Camero is no longer being built in Canada.
    Their tears flow like rain. Blame the government. Canada has wedded itself to the USA economy so why does one suppose that Canada has much influence over corporate America? Canada is the willing hinterland. There is a problem with ‘magical thinking’ in protesting change. Canada is impotent. This Canadian reticence to move with the times will prove to be debilitating.


      • Not at all. Opposition to change is a source of a prevailing mythology that the past was some halcyon time of peace, tranquility, harmony and honesty. So the myth goes all this changed and the political lying began with the deal breaking removal of bible readings from schools, teaching sex ed over the protest of some parents, statements like the government has no place ‘in the bedrooms of Canadians,’ Gay Human Rights, gay marriage indigenous rights, the need for equality and an entire litany of similarly perceived lies foisted on Canadians. The expansion of human rights has turned the government into a purveyor of lies according to some Canadians. See the Ford government for its attempts to turn back the clock.

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  3. Basically our rights here are very limited, guy went to beer store to return some empty bottles and instead of getting cash, got the breathalyzer test cause the cop thought he was returning too many. A really bright one of our finest.


    • There are no rights! There are only permissions. Don’t ask for them, take them. Asking bestows power on the unworthy. If you are wrong, don’t ask for forgiveness, just fix it. It’s just you and God here. The rest are audience.
      Yes. You can quote me.


      • The saw that it is “Easier to say sorry than to ask permission.” That is all good and dandy in a preemptive kind of way. Seldom are the the words “Sorry” heard.


      • Trudeau says, “sorry” and then sheds some fake tears being sure to make his voice crack at the most dramatic point of his pathetically insincere apology. But then, DOES NOT FIX IT!
        “Sorry, we (sob) treated you Indigenous Peoples so badly (boo hoo)……but now we are going to run oil through your lands despite you telling us otherwise. But we will probably clean your poisoned water…soon…maybe…someday.”


  4. Is it me ?
    Or do I find most politicians (especially Trump) “cringe worthy’?

    Look at them.
    They stand up and say the most ridiculous(in Trumps case) or the most boring doublespeak(in Trudeau’s case)..
    Trump has learned that voters are sick of the narcoleptic inducing doublespeak….so he goes “Full Monty” on the outrageous BS. And then “doubles down”.
    He’s realized that if he lies……he’s the President…..No one will call him a liar to his face.
    Its worked so far.
    What the hell…might as well keep going….
    A slow motion train wreck….fascinating to watch but…..not pretty.
    I’m thinking a whole bunch of unpaid govt workers without pay cheques and mounting bills…..may have other ideas.


  5. Hmm, this is a bit over my head. Small brain syndrome. Still, permit me to be devil’s advocate. If politicians are representative of the community, then surely there would be some that lie, some that don’t and some that fudge? In other words “obfuscation, answer avoidance, topic-changing and spin.” So they don’t lie, but they don’t tell the truth either (except that one of whom you speak. You know, the leader of the free-world). That way pollies, and governments, can be agile, adapting quickly as circumstances (backroom deals) change. Dave, Dave, Dave, you are focusing on nitty gritty details rather than on the outcome that America wants. You know, the wall.

    One of our former leaders invented the concept of core and non-core promises. Problem is you don’t know what you are getting until they get into power. Sooner or later, in the tradition of great liberal democracies and provided enough people care or there is no electoral interference, governments are held to account at the ballot box.

    But yeah, apart from that rubbish on testosterone driven spin, I totally agree. If boasting and hyperbole makes you feel good, go for it.


  6. I agree with you Dave, and with all your previous commenters….lies, lies, all lies and manipulation. I too am sick of it. I’m constantly yapping back at the radio, usually in disagreement (but not always) to the normally ridiculous stuff (along with techno-crap noise relentlessly bombarding our air space)…who’s listening to this crap? More to the point, who’s paying for it? We all are in one way or another, I suppose. A train wreck in progress is a very good description of the current (?) state of affairs universally. Could be worse? Well, just take a peek at Brazil’s new Liar. Makes one’s hair stand on end! My solution: turn the radio (don’t have TV) off and go for a walk in the woods. Forest bathing. It’s a thing. Good luck to us all as the train wreck approaches its final destination.


  7. ‘’DOES NOT FIX IT!” Fix what specifically? I get the objection to the breaking voice, the hugging of his father’s coffin, the wearing of clothing to India that one might wear to an Indian wedding, wearing a costume to go ‘trick or treating’ with his children and selfies but is it just about being too vulnerable and too informal at times. Harper used to shake hands with his elementary school children as they left for school. Harper never dressed for any occasion except formal dress. Formal dress as an exercise in dramaturgy that might send the wrong message too.


    • Trudeau said that he was going to walk in partnership with FN. Then he, instead, walked with Big Oil. Then he admitted that and yet HAS NOT FIXED IT. Trudeau told Notely that “We will build that pipeline.” But he won’t. “We will reform election process.” Didn’t. And won’t. “I love BC. I love the environment. I am an environmentalist.” NOT! Trudeau does NOT do what he says or implies he will do. BUT he will apologize for past undone things. BUT he will not fix past undone things after the dramatic moment on TV. Look at the FNs with poison water in N. Saskatchewan. Me and six friends with heavy machines could have put in a spa up there by now.
      Trudeau lies. He is just a ‘face’.


  8. True ten billion dollars committed and partly spent on a plethora of First Nations concerns is a drop in the bucket. The government is working through the Supreme Court rulings about finding a remedy for the lack of a proper processes to get informed FN consent. The opposition says legislate the objections out of the way. First Nations are not a monolithic group with commonly held views and concerns. So walk with whom? Seventy-two boil water advisories have been ended with more to come. Not sure how many bulldozers were flown in but water treatment plants were installed and the infrastructure to supply potable water. The pipeline issue is before the court but it will be built. The current pipeline is seventy years old so the present pipeline must soon be replaced. An aging pipeline will be replaced. If it is not replaced the oil will come in by tanker. I may be wrong but rule of law still matters to some people but it seems not by all.


    • No…honestly, I think 10B committed is great and right and what they said….but….only a small percentage has been deployed. They did the same with Vets. Committed but NOT spent. AND look at the ‘super-duper’ world class spill response that doesn’t actually CLEAN up!
      I know, I know…Trudeau doesn’t do shovels, he doesn’t drive boats or work pumps or clean birds. He has peeps to do that. But we don’t see the faces or know the names of to whom those jobs were delegated. We just know they were NOT done or not done right.
      Am I too hard on our Drama Queen? I dunno….but at an Arizona swap meet today, we went by a t-shirt stall. Hanging front and centre was a shirt emblazoned with ‘MAKE TRUDEAU A DRAMA TEACHER AGAIN!’ I almost bought it.


      • I think that lifting 72 boil water advisories on FN reserves is not nothing. All of these completed upgrades are reported on Google and can be researched. One upgrade was nine million dollars. Some of commentary written on blogs everywhere expresses frustration but only a tenuous understanding of how Canada got here. Harper gutted many programmes. Trudeau is blamed for the Conservative cuts. Let’s bring back Harper. Harper will end the programme to bring clean water to FN reserves and a blogger called “ME and six guys” will take heavy equipment to Northern Saskatchewan and build a spa.


      • Well, the ending of 72 boil waters IS significant. So, you win. Still, it seemed to take way too long but let us not quibble about that. And YES, I know Harper was the problem but Trudeau was SUPPOSED to be the solution. Reneging on our Gulf waters, backing Notley, reneging on election reformation, too much time spent crying and whimpering, 50/50 gender based cabinet (silly), posturing and selfies, not-handling Trump (hard to do but that is why the PM gets the big bucks) and generally being ‘out of touch’ with the burdens carried by the average Canadian makes him persona non grata with me. Mind you, I started feeling that way at the fake weeping and wailing at the casket scene so my bias is showing.
        And yes…this is JDC…and I could easily have taken 6 of my ‘mechanical’ friends and some equipment and fixed many of those issues way back when. I know we could. It’s just water and pipes. Ya find a clean source and you lay pipe. Then you hire a nimble S.A.L. to maintain the system. Duh. OK, SALs are hard to find but that is the only REAL challenge.


  9. Finding someone to run and maintain water purification systems on fly-in reserves is challenging. A trained committed 24/7 person is needed. Without someone to maintain the system it becomes very challenging. Hence the delay in some cases. Who thought Trudeau was the solution? After ten years of a gutted and dispirited Public Setvice. Massive layoffs in the Public Service and the loss of very relivent experience that has been very hard to replace. The rebuilding of a gutted public service has proceeded slowly. Who expected that situation to turn around quickly? The attack upon science and the failure to act upon climate change are Harper legacies. The Conservatives do a lot of virtue signalling and are like the hippopotamus who show its displeasure by spraying confetti and accusing others of stealing someone’s virtue.They cut spending on veterans and closed offices supporting veterans but blame the decline of services that occurred on the Liberals. Running against their record as Conservatives by blaming Liberals for Conservative cuts. They had ten years to get Transmountain built but did nothing and who is to blame? Conservatives would trample indigenous rights to ram through a pipeline. Does anyone seriously think that Canada can recover from this vandalism overnight? Harper was the alpha male, nevertook selfies and took a wrecking ball to Canada but let’s bring him back. Unemployment is at a forty year low so let’s look at things as they are.


    • Whew! A defender of Trudeau is hard to find. In fact, you are the first! Still, you make some good points. Especially, the inherited mess from Harper but, that’s what I said; Harper cut back and Trudeau was supposed to spend forward. He has not. Remember infrastructure promises?
      I like that you have tempered my bias somewhat but not enough for me to ‘like’ Trudeau. I think he is a dickhead and we can do much, much better. Or, better put: I know I could do much, much better with one arm tied behind my back. And ‘Jim’ could do twice as good.


      • Not a Trudeau fan at all. All I’m saying is what is the case? I’m all for a debate and a comparison and contrast of the opposing positions with supporting details.A fact is Harper shakes hands with his children as reported by the press whereas Trudeau hugs his kids. Harper tired to close Vancouver’s Safe Injection Site but the Liberal health minister has approved more access. Harper did not want a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with FN but Trudeau did. But still the myth Trudeau does not care about FN. Issue by issue the comparison and contrast can be developed. Trudeau is a trained teacher and is able relate to youth but Harper is unrelatable to many youth. Harper said he was opposed to running deficits but ran one for seven years. Harper lied about the economy but we do not hear Harper being called a liar constantly. Trudeau said he would run deficits. So it goes building an economy contrasted with Harper stagnation in the economy. Trudeau meets with the Premiers of Provinces whereas Harper hardly ever met. Issue after issue Trudeau is faulted he consulted too much, he followed ruled of law and due process. Why hasn’t the pipeline been built because the courts stopped it for now. What part of the courts stopped it is unclear? Still the broken record ‘why isn’t the pipeline being built?’


  10. @ Sid.
    Wow! So Harper’s to blame for everything! That was easy.
    As far as cutting the Public Sector.
    I welcome it.
    The bloated, bureaucratic, paper shuffling, rectal finger digging chimpanzees that infest every level of govt need to be shaken up.
    I particularly enjoyed the Postal “strike”.
    I received “junk mail” almost daily while these extortionists withheld my personal mail for almost a month.
    Last time I checked. Interfering with Canada Post Mail was a Federal offence.
    They should have fired them all.( sorry Sal). and turned it over to courier companies.
    Mail delivery couldnt be any worse than it is.
    Miserable, surly, lazy, unionized govt workers that can say and do just about anything and not get fired.

    Nah Sid.
    Harper didn’t start the mess. He just tried dealing with it.
    As far as FN.
    Perhaps it is the total lack of financial accountability of band members who repeatedly refused to follow basic accounting principles when distributing money.
    I particularly remember the story of one Manitoba band council that went on a “Study Session” on a cruise ship with all their spouses while band members were literally freezing to death back on the rez.
    Greed isnt just a white mans burden..
    No financial accountability = no funds in my playbook
    And, mark my words.
    The majority of these FN water treatment plants will be broken down or abandoned due to lack of maintenance within 5 years and the taxpayers of Canada will be on the hook for more Billions to “fix the problem”.
    What it boils down to ( pun intended) is a lack of interest on FN actually wanting to take charge of their own destiny. Something as basic as clean water took YEARS on these reserves to fix? My god. When do people not say enough and take matters into their own hands and FIX IT THEMSELVES and send a bill to the Feds! It would have been faster and cheaper for the private sector to do it.
    But I guess its easier to sit and bitch about the unfairness of it all.
    I mean. When you have the bottomless pit of Canadain taxpayers shovelling billions of dollars per year at you……..who can blame them..
    I pay enough taxes thank you very much and when I hear endless politically correct milksops demanding ever more money from the “rich”……my sympathy falls to zero.
    I’ve stopped listening to their arguements

    Rant over.


    • Now, now….you are only partly right, ya know….Noncon. Yes! It was all Harper’s fault – he did a lot more wrong in a shorter time than most PMs before him – and his evil-doing was ON TOP of decades of LIBERAL evil-doing that just took a bit longer. So we cannot be partisan, you two. It’s party politics and the system more than anything that is at fault with some psycho scum floating higher to the top is all it is.
      And, and, and…the same is true for FNs. They are, as described, the same as us. Their crooks float to the top, take the money and cheat the people. Just like us.
      Ooooh, the Kelowna chief was a story!
      NOW to the government workers…damn, damn, damn… the government is like the education system – geared to the lowest common denominator. Workers. Service output. It’s all ‘dumbed down’. Like the army. And a keen worker/soldier/student cannot push past the ponderous herd of elephants all around them any more than a smart kid can move ahead academically. Of course, of course, some do but most cannot. We gear it all for the ‘average’ and do not account for the fact that we are all different. The only average person I ever met was me. The rest of you guys are ‘special’.
      Sid has faith on the socialist side. Non con prefers the free enterpriser view. Fine. But don’t think this is an either/or argument. Once again we have to see that there are no black and white issues only shades of grey.
      Well, I say that after listening to you two but before I listen, I usually spew black or white, too. But, what I mean is dark grey or light grey.
      Sheesh…there seems to be barely a few hundred smart guys in the world. All of them should pull together. I’ll introduce you two next time I suffer the city.


      • hahahaha.
        Just thank the gods you’re in Pheonix.
        Speaking of unnecessary govt employees.
        I watched an employee at the BC Liquor store today. She was “adjusting” bottles of expensive scotch on a shelf. She wasnt “restocking a shelf” or removing out of date product , no no…..she moved about 40 bottles…. 4 inches to the left….
        This while one cashier dealt with a 10 person lineup that was growing longer by the minute. ALL the customers were glaring at this “shelf girl”….
        The cashier called for another cashier to help clear the line.
        “Shelf-girl” stopped what she was doing, turned around(because they keep the expensive scotch right next to the cash registers), and looked at us all standing in the line…..she went back to adjusting bottles….
        The other cashier glared at her and made a SECOND call for “another cashier”
        Another employee came from the back , gave “shelf girl” a strange look of surprise and , opened another register.
        Lazy, arrogant, and virtually untouchable thats the legacy of govt workers in ALL govt sectors.
        And what do those people get paid an hour to stock shelves and run product over a bar code scanner at BC Liquor? $25/hr? $30/hr? Plus union benefits and guaranteed pensions? A poo-flinging monkey could do a better job.
        My god. Severance them all and get it OVER with!
        The private sector can do ANYTHING govt can do , faster, cheaper and with a lot less attitude.
        That being said.
        How cheap is the booze at WalMart?


  11. Dave I appreciate you looking for balance. Most of the rants have been fact free so why not spray confetti around like the hippopotamus. Canada’s educational system is top drawer. A fact that can be researched. No one said Harper was responsible for everything but he did do damage to Canada. A fact. He started with a 30 billion dollar surplus and spent that and then ran up a further one hundred and fifty billion dollars in debt. Good on you if you find that commendable. I use the metaphor of the hippopotamus because if you watch “Wild Kingdon’’ you will see the hippos spraying feces in the water where they live, swim and drink. Not a Trudeau supporter. But I do find the “fact free’’ assertions challenging. Not a socialist either. I would prefer some thought behind some of the opinions. For example most parcels are delivered by Canada Post. A fact. Celebrating the postal strike without considering how the strike was hurting business by curtailing commerce. The bonus was no junk mail. The considered impact of the strike…? Look at the impact of the government shut down in America, Canada is fortunate to have a functioning CS sending out IE, CPP, & OAP cheque. Water purification systems with people trained to maintain them on site, a fact overlooked to make uninformed that thr water system will all fail. At one FN nine million was spent getting the water system up and running and in your cynical view what will happen?


    • Ahhh yes . Now we’re morphing the conversation over to the Trump shutdown to show how our govt is still sending out CPP and OAS cheques…..while America burns……give me a break.
      I dare say that in the next decade ALL govt cheques will be e-mailed.
      Canada Post will then only have junk mail and the odd Amazon package to deliver and they’ll do that incompetently.
      I wont bore you( no , I will) with the story of my sisters Christmas package to me that was returned back to her ……”Wrong address” stamped on the box…AND they charged her for the return cost. She phoned me. She had the correct postal Code, the correct name, the correct street, on and on and on… No one ever gets fired…..does anyone think that might be a problem?
      Speaking of Amazon. I was at work several weeks ago on a Sunday because…..( the Burnaby Municipal garbage trucks dont work on Christmas Day and they were “willing” to reschedule our regular Tuesday pick up for our commercial garbage on Sunday, Dec 23rd
      “Ok what time will you pick up?” I asked.
      “Sometime between 7am and 4pm”….
      “Can you be a little more specific…its Dec 23rd…a Sunday!”,

      God bless public workers and their misguided feelings of irreplaceability……..(no one can do OUR job)… But I digress.
      WHILE I was waiting for the 8 hour , god knows when, Garbage pick up, a Fed Ex van pulled up outside….with a delivery….for my business…. at 8am on a Sunday.
      The guy was courteous, polite,efficient and very happy I was there to recieve the parcel…”

      But back to “Trained people” looking after “Water treatment”on the rez. Will the trained people be locals or will the rez expect the Canadian govt to supply someone to visit daily?
      Because , if the Walkerton tragedy is any indication of how govt employees “care” about water treatment….God help them.
      One would also expect FN people to want to know how to “test” their own drinking water just in case there’s a public workers strike???? Possibly?Maybe?…….but maybe not. .
      A friend of mine ( who is FN) works for Yukon Electric.
      Several years ago they got a call in January from Old Crow.( google it. Its waaaaaaaay up North). No sun for 2 months in winter
      The two generators that supplied power to the village had failed. No power. The village was freezing up. -40c outside. Its above the tree line, very little wood.
      The repair crew(including him) had to charter a plane and fly up there with tools, parts, etc They have no idea what to expect..
      They landed in total darkness. NO ONE from the tiny village came out to meet them.
      The pilot couldnt shut the engines off or they would freeze up.
      “I have enough fuel for 3 hours! I’m leaving in 2 hours WITH or without you guys !”
      They went to work.
      They got the first genny running after 1 hour( they had to fire up propane heaters to warm the shack from -40 to +15) and got the second running 20 minutes later. Packed up their tools, made sure the generators were ok and left.
      NO ONE in the village came out to see them , watch them, ask them questions about how to fix the gennys in case they failed again. Fuel filters were clogged, a 15 minute fix if someone cared…….

      As a FN that works for me said,
      ” When I dont want to cut the grass at home and I tell the wife I want to take the kid traditional fishing. She tells me ,”Save that BS for the TV cameras! Go cut the grass.”

      Sid, you can ask me for all the “proof” you want.
      From previous experience
      I’m telling you, most of those plants will be screwed up in 5 years.
      Lack of maintenance, whatever…..
      And the taxpayers will be facing another multi billion dollar bill.


      But first….get this: 2 litres of Scotch (Kirkland brand) US$17.99. Directly comparable to what is at the LDB in BC at C$52.00. Kirkland brand Malbec wine US$6.99 same as a cheap Malbec at C$13.99. Gasoline at US$2.49 (today). Avocados @ 3 for a US$1.00. NO QUESTION it is cheaper to live here. Plain and simple.
      NOW: as to the FNs having a water system that is up and running well for a long time and my cynicism….?
      I am inclined to NonCons view that it will be ‘broken’ within ten years. But, but, but…..it is NOW less likely an outcome than before because FNs are improving. ALSO, part of the reason it will be broken is that the contract to keep it up will be given to a WHITE company (living elsewhere) that just doesn’t care that much and knows that they will get the replacement contract. Why? Because where this nonsense happens, the FNs are not skilled, trained or ‘acceptable’ enough to get the contract. I honestly believe that is changing. More and more FNs are getting in on the action. Even learning if they have to. Will it happen by this generation..? Maybe not. But soon. Soon they will have it together enough.
      There is nothing inherent in an FN individual that says ‘can’t do’. But there is something in the culture still……that needs changing and THAT is changing. I can see it in our own community. It’s getting better.
      YOU guys don’t disagree, really. You are just emphasizing the problems and arriving at different solutions. But the values and goals are the same.


      • Total agreement.
        The FN guys I have working for me are smart, hard working and good natured. A rare combination these days with workers under 30.

        As for the cheap booze in Arizona……you lucky bastard.


  12. Sorry your rainbow’s end is buying the comforts of life cheaply. The perpetual sad disillusionment that one’s aspirational life goals are photbombed by guess who?


  13. A quotation: “I hope if dogs ever take over the world and choose a king, they don’t go by size. Because I bet there are some chihuahuas with some good ideas.”
    Jack Handey


    • I get it, kinda. But…honestly…? There are NO Chihuahuas with any good ideas nor have there ever been any. Their craniums are too small to have any brains whatsoever. Seriously…pity the poor Chihuahua…they are useless, ugly, mean-spirited and nobody loves them. But maybe I am just NOT making my point…?


  14. You present many, many facts about the chihuahua and it is a conclusion that has a factual bases. Furthermore the chihuahua does not lie, it does not bite the hand that feeds it, it is loyal, it can be house trained, and they make wonderful service animals. They excel over toads, rats, and weasels and are only exceeded by brush moneys in dexterity. If chihuahuas had opposable thumbs they would excel over all service animals.


    • I love ya, man…but…you are certifiably MAD! Who needs a dog that ‘excels’ over toads? And, I am sorry….they have NO dexterity, they have paws, fer Gawd’s sake (such as they are).


      • It’s a fable as you know. And in the fable “Animal Farm” the animals seized control of the farm and posted the slogan “Four legs good” later when the pigs took control and started to walk on their hind legs, the slogan changed to “Four legs good but two legs better!” You will not see a chihuahua walking on its hind legs unless it’s begging for kibble. Orwell proved to be prescient as he described Trump’s White House.


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